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CNC lathe machining understanding and tool selection

by:QY Precision      2020-04-12
CNC lathe machining refers to machining with CNC lathe machining tools. CNC means that CNC lathes are programmed and controlled by CNC machining language, usually G code. CNC machining G code language tells the CNC lathe machining tool which Cartesian position coordinates to use, and controls the feed speed and spindle speed of the tool, as well as tool converter, coolant and other functions. CNC lathe machining has great advantages over manual machining, such as the parts produced by CNC lathe machining are very accurate and repeatable; CNC lathe machining can produce parts with complex shapes that cannot be completed by manual machining. CNC machining technology has been widely promoted. Most machining workshops have CNC machining capabilities. The most common CNC machining methods in typical machining workshops are CNC milling, CNC lathe and cnc edm wire cutting (EDM). Because CNC lathe machining is a high precision work, and its machining process is concentrated and the number of parts clamping is small, higher requirements are put forward for the CNC tools used. Here are the CNC lathe manufacturers to introduce you to the CNC machine tool selection, what problems should be considered? 1. Tool requirements the type, specification and precision grade of CNC tool should meet the requirements of CNC lathe processing. 2. High precision in order to meet the requirements of high precision and automatic tool change of CNC lathe processing, the tool must have high precision. 3. High reliability to ensure that accidental damage and potential defects of the tool will not occur in CNC machining, which will affect the smooth progress of the machining. It is required that the tool and its combined accessories must have good reliability and strong adaptability. 4. High durability CNC lathe machining tools, whether in rough machining or finishing, should have higher durability than the tools used in ordinary lathe machining, in order to minimize the number of times to replace or grind the tool and the tool, thereby improving the machining efficiency of the CNC lathe and ensuring the machining quality. 5. In CNC lathe machining with good Chip breaking and chip removal performance, Chip breaking and chip removal are not handled manually in time as ordinary lathe machining, and chips are easily wound on tools and workpieces, it will damage the machined surface of the tool and scratch the workpiece, and even cause injury and equipment accidents, affecting the processing quality and the safe operation of the Lathe. Therefore, the tool is required to have better chip breaking and chip removal performance.
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