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china stocks-factors to watch on wednesday

by:QY Precision      2019-09-04
* Move during the previous trading session: * SSEC 0.
1 pct, CSI300 0. 1 pct, HSI +0. 1 pct * Shanghai-
> Daily quota 7 for Hong Kong used. 4 pct* HK-
> Shenzhen pass Daily Limit 1. 6 pct in Shenzhen-
> Daily quota of Hong Kong used 9.
8 pct * yuan officially closed 6.
$64 * rich China A50 0.
0 pct, BNY Mellon ADR China selection index 0.
7 pctSHANGHAI, Sept 27 (Reuters)-
The following are recent corporate and policy announcements and other news that may affect China\'s financial markets.
Policy, government, industry news: * USS.
Asking China not to enforce the cyber security law, because China\'s Silk Road has driven demand from Chinese steel companies, global banks are paying more attention to renminbi issuance, and China plans to create a national gas pipeline company --
Source: China\'s fuel exports to North Korea have slowed again, but coal imports have resumed.
August, China by Hong Kong import of gold net decreased the 55 pct, China August ethanol export surge in the 8-
Fold y/y 17,045-
Customs * China imported coal from Russia in August, up 20 pct-
Custom company Mobile: focus on the decline in Chinese investment in map companies
Resistance of media
China Eastern Group, peace discussion
Ownership Reform * China Ant Financial Services introduced CK and Hutchison Whampoa as a payment partner in Hong Kong * Wanda Hotel said it will purchase hotel assets from its parent company for $112/performance January-
Anyang Steel is expected to be 9-3, Q3
Monthly net profit over equity change * Anhui Shengyun environment-
Protect the sale of shares of five companies and increase the holding of shareholders * China Communications Construction Plan-
Stock convertible bonds
The rising cycle of steel gold light 455.
9 mln share to end * Lock-
Jiangsu Changshu agricultural commercial bank 765 mln shares of toendIPOs * New Oriental new material IPO 8,998 rose cycle.
Online staging * Yuhuan CNC machine tool IPO 4,630 oversubscribed 52 times.
Online trancheM & A * TCL oversubscribed 6 times to acquire 10 pct shares in CSOT for 4.
03 bln yuan * Meidu Energy\'s unit plans to invest in lithium batteries, and the automation technology transaction is suspended/resumed, pending announcement * CSSC Offshore and offshore engineering shares trading suspended pending announcement * sale of assets of Minmetals capital plan, and 27 other initiatives will resume stock trading (spin-
Divestiture, trading)
* The total number of winning contracts of each unit of China Railway Group is 64.
3 bln yuan * COSCO Shipping won about 510 mln yuan * oft 2 bln yuan, new energy fund of Shaanxi J & R best energy plan (
By Liu Luo Yan)
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