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CNC lathe processing, intelligent focus on talent

by:QY Precision      2020-02-01
Many precision mechanical parts processing enterprises put forward the slogan of 'machine substitution' and 'unmanned factory. In the hardware parts processing production line, the machine can replace simple and repetitive labor to achieve efficient, high-quality and accurate manufacturing, but can not blindly use 'machine substitution '. Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers pointed out that in addition to considering the balance between machine and personnel replacement costs, it is also necessary to comprehensively consider the operating site, information interface, maintenance costs, etc. And in CNC precision machining from 3. 0 to 4. 0 upgrade for a long time, the machine or 'robot' is just an intelligent equipment for hardware parts processing, which is difficult to independently meet the increasingly complex production requirements of CNC lathe processing. As an important resource for intelligent manufacturing of precision mechanical parts processing, 'people' is still in the central position in dealing with CNC machining customized production and complex and changeable production environment. Especially for CNC precision machining at this stage. 0 make up a missed lesson, 3. 0 popularization, 4. 0 demonstration ', the synergy of people, information systems, and physical systems is particularly important, intelligent hardware parts processing still requires artificial intelligence to participate in policy interpretation, regulatory constraints, knowledge accumulation, Craftsman inheritance, cultural development and overall organization, in order to realize the orderly production of CNC lathe machining and produce benefits, these are irreplaceable machines at this stage. For CNC lathe processing enterprises that have introduced intelligent equipment, they must train and recruit talents who understand intelligent hardware parts processing. Precision mechanical parts processing production lines all need innovative technology and inevitably need corresponding technical personnel. Automatic hardware parts processing and assembly workshop will inevitably have a lot of equipment, the company's talents need to have the ability to learn quickly, can be familiar with the integrator's system as soon as possible.
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