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CNC lathe machining and mold

by:QY Precision      2020-02-22
In the CNC lathe machining process, mold opening is often required. The mold is a very expensive place, and CNC machining customers feel that it is a bottomless pit. Many employees of Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers naturally replied, 'our monthly salary is the money, and the money is of course earned by the boss! 'But the boss of the mold factory doesn't think so. Shenzhen CNC machining factory said: 'We do external processing, earning sweat money, living on the edge of struggle, now save money, is to prepare to buy some precision mechanical parts processing machine tools, in order to get a better job. 'The small boss of Shenzhen CNC machining also said:' At present, our CNC parts processing equipment is mainly made in China, and those molds can't make any money. If you want to receive high value-added mold orders, customers only need to visit the CNC parts processing workshop, and they say that the equipment is not up to grade and they are not willing to cooperate. We plan to borrow money to buy some foreign CNC lathe processing equipment to enhance competitiveness! It's not that employees don't make money for mold orders. We don't make money for this kind of order when we open the factory. 'The big factories of CNC parts processing are not happy to talk:' At present, the CNC lathe processing machine tools of the factory are all imported from Japan, Switzerland and Germany. The cheap ones cost about 100W and the expensive ones cost millions. Those spare parts, consumables, and repairs are really unacceptable, but there is no way. What's more, these CNC lathe processing equipment were the most advanced when they were bought. Now CNC parts processing technology is being updated too fast, the equipment bought a few years ago is no longer competitive. In order to compete, we have to invest heavily in a batch of new machine tools every year! 'It seems that most of the money Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers earn on molds is used to buy equipment.
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