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CNC lathe machining process

by:QY Precision      2020-04-11
In the mechanical basic parts processed by CNC lathes, they are generally batch and mass-produced. There are also many varieties and high processing precision requirements. Therefore, the production process and equipment are high and the investment is large. Foreign countries use high-efficiency and high-precision special planes, production lines or flexible lines to achieve high-efficiency automated production. However, some basic parts enterprises in our country are restricted by funds, with little investment, poor self-improvement ability of enterprises, few advanced equipment and no matching, which affects the quality of products. Due to the poor quality and few varieties and specifications of domestic steel used in Fasteners, chains, springs, bearings, molds and other products, the quality of stamping parts is directly affected. In CNC lathe machining parts, the process should generally be divided according to the principle of process concentration, and most or even all surfaces should be machined as much as possible at one time. According to the structure and shape of the parts, the outer garden, end face or inner hole clamping is usually selected, and the unity of design reference, Process reference and programming origin is ensured as far as possible. Let's take a look at the CNC lathe processing process. In mass production, the following two methods are commonly used to divide the process: the first one: according to the machining surface of the part, the surface with higher position accuracy is arranged in one clamping, in order to avoid the installation error caused by multiple clamping, the position accuracy is affected; The second type: according to the rough and finishing division, the parts with higher blank margin and higher processing accuracy should be separated from the rough car and the fine car and divided into two or more processes. The rough car is arranged on a numerical control bed with lower precision and higher power, and the fine car is arranged on a numerical control bed with higher precision. CNC lathe machining process mainly considers the production program, the structure and technical requirements of the equipment used and the parts themselves. In mass production, if multi-axis and multi-knife high-efficiency processing centers are used, production can be organized according to the principle of process concentration; If it is processed on an automatic line composed of combined machine tools, the process is generally divided according to the principle of dispersion. More news about CNC machining can pay attention to Shenzhen fuchengxi technology!
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