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China CNC precision machining learning advantages of German manufacturing

by:QY Precision      2020-02-15
When China's CNC precision machinery processing factory began to appear, many young farmers became the first batch of employees. Similarly, Germany also started industrialization very late. When Britain and France completed the Industrial Revolution, Germany was still an agricultural country. But today, Germany has a population of only 80 million and has more than 2300 world famous brands. This is the gap that China's CNC precision machining industry should see. What is the reason for the world-renowned 'made in Germany '? The growth of China's CNC precision machining industry has gone through the 'Shanzhai stage', and so has Germany: Learning from Britain and France, stealing people's technology and copying people's products. In August 23, 1887, the British Parliament also passed a special amendment to the trademark law, requiring all German imports entering the British mainland and colonial markets to be marked 'Made in Germany '. 'Made in Germany' was actually a symbol with insulting color at that time. In the initial stage of CNC precision machining in Germany, scientific research in universities is completely out of touch with the field of CNC precision machining. Although the 'World Science Center' was in Germany at that time, the market conversion rate of CNC precision machining technology research was very low. This is also very similar to the situation in China. Our colleges and universities are very committed to CNC precision machining, but production, learning and research are seriously out of touch. The Americans are very smart. After they got their degree in Germany, they did not go to colleges and universities to do research work, but entered the market to run CNC precision machinery processing plants. In the early 1890s S, German scientists found that CNC precision machining products in the United States had the highest scientific and technological gold content, which clearly put forward the policy of 'combining theory with practice, and began to vigorously promote the development of CNC precision machining application science. A century later, China's precision CNC precision machining industry almost faced the same path as the German CNC precision machining industry, the policy of 'combining theory with practice' still has Enlightenment effect on our CNC precision machining industry.
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