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CNC machining customization of intelligent cleaning products

by:QY Precision      2020-01-28
According to Shenzhen CNC lathe processing factory, sweeping intelligent CNC processing customized products are already a large market of nearly billions, but the popularity rate is not high. The reason for the low popularity of sweeping robots is the two pain points in our industry, and there is still much room for improvement in intelligent precision mechanical parts processing technology. First of all, the functional intelligence level of the early sweeping robot is not high, which does not meet the real needs of sweeping the floor. With the continuous breakthrough of navigation technology in CNC lathe processing enterprises, path planning sweeping robots gradually replace random collision sweeping robots, the popularity of CNC machining customization technology has greatly improved the intelligence of sweeping robots. Secondly, the function of the early sweeping robot is too single. It only solves the sweeping problem of the purchasing user. It can only do simple home cleaning. Other problems still need to be solved by the user, it greatly restricts the experience of intelligent precision mechanical parts processing products, which is of little significance to the overall home cleaning. The primary purpose of users to purchase clean intelligent CNC customized products is to liberate their hands. During the first generation of sweeping robots, only dust and debris were cleaned without manpower. There are more cleaning needs in the family. Wood or ceramic tile floors can easily breed water stains, oil stains, dirt and other problems. Simple intelligent precision mechanical parts processing products cannot be cleaned in depth. In recent years, with the improvement of intelligent precision mechanical parts processing technology, intelligent mopping robots and washing robots have come to the market one after another, realizing all intelligence of floor cleaning and matching various types of intelligent CNC processing customized products, can solve cleaning problems to a greater extent. Only by completely liberating the cleaning with both hands can we gain market recognition.
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