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CNC lathe processing, get customer understanding

by:QY Precision      2020-02-01
For many difficult spare parts processing, CNC lathe processing suppliers are slightly careless, and errors may occur, resulting in unqualified and need to be reworked. General precision mechanical parts processing manufacturers will encounter such problems, but to control the pass rate, some difficult, trial and error is also necessary, no one can guarantee 100%. Last month, we received a CNC machining customization project with a high difficulty coefficient. The customer also found a lot of CNC lathe processing suppliers, and did not dare to pick up his orders. We dare to chew this hard bone, but we also explain the difficulties in advance. The overall accuracy is 0. , The accuracy of local key places should be controlled at 0. In the range of, experienced processors are really hard to control. When machining CNC lathes, the middle part requires another 0. If the accuracy of does not meet the requirements, it must be reworked and the promised delivery date will be delayed. However, customers can also understand that this complexity has long been psychologically prepared. As long as we can finally do this CNC processing custom product, the others are acceptable, cooperation is to be mutually inclusive. For our overall service quality, the other party is also very satisfied, after delivery, very readily paid the final payment.
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