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chesapeake bay coffee table

by:QY Precision      2019-09-16
I am from the Chesapeake Bay area and am a fan of the map, I made the to scale topographic map of Chesapeake Bay and made it into a coffee table.
With cad software, you can reduce or reduce the size and carve on almost anything.
You can also do another area.
Materials for Wood
I use 2x12 pine trees and it is better to use anything other than oak, walnut or pine trees.
Wood GlueBiscuitsBar ClampsRhino (
Or other drawing software)
The CNC machine and the stainsealer1 \"black pipe 1\" pipe flangesscrewstored glass, so I used the 2x12 pine tree I got from Lowe.
Now, if I do this again, I will go to the wood mill to pick oak, cherry or better wood.
But alas, it works and is easy to get, just not so beautiful.
Cut your wood into a certain size and sand it down.
Next, add the agent with the biscuits and biscuits, and of course, the wooden glue together with the biscuits.
The bar clipped it to the top and bottom for two hours until the glue was cured.
I used a glass table top on my desk, bought it first and cut my table top off to match.
I suggest doing so.
Otherwise, it will be more difficult to get a piece of glass that matches your custom desktop.
This is the hardest part.
I use satellite images and Coast Guard maps to map as accurately as possible.
Everything is online, especially Google Maps.
Depending on your thickness, decide how many layers you need.
My desk is 1/2 thick and has 5 different floors.
My Z scale is 1/3/16 Deep per cut, equivalent to 10\' in the Bay \'.
My X, Y scale ended up being 1 \": 22,000 \'I did a good job anywhere on the 80\' deep or deeper table, all the way through, you can see the floor below.
Depending on your CNC machine software, you may need to change the way the topographic map is drawn.
I used rhinos and torchbearers. Plug and play!
Send the cad file to the CNC software and make all the adjustments you need based on your desktop thickness, layer depth, and router.
Then watch it cut.
It\'s always smart to stay in the room and watch the whole cutting process in case the program fails or bits slide.
I was cut for seven hours.
When it\'s done, take it out and sprinkle sand in any rough place.
Choose the stain you like and apply a few coats.
Do the same with sealant.
You may want to make the paint inside like water or fill it with resin.
You can choose the legs of any style you want.
For my apartment, I like the style of pipes in black.
Easy access from Lao or Home Depot.
You can get a long tube and have the shop staff cut it to a certain length or even twist it into a thread.
Don\'t forget to match the four flanges.
Just screw the flange to the lower side of the desired leg and screw the pipe to the flange.
Put the glass back on it and enjoy your sweet new table now.
Invite some friends to come over and let them start picking the place where they live or where they are on vacation at your desk.
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