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CNC machining customization--Follow up Korean customers

by:QY Precision      2020-02-27
Mr. Tian, the representative of a trading company in Wuhan, contacted Shenzhen CNC machining factory through online search for 'CNC machining customization. After preliminary communication, the technical department and Mr. Tian understood the general needs of the customers and started to talk about the project. As soon as the customer opens his mouth, he asks us how many CNC precision machining machines we have, which makes us deeply affected. We can see that the processing method of his project this time is specified to be CNC precision machining. Mr. Tian said that 100 thousand products should be made, the designated material is acrylic, and silk-screen text should be printed on it. The technical department began to be surprised, and then let the project manager look at it, saying that the output demand is too large, to open the mold, if CNC precision machining produces 2000 pieces per day. At the time of the initial negotiation, Mr. Tian did not provide the drawings. He said that the drawings could not be leaked. About a week later, the customer suddenly told him to come to Shenzhen for a business trip in two days and visit by the way. After learning the news, on the same day, the customer service informed the technical department and wanted them to help her receive the customer together, because they are technical or negotiation, CNC machining customization or technical department. When the customer arrived, he knew that he was a Korean, but he had been working in China, and there was a Korean with him. When he showed the samples at the company, he told them to cooperate with South Korea's Samsung Group. Now you need to make several screens, there are 3 sizes of screens, the screen requires high precision, the thickness is 5mm, one side is anti-scratch and one side is anti-ultraviolet. The precision mechanical parts processing suppliers in Chongqing are unable to meet the requirements, so they are looking for Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers. Delivery time is also very fast, delivery within 7 days, this is no problem for us, only ask customers to send these materials directly from South Korea. The project manager calculated the processing fee and told the customer that the follow-up can be communicated online.
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