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CNC lathe machining--Provide lists to improve efficiency

by:QY Precision      2020-02-17
In the processing of plastic CNC lathes, in addition to CNC parts processing drawings, you also need to make a list. Unless it is a simple CNC lathe machining, you can not use the list, otherwise the quotation process will become very troublesome. The list needs to indicate the processing materials, methods, quantities and processing techniques of non-standard parts. CNC lathe machining without List is a bit complicated and confused, affecting the quality of hardware parts machining. A few months ago, Mr. Zhang of Dongguan found Shenzhen huachaohui Precision Machinery Co. , Ltd. by searching for 'CNC lathe processing' on the Internet, and found that the scale and strength are quite in line with expectations, so I contacted the online customer service. After the customer service got Mr. Zhang's contact information, he transferred it to the technical department for direct communication. The customer sent CNC parts processing drawings to the technical department without a list. We can only make quotations for parts according to the drawings, and then take screenshots to the customers to ask them what materials they need to make, what processing methods they use, what surface effects they want, and so on. Mr. Zhang replied that PMMA should be used for high transparency, and other processing requirements should be connected separately. Does the customer have a color card number? After asking, I know the color number, and the technical department will send the quotation to the customer. The customer's last concern is the delivery date, which is usually based on the delivery date on the quotation sheet. Imagine if Mr. Zhang is sending drawings to the technical department, if a detailed list is provided, when the CNC lathe is quoted, there won't be so many questions to ask one by one. Therefore, when doing CNC lathe processing, if you provide a list, you can greatly provide the efficiency of the quotation, thus saving the time of the precision mechanical parts processing plant.
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