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CNC Engraving Material

by:QY Precision      2020-07-24
5 Skills of Fixing CNC Engraving Material How to fasten CNC engraving material? We can study of the following techniques. 1). First protect carved materials: 2). To those processed pieces of irregular shape, on the surface it looks a lot items have been fixed very solidly, but they shake back and forth when received Downforce. At this time you could put some scrap materials under the working pieces to enhance the friction, besides helpful workpiece original own packing. 3). If machining materials get huge Downforce, you could consider to use tapered router bits. If cutting bits receive too large strength while moving during engraving cutting, the side force will make worked material move. If apply unsuitable cnc router tools, it happens too. 4). Because cnc machine tools frequently configured with multi-functional tongs or chuck, while they are made of iron, therefore spot . to damage carving materials or give it time to slip during machining process. Then selecting some rubber hats or rubber tubes could help very much. 5). For plastic pattern relief carving, you could stick adhesive tape on the back of processed workpiece, then spray liquid glue on the side of the tape; afterwards, paste it on an unwanted surface, so could avoid leaving hard-clean surface because making use of double-side glue.
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