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child found with wiring around neck sparks online soft toy warning

by:QY Precision      2019-09-24
A toddler found wires around a teddy bear\'s neck, triggering warnings about some toys purchased online.
Moray Council says her family bought two lights from Elgin.
Climb the teddy bear through desire. com site. The three-year-
The old girl sitting in her crib managed to open the zipper on the back of one of the toys, revealing the wires.
Trading standards officials said the toys were the worst unsafe toys they had ever encountered.
They called on other parents to be extra careful when buying toys online.
Except 1. 5-
The 2-meter LED line, trade standards officials discovered the multiple dangers of toys: Peter Adamson, trade standards manager at Moray Council, said: \"Protecting children from dangerous toys is one of our top priorities, which is shocking when we notice these teddy bears.
\"It looks like because these toys are purchased directly online, they avoid all the normal checks imported into the EU and the UK.
\"Fortunately, in this case, the child is not hurt, but we need to warn potential buyers when they buy toys for young children from suppliers who cut corners
\"There are no labels on the teddy bears that indicate where they are made.
There is no CE sign that they meet EU security standards.
Adamson added: \"Our officials are continuing their investigation in an attempt to determine where the toys came from.
\"Trade standards officials have contacted their counterparts in the United States --
United States Security Council
Waiting for a response.
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