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CNC machining customization, CNC system and its control mode

by:QY Precision      2020-02-26
In the CNC machining customization process, the CNC device includes the program reading device and the input part, the operation part, the control part and the output part composed of the electronic circuit. The main input and output device of the numerical control system is the human-computer interaction device, which is the operation panel and display directly faced by the operator. The operation of the machine tool is controlled by the program input by the operator. The State of the machine tool must be adjusted at any time during processing, such as modifying parameters, editing programs, running simulations, etc, this requires a system panel that can input people, including numbers, letters, various logical operation symbols, and a machine tool control panel that controls the operation of the machine tool, including the start of each shaft, the switch of various auxiliary equipment, etc. The machining data of CNC machining customized machine tools should also be fed back to the operator in time, such as whether the current coordinates are correct, whether the machine tool status is alarmed, and the current machine tool parameters. These are the displays (CRT)To finish. In the process of CNC machining customization, the CNC device can be divided into three categories: Point Control, straight line control and continuous track control according to the control function that can be realized, that is, the action mode that the machine can complete the machining. Point control is to only control the accurate positioning of the tool or workbench from one point to another, and then perform fixed-point processing, and the path between points does not need to be controlled. There are not many such controls, only special CNC drilling machines for drilling and special CNC boring machines for boring. Straight line control is to control straight line cutting at a specified feed speed between these two points in addition to controlling the accurate positioning of the starting and ending points of the straight line trajectory. This kind of control is only used in very simple CNC milling beds with plane milling function. In CNC machining customization, continuous track control (Or contour control) It can continuously control the joint motion of two or more coordinate directions. In order to make the tool process the curve contour of the workpiece according to the specified trajectory, the numerical control device has the function of interpolation operation, so that the motion trajectory of the tool approaches the specified contour curve with minimal error, the motion speed of each coordinate direction is coordinated so that the specified feed speed is always maintained during the cutting process. At present, most machine tools widely adopt such control methods, such as CNC boring and milling machines and machining centers that can process curved surfaces.
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