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China's intelligent CNC precision mechanical parts processing, sales continue to rise

by:QY Precision      2020-02-15
Since 1954, the world's first intelligent CNC precision machining product-- Since the birth of the robot, the world's industrial developed countries have established a complete intelligent CNC precision parts processing industry system. In the field of CNC precision machining, China has been in a relatively backward state. Thanks to the reform and opening up, the development of automation and intelligence in China's CNC machining industry has accelerated, and the application of intelligent CNC precision parts processing has also brought about a sharp growth in the market. According to statistics of CNC machining experts, 290 thousand intelligent CNC machining robots were sold worldwide in 2016, which is still quite gratifying. The current intelligent CNC machining products are mainly used in the handling, welding, assembly and other processes in the fields of automobiles, electronics, metals, chemicals/plastics, etc, the consumption of robots for intelligent CNC precision machining in the Chinese market is 8. 890 thousand units, that is to say, three out of every ten intelligent CNC machining robots sold in the world are sold to the Chinese market. This shows how strong the demand for CNC precision machining in China is. In the foreseeable future, intelligent CNC machining as a basic generation factor has become a major trend in China's intellectual manufacturing. More and more CNC precision machinery processing plants are not difficult to understand. However, as China's intelligent CNC machining market is still dominated by foreign brands and the domestic CNC precision machining industry is relatively weak, it faces such a huge potential in the domestic intelligent CNC machining market, however, none of the domestic CNC precision machinery processing plants participated in the market and shared the dividends brought about by the continuous expansion of the market. At present, intelligent CNC machining and manufacturing in China and even in the world are firmly controlled in the 'four family hands' of Japan's fanaco, an Chuan, Germany's Kuka and Sweden's ABB, in 2016, the four enterprise in, China Intelligent CNC precision processing market share of proportion respectively up to 18%, 12%, 14%, 13. In 5%, many domestic CNC machining enterprises can only compete for the remaining 30% of the market share, and these competitions are also concentrated in the low-end CNC precision parts machining field, the share of domestic industrial robots in high-end fields is less than 5%.
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