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CNC machining customization and China's large aircraft

by:QY Precision      2020-02-27
Recently, foreign CNC machining customization experts said that China's local aircraft manufacturers still need more than ten years of efforts, in order to build a globally competitive large aircraft that can compete positively with Boeing and Airbus in Europe. However, since the release of the 'Made in China 2025' strategy, our precision mechanical parts processing industry has placed high hopes on large aircraft, and I am afraid that it will not wait for more than 10 years. Aerospace is a complex industry and must rely on a country's highly developed precision mechanical parts processing industry as the foundation. Even for established CNC machining customization enterprises, it will take time to accumulate knowledge and explore and manufacture reliable commercial aircraft technology. Now foreign CNC lathe processing experts believe that China needs the evolution of one or two generations of aircraft to have truly globally competitive products. Based on the size of China's market, this is a logical development and there are certain reasons. For example, the world-famous CNC machining customization expert-- Dassault Systems sells software to aircraft manufacturers to help aircraft manufacturers digitize their business. As a world-class R & D center, their company can reduce the cost of jet aircraft and make more effective use of resources by integrating more precision mechanical parts processing technology into daily operations, at the same time, the production capacity of CNC lathe machining is increased to meet the demand. At present, Boeing in the United States, Airbus in Europe and some relatively small aircraft manufacturing companies, such as Brazil Aviation Industry Corporation and Bombardier in Canada, dominate the field of aviation CNC machining customization. Shanghai-based large aircraft manufacturer COMAC (Comac) The C919 large commercial aircraft it produces has entered the test flight stage. The successful flight test of domestic large aircraft can reduce China's dependence on aircraft manufacturing companies such as Boeing and Airbus, and is also a symbol of the rise of China's precision mechanical parts processing and manufacturing power!
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