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Classification of tools used in CNC machining in hardware processing plants

by:QY Precision      2020-03-12
Most of the enterprises that need CNC machining, as well as manufacturers or purchases, choose a hardware processing factory with professional strength to cooperate. After all, good manufacturers are also very good at CNC machining. Because such manufacturers know CNC machining like the palm of their hand, they are also very clear in tool application. If a hardware processing factory wants to get a large number of orders and build its own CNC machining reputation, it must first understand the use of tools. Let's take a look at which tools are available! 1. Coating tungsten steel milling cutter coating tungsten steel milling cutter mainly cutting steel casting iron, etc. Relatively heat resistant. Anti-wear. The price is higher; 2. Bit bits are more common. Including standard twist drills. Mainly used to play conventional materials. Punching effect of conventional products. Group drilling can play a magical role for some special workpieces. Fixed-point drill center drill. Mainly used for point Center function; 3. Corner knives can generally be replaced by point drills. Mainly used for product Chamfering; 4. CNC ball head knife is mainly used to process Surface products. Of course, special uses can also be used; 5. The CNC boring knife is used to drill the fine hole. General scale adjustable. The holes mainly used for processing are relatively demanding. But compared to reamer. It will not play a role of comparison. Reamer. It mainly acts as reaming. Generally used for fine hole processing. It can play a role in correcting the verticality of the hole. Face milling cutter. Also known as Flying Knife. Milling large plane effect. It is also a common tool in the machining center; 6. The round nose knife usually plays a rough role. Can also face milling and so on. It is relatively widely used. Thread milling cutter. Can Mill thread. Thread programs can be programmed with programming software. Tap. Play the role of product tapping. It is divided into cutting taps. Spiral Tap. Squeeze tap; 7. The dovetail cutter is named after its shape similar to dovetail. Mainly used to open the dovetail trough. Carving tool. Mainly used for product carving. Hob. Used to process holes. Can make its finish to mirror level; 8. T-shaped knives are mainly used to mill T-shaped grooves. The above are just some of the tools compiled by Xiaobian. For more details, please consult Shenzhen fuchengxi technology, a professional CNC machining manufacturer!
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