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34223___________________________________________________________________________________________________________CLEAN port the company(
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June 29, 2018 (
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The registrant\'s affiliates are about $2.
9 billion, based on the closing price of such common stock on the New York Stock Exchange as of that date.
The second part of this report refers to the assumptions on which such calculations are based.
Onfebruary 15,209, with outstanding 55,855,142 shares of common stock, usd. 01 par value.
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List of contents Port
Form 10-Annual Report
KYEAR enddecember31, Table 2018 contentspagenoptiitem1. BusinessItem1A.
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Information disclosure of Mine Safety 5.
The market in which the registrant\'s common stock, related shareholder matters and the issuer purchase equity securities.
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Factors that may lead to this difference include, but are not limited to, the factors discussed in this report under Item 1a, \"risk factors\" and Item 7, \"Management\'s Discussion and Analysis of the financial position and results of operations.
\"Please be careful not to rely too much on these advances --
Forward-looking statements that reflect the views of management only on the date of this agreement.
We have no obligation to amend or publicly publish the results of any modifications to these forwarding
Look at the report.
Readers should also carefully review the risk factors described in other documents we submit to the Securities and Exchange Commission from time to time (the \"SEC\")
Including quarterly report on Form10
We will submit Q on 2019. PART IITEM 1.
Clean Port Limited
And its subsidiaries (
\"We\", \"clean port\" or \"Company \")
Is a leading provider of environmental, energy and industrial services in North America.
We are the biggest.
The world\'s refining and recycler of waste oil is also the largest provider of parts cleaning and related environmental services for commercial, industrial and automotive customers in North America.
In the first quarter of the fiscal year 2018, some of our businesses were restructured, including changes in the underlying business and management structure.
The result of the reorganization is to combine the environmental services business from the perspective of operation and management, deepen customer relationships, and improve operational efficiency by sharing resources, that is, labor and equipment, this will reduce third party spending and facilitate cross-selling of our business products.
With respect to this restructuring, our chief operating decision maker has asked for changes in his information that he regularly reviews for allocating resources and evaluating performance.
These changes need to reconsider our operations in 2018 and lead to changes in our assessment of operations.
We conclude that we now have two business units for the purposes of disclosure; (i)
An environmental service unit consisting of our historical technical services, industrial services, on-site services and oil, gas and accommodation operations, and (ii)the Safety-Kleen segment.
Environmental Services-
The results of the environmental services section depend on the needs of our customers for waste services that are directly attributed to the amount of waste they generate, as well as project work that requires waste disposal and/or disposal.
In managing the business and evaluating performance, management tracks the quantity and mixing of waste treated and disposed of through our owned incinerators and landfill sites, and the utilization of these incinerators, labor and billing hours and equipment, among other key indicators.
Activity levels and final performance associated with this section may be affected by several factors, including the US as a wholeS. GDP and U. S.
Industrial production, weather conditions, operational efficiency, competition in services and management of market pricing and associated operating costs.
Environmental Service results are also affected by customer site planning and unplanned industrial-related cleaning and maintenance services as well as the requirements for planning or emergency environmental cleaning services, including responding to major oil spills, natural disasters or other incidents requiring immediate and specialized services. Safety-Kleen -Safety-
The results of the Kleen division are affected by a range of core service products designed to attract a small number of waste producers to become customers and integrate them into the clean port waste network.
Core services include parts cleaning services, container waste services, vac services, used oil collection and sales base and mixed oil products, as well as complementary products including automotive-related liquids and store supplies.
The company tracks key performance metrics related to these services including the number of parts cleaning services performed and the amount of used oil and waste collected.
The results of these services are mainly driven by the total number of part washers placed on the customer\'s site and the amount of waste collected.
These factors may be affected by the overall economic situation of the market, especially in the automotive-related areas. Safety-
Kleen provides high quality base and mixed petroleum products to end users including fleet customers, distributors and oil product manufacturers.
Relative to these oil-related products, management tracks the relative percentage of the company\'s quantity, base and mixed oil sales, as well as various pricing indicators related to the commodity-driven market.
The result of this segment is a table of contents, significantly influenced by the overall market price and product mix associated with base oil and blended oil products, which historically relates to the overall crude oil price.
Costs associated with the collection of waste oil and other raw materials related to the oil-related products of the department may also be volatile.
Implementation of our OilPlus®A closed-loop plan to sell our renewable oil products directly to the end customer will also affect future operational results.
Clean Port Company
We were founded in 1980 in Massachusetts and our main office is located in Norwell, Massachusetts.
We maintain a website at the following Internet Address: through the link on this website, we have free access to our annual report on Form10
Quarterly Report on Form10
Q: Latest report on Form8
K and amendments to reports submitted or provided under section 13 (a)or 15(d)
After submitting electronic documents to SEC, sign the Securities Trading Act of 1934 as soon as reasonably practicable.
Our guidelines on corporate governance, the Charter of the Board of Directors Committee and the ethics of board members, which our chief executive and other senior staff can also see on our website, we will post any pair on our website. . . Such a code of ethics.
Our website and its contained or related information are not referenced for inclusion in this year\'s report.
Health and safety are our top priorities.
Employees at all levels of our company agree with this concept and are committed to ensuring that our safety goals are met.
Our commitment to health and safety is good for everyone.
Our staff, our customers, our community and our environment.
The safety of our success starts with me in 2018: Life 3-6-
5 procedures are a key component of our overall safety approach and a key component of many of our other procedures that enable us to achieve low total recordable accident rates or \"TRIR \";
\"Limit the activity and turn rate after a few days, or\" DART;
Experience the modification rate, or \"EMR \".
\"In 2018, our company\'s TRIR, DART and EMR were 1 respectively. 08, 0. 63 and 0.
58 respectively.
In 2017, the TRIR, DART and EMR of our company were 1. 34, 0. 80 and 0.
58 respectively.
In order to protect our employees, continue to reduce our accident rate, meet the needs of our customers, and retain the best service providers with the lowest TRIR, DART and EMR rates, we are committed to continuously improving our health and safety performance.
All employees recognize the importance of protecting themselves, colleagues, customers and everyone around them from harm.
This commitment is supported by the philosophy of safety and the rule of gold, which is the cornerstone of safety, Starting With Me: Life 3-6-5 program. Live It 3-6-
5. we are committed to the safety of our workers through every employee\'s commitment to our three safety concepts, our six safety golden rules, and five personal reasons each employee chooses to be safe at work, on the road, and at home.
Compliance we believe compliance with applicable environmental regulations is a key component of our overall operations.
We strive to maintain the highest professional standards in compliance activities.
Under the guidance of compliance personnel, we have developed a compliance plan for each of our waste management facilities and service centers.
Compliance personnel are responsible for facility licensing and compliance, compliance training, transport compliance and related record keeping.
To ensure the effectiveness of our regulatory compliance program, our compliance personnel monitor the day-to-day operational activities.
We also have an environmental health and safety compliance internal audit program designed to identify any weaknesses or opportunities for improvement in our ongoing compliance program.
We also conduct regular audits and inspections of disposal facilities owned by other companies we use.
Our facilities are frequently inspected and audited by regulators and customers.
Although our facilities are sometimes cited for violating regulatory regulations, we believe that each of our facilities currently largely meets the applicable licensing requirements.
Strategy your strategy is to develop and sustain relationships with diverse customer groups that have recurring demands for environmental, energy or industrial services.
We strive to be a major supplier of broad value
Additional services based on quality, responsiveness, customer service, information technology, scope of service and cost-effectiveness.
The main elements of our business strategy are:
Cross-enterprise sales
We believe that the breadth of the services we provide enables us to provide additional services to our existing customers, and therefore, the restructuring carried out in first quarter of 2018 resulted in a table of contents in deepening customer relationships and facilitating cross-selling of such service products.
We believe that we can provide industrial and on-site services to customers who traditionally only provide technical services and technical services to customers who use our industrial services or oil and gas field services.
At the same time, we see all kinds of cross
Sales opportunities between our environmental services and securityKleen segments.
Reflecting this strategy, we have successfully achieved cross-border
Sales Security Services-
Such as parts washers, various cleaning products, recycling services and our OilPlus®Closed-loop initiatives for traditional clean port customers.
We believe in using our capabilities.
Sales in our segment will bring additional revenue to our company. Capture Large-Scale Projects—
We provide turnkey off-site transportation and landfill or incineration disposal services for remediation of soil and other contaminated media generated by the activity.
We also provide support services for remediation contractors and project managers including groundwater disposal, waste disposal, rolling
Container Management and many other related services.
We are confident that this will increase the amount of waste in our existing facilities, thereby increasing utilization and overall profitability.
Expand throughput of existing facilities
We operate an extensive network of hazardous waste management facilities and oil recovery
Refineries, and a significant investment in these facilities, which provide us with significant operational leverage as production increases.
In addition, there is an opportunity to expand the waste disposal capacity or waste oil treatment of these facilities by modifying the terms of existing licenses and increasing equipment and new technologies.
With selected license modifications, we can expand the range of treatment services provided to our customers without the need to acquire or build the substantial capital investment required for a new waste management facility.
Seeking strategic acquisitions
We are actively engaged in selective acquisitions in certain service or market areas, and we believe that these acquisitions can enhance and expand our business.
We believe that we can expand our existing services through strategic acquisitions, thereby generating incremental revenue from existing and new customers and gaining greater market share.
To maximize synergies, we quickly integrated acquisitions into existing processes.
For more information about our acquisition, see \"acquisition and divestiture\" below \".
Implementation of strategic divestiture
To complement our acquisition strategy and focus on internal growth, we regularly review and evaluate our existing operations to determine whether our business model should be changed by stripping out certain businesses.
Therefore, from time to time we peel off certain non-
Core business and reallocate our resources to the business that we think is better to work with us for a long time
Strategic direction.
Focus on cost, pricing and productivity initiatives
We are constantly seeking to improve efficiency and reduce costs through enhanced technology, process efficiency and strict cost management.
For example, in 2018, we successfully carried out branch consolidation, greater international maintenance costs, procurement and supply chain improvements based on current and expected business conditions.
In addition, we seek areas in the business where we make strategic investments in processes, tools, and staff to improve productivity, efficiency, and security compliance.
Expanded scope of services and geographical coverage
We believe in our environmental services and safety.
The Kleen division has a competitive advantage because they have a huge network of locations in North America, especially in areas where we maintain service locations at treatment, storage and disposal facilities or \"TSDF\" or nearby
\"By opening more service locations, we believe we can increase the market share of these segments.
We believe that this will bring more waste to our existing facilities, thereby increasing utilization and overall profitability.
In addition, our management team continues to evaluate the competitive environment to identify new business opportunities.
Acquisition and divestiture acquisition is an integral part of our business strategy, including expansion through acquisitions that complement the business of our existing company and create multiple opportunities for profitable growth.
In 2018, we acquired the United States. S.
Industrial cleaning business of Veolia Environmental Services North America Co. , Ltd (
\"Veolia business \")
And a private one.
Owns the company for an initial purchase price of $151. 3 million.
These acquisitions provide huge scale and industrial service capabilities, while increasing the size of our existing US businesses. S.
Business of industrial services.
The money for the acquisition comes from the cash at hand.
Veolia business is included in our field of environmental services, while private-
Owned companies have components in environmental services and security-Kleen segments.
In 2017, we acquired Dragon star West. (\"Lonestar\")
A listed company based in Alberta, Canada, for about 41 Canadian dollars. 8 million ($33. 1 million USD)
Net cash acquisition.
The acquisition price includes the assumption of approximately Canadian $21. 3 million ($16. 8 million USD)
We then repaid the outstanding debt.
Our growth in the lighting and hydropower mining services market has benefited from the acquisition of 3 content.
In addition to increasing the size of our hydro vac fleet, Lonestar\'s location network provides us with the opportunity to get direct access to key geographic markets in the US and Canada.
The acquired company is included in our environmental services department.
In 2016, we acquired seven companies for a combined $204 acquisition.
8 million, paid in cash and as usual
Closing adjustments complement our strategy of creating closed-loop models as it relates to the sale and distribution of our petroleum products.
These acquisitions also provide us with three more.
At the same time, the refinery also expanded the network of oil collection we used and provided greater mixing and packaging capabilities.
These acquisitions also provide us with more access to customers in the West Coast region of the United States, as well as other locations where Part B licenses are obtained.
The operations of these acquisitions are mainly integrated within our security.
Our environmental services division also integrates certain businesses.
For more information about our acquisition activities in 2018, 2017 and 2016, please see Note 4 \"business portfolio\" to consolidated financial statements contained in Item 8 of this report \".
Other business transactions also include asset stripping based on our ongoing review of portfolio assets to determine how much they contribute to our goals and growth strategies.
In 2017, we completed the sales of transformer service business, which is a non-
Previously included in the core business of traditional technology services, the price is $45. 5 million ($43.
Net amount of $4 million.
1 million of transaction-related costs)
Subject to customary posts
Closing adjustment.
In 2016, we completed the sales of the catalyst service business, which is a non-
The core business was previously included in the traditional industrial service operation department, and the price was about $50. 6 million ($49.
Net cash retained for Catalyst Services 2 million)
Subject to customary posts
Closing adjustment.
For more information on these divestitures, Please see note 5 \"business disposition\" to our consolidated financial statements contained in Item 8 of this report \".
Protecting the environment and the enterprise sustainably your core business is to provide industry, government and the public with a wide range of environmental, energy and industrial services to protect and restore the natural environment in North America.
As a leading provider of environmental, energy and industrial services in North America, our first goal is to help our customers prevent the flow of chemicals and hazardous waste into the environment.
We are also the leading service provider for pollutant recovery and purification that has been released.
This includes the safe destruction or disposal of hazardous materials in a manner that ensures that they no longer pose a danger to the environment.
In providing these services, we are committed to using as many methods as possible to recover, reuse and recycle these wastes, which are more fully explained in the section below describing our general operations.
Many of our brand services reflect our commitment to sustainability and provide environmental solutions to the market.
Where possible, liquids such as solvents, chemicals and waste oil will be continuously recycled to our high
Quality standard and make useful products.
The charging procedure provides a closed process in which the customer\'s waste solvent is recycled to its precise specifications and returned directly to them.
In 2018, we collected nearly 0. 225 billion gallons of waste oil from North America through our safety. Kleen business.
Our factory has been re-opened since its opening
More than 3 fine.
3 billion gallons of waste oil, avoiding more than 27 million metric tons of greenhouse gas.
We have also become a leading service provider in North America to protect the ozone layer from the destructive effects of fluorine-containing carbon or \"fluorine-containing carbon\", \"which are substances that consume ozone and compounds of global warming, their global warming potential is 10 times that of carbon dioxide. Global-
The warming potential is a relative measure of greenhouse gas trap heat in the atmosphere.
Since 2013, 7.
By destroying fluorine-containing carbon in an Arkansas incinerator, 9 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions have been avoided.
This is equivalent to about 1 removal.
There are 6 million passenger vehicles on the road a year.
Our transport fleet is one of the biggest opportunities for us to apply sustainable business practices.
Our asset renovation program is a comprehensive effort to rebuild assets to \"like new\" quality.
There are now four facilities in use and we can rebuild about two cars a week.
We aim to reuse or recycle 100% of all materials.
One of our most eye-catching public programs for a variety of government and community entities is the removal of thousands of tons of hazardous waste from homes in the United States and Canada, otherwise, this may be disposed of improperly, or it poses a danger to the community where they are stored.
We provide these extensive content tables.
Throughout North America, we are committed to ensuring that our own business is responsible for the environment.
Our sustainable development efforts are guided by formal policies, strategies and plans, and we continue to build on our past efforts, for example, implementing many energy efficiency improvements and various transportation within our fleet includes the use of our own recycled oil.
We have plans to improve the environmental impact of our company and our customers.
Our technology and increased operational efficiency enable us to deliver innovative customer solutions such as our security-
Kleen oil Plus®This demonstrates our commitment to a sustainable approach and changes the way we operate.
Leading provider of environmental, energy and industrial services-
We are a leading supplier of environmental, energy and industrial services.
We have 9 out of 13 commercial hazardous waste incinerators, making us the largest operator of hazardous waste incinerators in North America.
We are also one of the few industrial service companies with national footprints in the United States and the United States. S. and Canada.
We offer morefaceted, high-
Provide quality service to our customers.
Because of our tremendous capabilities and a wide range of services and our overall size, we attract and better serve our customers, the size and location of our vast network, and valuable and unique assets to use when providing services.
Integrated network of assets-
We believe that, in general, we operate the largest number of commercial hazardous waste incinerators, landfill sites, treatment facilities and TSDFs in North America.
Our extensive service network enables us to effectively handle waste logistics from the source through disposal, and effectively guide and internalize our waste logistics to reduce costs.
As the amount of waste we deal with increases, our scale allows us to take advantage of our network and increase our profit margin as we can digest more in incinerators, landfill sites and other disposal facilities
In addition, it is difficult for these assets to be copied because in order for new waste disposal sites to go live, a large number of licensing and regulatory approvals are required.
The high barriers to entry of these assets provide a higher value for our network.
Comprehensive Service Capability
The comprehensive services we provide enable us to give full play
Provide services to our customers.
As customers seek to minimize the number and demand of external suppliers, our extensive service offerings create incremental revenue growthstop-
Service provider.
The largest collection of old oil and recyclers
As the biggest re
We re-produced about a gallon of new oil in 2018.
Refined oil, lubricating oil and by-products re-entered the market. In2018, our re-
In the process of refining, more than 2 tons of greenhouse gases are eliminated (\"GHG\")
This is equivalent to planting more than 54 million trees in urban settings for 10 years, or removing more than one passenger car from the road in one year.
Large and diverse customer base
Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to small and medium-sized public and private entities covering multiple industries and business types, including government entities.
This diversity limits our credit exposure to any customer, and also limits the potential cyclical nature of any industry.
Of our revenue in 2018, the top ten industries we serve totaled about 76%, including the general manufacturing industry (17%), chemical (14%), refineries (8%)
Base oil and blended oil (8%), automotive (7%), government (6%), utilities (5%)
Traffic (4%), oil and gas (4%)
And architecture (3%).
Stable and regular income baseWe have long-
Maintain long-term relationships with our big customers, many of whom have been working with our company for decades.
Our diverse customer base provides stable and recurring revenue, because a large part of our revenue comes from customers who have served before, and they have regular needs for our services.
In addition, the conversion costs of many of our hazardous waste customers are high.
This is because many customers want to audit the disposal facilities before they get the approved site qualification and limit the number of facilities for their hazardous waste transportation, to reduce its potential responsibility for environmental laws and regulations in the United States and Canada.
We are selected as a recognized supplier by large and small waste generators because we have comprehensive collection, recycling, processing, transportation, disposal and hazardous waste tracking capabilities, and have the expertise required to comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations.
Customers who choose us as a recognized supplier often continue to reuse our services.
We continue to make capital investments in our facilities to ensure they comply with current federal, state, provincial and local regulations.
Companies that rely on in-
Home disposal may find that the current regulatory requirements are too capital intensive or complex and may choose to outsource many of their hazardous waste disposal needs.
5 effective cost management content table-
Our sheer size allows us to maintain low costs through standardized compliance procedures, strong purchasing power, leveraging our investment in technology and the ability to efficiently leverage logistics and transportation, the waste flows through the ground to the most efficient facilities.
We are also able to use internal resources to transport and process most of the hazardous waste that we manage for our customers.
And our safety.
Kleen results were significantly influenced by the overall market pricing and product mix associated with base oil and mixed oil products, and more specifically by the significant impact of the market price of the second group of base oils.
We charge fees related to the oil collection services we have used, which allows us to effectively manage the profit margins inherent in our business.
Experienced management team
Our executive management team provides depth and continuity.
Our 12 executives have more experience and expertise in the environment, energy and industrial services industry than in 200.
Our chief executive founded our company in 1980 and has been the chief executive officer and chairman of the board of directors of the company since its inception.
The general seasonal and cyclical nature of the business.
As weather and budget cycles affect the time spent on customer products and services, our operations may be affected by seasonal fluctuations.
Usually in the first quarter of each year, there is less demand for our products, oil collection, and due to cold weather, our customers have lower activity levels, recycling and environmental services, especially in the northern and central western regions of the United States and Canada.
Therefore, the amount of waste received by our facility is reduced due to
Cold weather and high level of snowfall, factory closed for one year
The end of the holiday reduced the amount of waste and produced less waste oil for our collection.
Geographic Information.
We created $2,721 in 2018. 8 million or82.
We make $ 5% and $578 in direct revenue in the United States. 5 million or17.
5% of Canada\'s income.
We created $2,392 in 2017. 0 million or81.
We make $ 2% and $553 in direct revenue in the United States. Million or 18
8% of Canada\'s income.
For more information about our source of income and the geographic area where the assets are located, see Note 19, \"Segment report,\" included in the consolidated financial statements in item 8 of this report.
Environmental services we collect, transport, process and dispose of dangerous and non-hazardous items
Hazardous waste, including resource recovery, physical treatment, fuel mixing, incineration, landfill, wastewater treatment, laboratory chemical treatment, explosives management and cleaning packages®Service.
Our cleaning bag®Services include the collection, identification and classification of laboratory chemicals and household hazardous waste, specialized packaging, transportation and disposal.
We also carry out extensive industrial maintenance and professional industrial services, and use professional equipment and resources to conduct on-site services at any selected location on a planned or emergency response basis.
All of these services are designed to protect the environment and address environmental-related challenges by using innovative and state-of-the-art technologies.
We offer our customers sustainable solutions to recycle scrap as much as possible.
Technical Services.
We provide technical services through the service center network, dispatch teams from these service centers, receive customer\'s waste according to the scheduled schedule or on-demand, transport waste to the allowed facilities, usually the company-owned.
Our service center can also send chemists to the customer\'s location to collect chemical and laboratory waste for disposal.
On-site service product is a brandsite/in-
We provide a full range of environmental, industrial and waste management services through our factory service program.
This signature project is based on safety, quality, efficiency and integrity and has been provided by the clean port for more than 25 years.
By taking advantage of the expertise and capabilities of clean ports, our
Field employees are committed to developing the safest and most costly products
Effective solutions to meet customer needs.
Collection, transportation and logistics management.
As an integral part of our services, we collect industrial waste from our customers and transport it to our facilities for disposal or expansion in order to transport it to the final disposal site.
Customers usually accumulate waste in containers, such as 55-
Gallon barrel, bulk storage tank or 20-cubic-yard roll-off containers.
In providing this service, we use a variety of tank cars and semi-cars specially designed and built
Trailer and third.
Party carriers including railways
Handling and disposal.
We recycle, dispose and dispose of hazardous and non-hazardous waste
Hazardous industrial waste
Waste treated includes substances classified as \"dangerous\" due to their corrosive, flammable, infectious, reactive or toxic nature, as well as other substances subject to federal, state and provincial environmental regulations
We provide final content handling and disposal services designed to manage waste that cannot be recycled or reused economically.
The waste we deal with is in the form of solid, sludge, liquid and gas.
We operate a TSDFs network that collects, temporarily stores and/or integrates compatible waste logistics to transport more efficiently to final recycling, processing, or disposal destinations.
These facilities hold special permits, such as part B permits under the resource protection and recovery act or \"RCRA\" of the United States, allowing them to process, depending on the permit and build capacity of each location, transfer and disposal of waste through various technologies, including recycling, incineration, landfill and wastewater treatment.
Resource recovery and fuel mixing.
We operate recycling systems for the recovery and reuse of certain wastes, especially solvents
Waste generated by industrial cleaning operations, metal processing and other manufacturing processes.
Resource recovery includes the use of various methods for the disposal of waste, which effectively remove contaminants from the original material to restore its suitability for the intended use and reduce the amount of waste that needs to be disposed.
We also operate a recycling facility to recycle refinery waste and waste catalysts.
The recovered oil and catalyst are sold to third parties according to market conditions. Incineration.
Incineration is the preferred method for the treatment of hazardous organic waste, as it effectively destroys contaminants at high temperatures.
High temperature incineration effectively eliminates organic waste such as herbicides, halogen solvents, pesticides, pharmaceutical and refinery waste, whether it is gas, liquid, sludge or solid.
The federal and state incineration regulations require an efficiency of 99 for destruction and removal.
Most organic waste is 99%.
As of 2018, we have nine active incinerators in five incinerator facilities, providing customers with a wide range of technical capabilities.
In the United States, we have run a boiling bed thermal oxidation device for the maximum destruction of hazardous waste with an estimated annual actual capacity of 58 kilograms, 808 tons and three incinerator facilities capable of accommodating solids and liquids, with an estimated annual actual capacity of 387 tons.
We also operate a hazardous waste liquid injection incinerator in Canada with an actual annual total capacity of 526 tons.
Our incinerator facility in Kimball, NE;
Deer Park, Texas;
Colorado, Arkansas.
The Flint in Utah is designed to treat liquid organic waste, sludge, solids, soil and debris.
Our Luyuan facility has two kilns and a rotating reactor.
Our El Dorado plant specializes in handling hazardous liquids, solids and sludge in bulk and container.
In 2017, we opened a new hazardous waste incinerator at the El Dorado plant in Arkansas, specializing in the treatment of high
Temperature Incineration of controlled wastes such as industrial and laboratory chemicals, manufacturing by-products, fertilizers and other solid and liquid materials, which, if improperly managed, will be harmful to the environment and public health.
Our facilities in Kimball and Deer Park also include
A site landfill for handling ash generated during incineration.
Our incinerator facility in lambarton, Ontario is a liquid injection incinerator that is used primarily to destroy liquid organic waste.
Typical waste logistics includes wastewater with low organic content and other high-concentration organic liquid wastes that are not suitable for conventional physical or chemical waste treatment. Landfills.
Landfill sites are mainly used for the treatment of inorganic waste.
We operate commercial landfill sites in the United States and Canada.
Seven of our commercial landfill sites are designed and allowed to dispose of hazardous waste, and two of our landfill sites are used for non-
Hazardous industrial waste disposal, dealing with urban solid waste to a lesser extent.
In addition to our commercial landfill sites, we also own and operate two non-
Commercial landfills only accept our garbage.
Site incinerator.
Of the 7 commercial landfill sites used to dispose of hazardous waste, 5 are located in the United States and 2 are located in Canada.
As of 2018, the useful economic life of these landfill sites was approximately 25 years.
The remaining capacity is 6 million cubic IC code.
This estimate of the useful economic life of these landfill sites includes allowed airspace and non-permitted airspace, which, based on our analysis of various factors, our management believes may be allowed.
In addition to the capacity contained in the useful economic life of these landfill sites, there are about 31 landfill sites.
The additional 9 million cubic IC code included in these landfill footprints does not allow airspace capacity to eventually be allowed, although there is no guarantee that such additional capacity will be allowed.
In addition to hazardous waste landfill sites, we also run two
Hazardous industrial landfill 3.
The remaining allowable capacity is 8 million cubic IC code.
The two facilities are located in the United States and have issued an operating license under RCRA\'s Subtitle D. Our non-
Hazardous landfill facilities are allowed to receive commercial industrial waste, including waste from foundry, demolition and construction, machinery stores, automobile manufacturing, printing, metal manufacturing and recycling.
Wastewater treatment.
We provide an operational wastewater treatment facility with a range of wastewater treatment technologies.
These wastewater treatment operations involve hazardous and non-hazardous treatment
Hazardous waste is treated by using a table 7 physical and chemical treatment method.
These facilities deal with various industrial liquids and semi-
Liquid waste containing heavy metals, organic matter and suspended solids.
Project Management.
We\'re still in chemical packaging, on-
Take advantage of the network of clean port service centers and environmental capabilities for on-site waste management, remediation, compliance training and emergency leak response.
Industrial Services.
We provide industrial maintenance services and professional industrial services in refineries, mines, upgrading plants, chemical plants, pulp and paper mills, manufacturing and power generation facilities.
We offer these services throughout North America.
Our staff. needed in-
Support ongoing factory services
Plant cleaning and maintenance services including liquid/dry vacuum, hydraulic-
Blasting, dehydration and material processing, water and chemical transport, and steam cleaning.
We offer a wide range of professional industrial services including factory shutdown and turn-around services, defocus and clearing, chemical cleaning, high-fit and over-fit services
High pressure water cleaning, pipe inspection and coating services and cleaning of large tanks and surface reservoirs.
We also provide lighting services to provide safer, cleaner and more precise hydropower excavation services for safe discovery of highly sensitive underground targets by using specialized hydropower vacuum equipment.
Our staff are also responsible for oilfield transportation and production services that support drilling, completion and production projects.
On-site and emergency services.
Our staff and equipment are dispatched as planned or urgently and provide services such as tank cleaning, site purification, large repair projects, demolition, leak cleaning on land and water etc, rail car cleaning, product recovery and transfer, blasting of loose soil and medium and vacuum service.
Other services include filtration and water treatment services.
We are also leaders in responding to environmental emergencies of any size.
Natural disasters such as oil spills and hurricanes.
Oil and gas field service.
We provide complete earthquake and rightof-
Efficient Resource Discovery and site preparation services.
These services include :(i)
Seismic measurements that minimize costs, environmental impacts, and field time; (ii)
Accelerate additional geophysical activity and minimize coverage/line cleaning of environmental impacts; and (iii)shot-
Provide safe and efficient drilling in each terrain, including hostile and inaccessible areas.
We also provide ground leasing services by supporting drilling and completion projects for oil and gas companies.
The key to our service is our ability to provide solid control to support the drilling process.
Our technology helps to manage liquids, solids and semi-
Solid materials during drilling operations, including centrifuge, storage tank and drilling fluid recovery.
We can also provide container rent for the safe collection of cuttings and other waste, in addition to managing the disposal of drilling fluids and solids, surface rental equipment can also be provided to support drilling sites by providing well yard trailers, wastewater treatment systems and storage tanks, light towers, generators and treatment tools.
Accommodation Service.
Our fixed Lodge offers turnkey remote accommodation in Western Canada, mainly in the Fort McMurray area, with an area of approximately 600 beds.
There are many facilities in the hotel, such as catering service, room service, public area, fitness center, computer room, wireless network, public phone, parking lot, laundry facilities, etc. , and towel service is provided every day.
We also offer mobile camp operations to serve remote labor accommodation facilities in Western Canada and currently have a wide range of accommodation types in BC, SA and Alberta.
The camps include client camps and open camps, operator camps and drill camps.
In addition, the hotel service is an independent service for customers with other accommodation arrangements. Safety-Our safety.
Kleen business provides a range of environmental services and complementary products, industrial and retail customers for a wide range of customers including auto repair shops, auto and truck dealers, metal manufacturers, machine manufacturers, fleet repair shops and other cars.
As the largest part cleaning service provider in North America, safety-
Kleen provides customers with a range of specially designed parts washers, followed by regular service, including machine cleaning and maintenance, as well as the treatment and replacement of cleaning solvents or aqueous solutions.
We also sell automotive and industrial cleaning products including skim, glass and floor cleaner, hand cleaner, sorbet, antifreeze, windshield cleaner, mat and overflow kit.
Using our collection network, we provide collection and transportation of dangerous and non-hazardous items
Hazardous container waste for recycling or disposal, mainly through a clean port network for recycling and waste disposal and disposal.
We also collect waste oil as raw materials for our oil re-processing.
The refineries discussed below, either process the oil into recycled fuel oil, or \"RFO\", and then sell it to customers such as asphalt plants, industrial plants, pulp and paper companies, and producers of vacuum gas oil and marine diesel.
Our vacuum service removes solids, residual oil/water and sludge, and other liquids from the customer\'s oil/water separator, oil storage tank and collection tank.
We also remove and collect waste fluids found in large and small industrial sites, including metal manufacturers, car repair providers, and general manufacturers.
Use old oil collected safely
Kleen branch, we produce, develop, package, distribute and market
Premium lubricating oil.
We provide these products and services directly to the business side.
Users and customers who can turn to retailers and end marketsconsumers.
Used oil collected by the security department
Processing or re-processing the branch network of Kleen
Refined into a variety of products, mainly base oil, and a small amount of asphalt-
Like materials, alcohol and fuel.
As the biggest re
North American waste oil grinding machine, we can re-process the collected waste oil through our six times
An oil refinery in East Chicago, Indiana;
Newark, California;
Wichita, Kansas;
Tacoma, Washington; Fallon, Nevada;
And braislaw, Ontario.
Our main goal is to produce and sell high
High quality mixed oil, which is re-made by combining our
Refine base oils and other base oils using performance additives according to our proprietary formula and the American Petroleum Society license.
Our performance advantages®Brand and \"green\" proprietary brand ecology®Sold to on-and off-
Fleet of road companies, government entities, car service stores and industrial plants through our in-house distribution network and extensive US and Canadian Services-
Extensive network of independent dealers.
We also sell unbranded mixed oil to dealers reselling under our own brand.
Our OilPlus®The project involves selling our renewable oil products directly to the end customer.
We sell base oils that we do not mix and sell ourselves to stand-alone mixers/Packers who use it to mix their own brand or private label oils.
With more than 0. 2 billion gallons of waste oil processed each year, we were able to return about a gallon of new oil in 2018
Refined oil, lubricating oil and by-products re-entered the market.
We believe in our position as the biggest collector.
The grinding machine of old oil, as well as our vast service and distribution network, provides us with a clear competitive advantage in our ability to provide customers with collection and distribution services through our OilPlus®Program.
Competition in hazardous waste management industry is fierce.
The source of competition varies depending on the region and the type of service provided, from national and regional waste service companies and hundreds of private service companiesowned firms.
North American Waste Management Co. , Ltd. , U. S.
Ecology and Stericycle, Inc.
Is the main national company we compete.
These competitors are able to provide one or more of the environmental services we provide.
Under U. S. federal and state environmental laws, hazardous waste producers are still responsible for the improper disposal of such waste.
Although, due to the potential liability of the generator, the generator may employ a variety of companies with appropriate licenses and licenses, who are very interested in the reputation and financial strength of the companies they use to manage hazardous waste.
We believe that our technical proficiency, safety record, customer service-oriented culture and overall reputation are important considerations for our customers when choosing and continuing to utilize our services.
We also believe that the depth of our recycling, processing and disposal capabilities, the ability to efficiently collect and transport waste, and pricing are other important factors in the market for processing and disposal services.
Competition in our environmental services sector varies by region and service type.
For our landfill and waste disposal services, competitors include a number of major national and regional environmental services companies, as well as many smaller local companies.
We believe that the availability of skilled technical professionals, the quality of performance, the diversity of services, safety records, asset quality and the use and price of current and latest technologies are key competitive factors in this service industry.
For our industrial, on-site and emergency services, competitors vary by region and type of service, from national and regional service providers and hundreds of private service providers
State-owned enterprises that provide energy or industrial services.
Canada\'s CEDA International and Newalta, Envirosystems and hydropsc in the United States, are the major national companies we compete.
Each of these competitors is able to provide one or more industrial and on-site services that we offer.
We believe that the availability of professional equipment and the latest technology, skilled technical professionals, quality of performance, diversity of services, safety records and prices are key competitive factors in this industry.
9 The content table of our energy-related services, competitors vary by location and type of service provided, and competitors come from national, regional and local service providers.
Competition is based on many factors, including safety, quality, performance, reliability, service, price, response time, and the breadth of service delivery in some cases. For our Safety-
The Kleen division, where competitors vary by location and type of service provided, competes from traditional
Crystal Cleaning and Veolia North America, as well as some regions and local companies.
Our safety.
Kleen oil Plus®We compete with other North American lubricants dealers in some markets.
The main competitive way for all of our services is quality, price, reliability of service delivery and technical proficiency.
We believe that in most parts of the United States and Canada, we provide more comprehensive environmental, energy and industrial services than our competitors.
We employ 2018 employees, about 200.
There are 89 employees in the United States and 54 employees in Canada.
We believe that our relationship with our employees is positive.
As part of our commitment to employee safety and quality customer service, we have a wide range of compliance programs and trained environmental, health and safety employees.
We adhere to the risk management plan and aim to reduce potential liabilities to us and our customers.
We also continually strive to invest in our employees through training programs and competitive compensation and benefits programs. Intellectual property we have invested a lot in the development of proprietary technologies, and have established and maintained the leading technologies and incorporated them into the services we provide to our customers.
As of 2018, we had 32 general elections in total. S.
9 patents issued or granted by foreign countries (
This will end between and2031 on 2019),two U. S.
And five foreign patents being applied. S.
Registration of 63 foreign trademarksS.
Six foreign trademark applications
We also obtain licenses for software and other intellectual property rights from various third parties.
We enter into non-disclosure agreements with certain of our employees, consultants and company partners and control access to software documents and other proprietary information.
We believe that we have appropriate rights to all intellectual property rights used in our business and that we do not infringe any intellectual property rights owned by other parties.
Risk management we comply with risk management policies and practice plans designed to reduce potential liability and manage customer\'s ongoing environmental exposure.
The program includes the installation of risk management systems in our facilities, such as fire fighting, employee training, the environment, auditing and policy decisions that limit the type of waste to be treated.
We assess all income opportunities and reduce opportunities that we believe involve unacceptable risks.
We deal with waste in our incinerator, wastewater treatment and landfill facilities, or in facilities owned and operated by other companies we review and approve.
We apply mature technologies to the disposal, storage and recycling of hazardous wastes.
We believe that our actions are safe and prudent and are largely in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
Insurance and financial insurance our insurance plan covers potential risks related to our multi-faceted business from two main risks: direct physical injury and third-Responsibility of the parties.
We maintain an accidental injury insurance program that provides insurance for vehicles, employer liability and general commercial liability for a total of $105. 0 million,$102.
Million and $102.
It is $0 a year, but it needs to be kept at $2.
Car and business are generally responsible for £ 0, $1 each time.
S. employer liability of $0 m and $2.
Millions in Canada.
We also have workers\' compensation insurance, and the insurance limit is stipulated by national regulations.
We have pollution liability insurance covering three areas of potential risk: as a contractor providing services at the customer\'s site, a transporter of waste, and a waste handler at our facility.
The contractor\'s liability insurance limit for pollution is $20.
£ 0, $25 each time.
A total of 0 million covers off-site remedial activities and related liabilities.
For sudden and unexpected
Transportation pollution liability, our car liability policy provides a major fee of $5.
Transportation pollution insurance takes place every time.
Our pollution liability policy provides an additional $60.
$85 per 0 million.
A total of $65, a total of £ 0.
£ 0, $90 each time.
0 million respectively. A$2.
In the United States and Canada, the deductible of 0 million per time applies to this insurance.
Federal and state regulations require liability insurance for all facilities dealing with, storing or disposing of hazardous waste.
RCRA, the toxic substances Administration Act and similar national hazardous waste regulations typically require hazardous waste treatment facilities to maintain a $1 pollution liability insurance.
$0, $2 each time.
The total amount that suddenly happened was $0, $3.
$0, $6 each time.
Total non--million
Suddenly happened.
We have covered or exceeded all federal and state regulations.
Our international business is insured under a local insurance policy enforced by a particular country.
In addition, we have a global foreign responsibility policy that will provide conditional insurance of excess and difference in international countries.
According to our insurance plan, insurance is available for catastrophic risks, cyber security, and risks required by law or contract.
Our policy is to retain a significant portion of certain expected losses primarily related to employee benefits, workers\' compensation, commercial general and vehicle liability.
The reserves for these planned anticipated losses are recorded on the basis of our estimates for the actuarial calculation of the total liabilities of the claim.
We believe that the terms of the policy cancellation are similar to those of companies in other industries.
Federal, state and provincial regulations also require operators of hazardous waste treatment facilities to provide financial assurance after closure and closure
Close the facilities if they stop running.
The closure will include the cost of removing waste stored in a discontinued facility and sending materials to another facility for processing, as well as the cost of performing purification procedures for certain facilities.
As of the 2018 th, we estimate the total number after closing and closing
The cost of a shutdown that regulators need financial assurance is $464.
2 million for our USS.
Facilities $42.
Our Canadian facility is £ 1 million.
We have obtained all the financial guarantees required for our facilities from a qualified insurance company, including guarantee bonds, fund trusts, letters of credit and insurance.
Financial assurance related to closing and closing
Our obligation to close AmericaS.
Facilities will be updated on 2019.
Our Canadian facility uses guarantor bonds and credit certificates, which are renewed on different dates during 2019.
Environmental regulation while our business has benefited a lot from government regulation of the transport, storage and disposal of hazardous wastes, the environmental services industry itself is a federal, state, provincial and local government.
We need to obtain federal, state, provincial and local permits or approvals for each of our hazardous waste facilities.
Such permits are difficult to obtain and, in many cases, extensive research, testing and public hearings are required before approval is granted.
We have obtained all the operational licenses and approvals required for the current business operations and have applied for or are in the process of applying for all the licenses and approvals related to continuing operations and planning to expand or modify our operations.
We continue to work to anticipate regulatory, political and legal developments that may affect operations but not always.
We cannot predict to what extent any environmental legislation or regulations that may be enacted or implemented in the future will affect our operations.
A new regulation that mainly affects shipping business is called \"IMO 2020\" and we are monitoring closely because it may affect our business.
On January 1, 2020, the International Maritime Organization (the \"IMO\")
New regulations will be implemented for 0.
50% global cap on sulfur for marine fuels.
According to the new Global cap, ships crossing the ocean will be required to use marine fuels containing no more than 0 sulfur.
50%, relative to the current limit of 3.
50%. efforts were made to reduce the number of sulfur oxides and to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from the global shipping fleet, which is currently estimated to use 3. 5 -
4 million barrels of fuel oil per day.
The shipping industry is the last major transport sector to utilize high sulfur-containing fuels, which is why IMO has pushed the industry to work more closely with other transport sectors to reduce pollution.
Several variables surrounding this regulatory change are still unclear, including the expected level of compliance and enforcement.
However, it is expected that the implementation of IMO Resolution 2020 will lead to close
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