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Cities should take back their parking spaces

by:QY Precision      2019-10-25
Every week, in theory, the news has a big idea and explores from various angles.
We\'re talking about cars this week. free cities. Need a primer? Catch up here.
Carlo Latty, a professor of urban technology practice at MIT, is there to guide the perceptible City Lab.
He manages Carlo erati design and serves as president of the Council for the future global agenda of the cities of the World Economic Forum.
Matthew Crowder, a researcher at MIT\'s perceptible City Lab, contributed to the article.
Parking is an important part of our driving experience.
Most of our driving time is spent looking for a free place where our cars are parked on average at 95 stages of their life cycle.
Parking infrastructure is so common that there are about three non-cars in the United States
Residential attractions-
It covers an area of 5,000 square miles, larger than Puerto Rico.
Today, however, the car
Shared systems such as Zipcar are reducing demand for parking lots.
It is estimated that each group car has more than 10 private cars removed from the street.
When the rider arrives at the destination, the vehicle can be used by another traveler instead of waiting and parked in many places. In Paris —
One of the early users of the carsharing —
It is estimated that more than 20,000 private cars have taken off the road.
Driven by the latest generation of platforms, this trend is accelerating around the world, which provides a seamless user experience in which cars can be placed anywhere and pass throughSelf-
Driving cars is expected to bring about the next disruptive innovation.
At first glance, the main advantage of self-driving cars seems to be the liberation of the driver\'s hand from the steering wheel (
Of course, let\'s shamelessly text while driving! ).
However, the real advantage of transformation is self-
Driving a vehicle can blur the difference between private and public transport.
\"Your\" car can give you a lift to work in the morning and then take the rest of your family --
Or, for anyone else in your community, social media community, or city.
Such cars will reduce parking demand for real estate as they may continue to drive. Self-
Driving technology is nearing maturity for the market.
It is already possible to buy a limited company.
Series of vehicles suitable for campus or enterprise environments. Mass-
Market car manufacturers have integrated some of their autonomous functions (
For example, assisted parking or automatic driving of Highways)
At the high end of their product line, cars should be fully autonomous in a few years.
In order to keep up with these developments, Singapore has set up an autonomous road transport committee (CARTS)
In 2014, continue to maintain the history of the frontier cities in traffic innovation. (
Note: Ratti is a member of the shopping cart committee. )Several real-
Half of the world\'s deployment
Plan to Control the fleet in this city.
Starting later this year, starting with the area of the Bay Garden, 250-
Acre park is the city\'s premier outdoor space.
The initial simulation shows that
In Singapore or other urban areas, there may be a significant decrease in demand for parking lots.
According to a number of preliminary studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology\'s perceptible city laboratory, it grew by 70%.
What are the consequences?
Over time, the vast amount of valuable urban land currently occupied by parking lots can be re-invented to achieve a new social function.
During the Parking Day, creative uses have been promoted around the world, a global event held on the third Friday of September, where artists, designers and citizens transform metering parking spaces into temporary public spaces.
Same dynamics
There may be larger uses tomorrow, and there are permanent solutions that result in a large part of the urban structure being recycled.
There can be green space, various public facilities or \"maker space\" facilities in the open space, providing working tools.
3D printer for CNC Machine
For design and manufacturing.
The potential use of the ubiquitous recycled parking lot is almost unlimited, and the cost can be paid by the community or private investors
Eventually offset the loss of income caused by traditional measurement.
After parking and parking we may also need to deal with unused garages.
The floor of the latter is tilted and looks single
Use of rigid structures
Infrastructure difficult to rebuildpurpose.
Today\'s designers, who are responsible for creating garages, should take the introduction of flexibility as a challenge and acknowledge the entire lifecycle and potential transition of these structures.
This will be a fundamental test of a new model of interaction between citizens and fewer cars
Cities facing the future. A city where —
Thanks to autonomous driving technology.
Tomorrow\'s recycled parking lot itself could become a destination.
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