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chelsea must take radical steps to break coaching cycle as trophy machine runs out of steam

by:QY Precision      2019-08-26
\"Do we have Germans in charge?
Marina, can we check the file?
Isn\'t there a guy named Michael? Oh, Ballack. Right.
You said it was just a player?
By the way, how about your German . . . . . . No, that\'s not what they did at Chelsea.
We certainly don\'t want that anyway.
But according to Karl Marx, history will always repeat itself as a farce, so there must be some room for frivolous about the latest management of Stamford Bridge.
After all, there is no more ruthless repetition of football than Chelsea are always looking for a new coach.
Because there are four Italians, two Portuguese.
Two of them), a Dutchman (twice)
During Abu\'s ownership, a Spaniard, a Brazilian and an Israeli were responsible for the place. why not a German?
They were all angry just now.
If Antonio Conte leaves, the job of finding another boss will start again this summer, a season after he won the Premier League title in his first campaign.
This will be an opportunity for a new start;
Opportunities to change programs.
Chelsea are feeling a bit old and vague at the moment, though they have been champions for two of the last four seasons.
Conte\'s regime was quickly hit hard. out.
It\'s time for them to forget to appoint the next big name, and they go to some hungry, eager young tyro determined to leave his mark and change the status quo: someone who can be renamed
Set fire in this place.
Even people like the British, Eddie Howe of Bournemouth, even when Abu was 15
One year in office, the number of games supervised at home-
The coach who grew up is equivalent to two.
One is from Ray Wilkins, one is from Steve Holland, and both are guarded. boss.
If there is no result, Chelsea have never had a problem entering the next appointed team.
Those who take the job understand this from after work.
If so, a new chapter will unfold.
The club will find a new way forward.
They will take a big step towards changing familiar patterns and building more stable and longer-term goals
Hierarchy of terms in Dugout.
The fact is that the club is not as eager to be shot as some have said.
This place is not running crazy-
Home of popular faith
Abu and his right-
Handmade woman Marina Granovskaia, ruthless and demanding, yes.
But they are not stupid.
What seems to be more is that Conte is a restless person. So be it.
When rumors of his dismissal came out on Twitter this week, nothing was surprising and a large number of supporters were very happy.
After nine months of tension, Conte sent out a lot of complaints and complaints that he needed a very new start to stay at the club for 2018-19 season.
The usual suspect has been appointed as a potential replacement: Italian Juventus teammate Allegri of Conte;
Former Barcelona coach Luis Enrique
Diego Simine of Atletico Madrid
Since 2003, the appointment of the world\'s biggest players has won every trophy in the game, and Chelsea are the last England team to win the Champions League in 2012.
However, they may be absent from next season\'s game after only one season comes back.
This shows what was tried. and-
The trustworthy way of doing things finally has no motivation.
Next time, they should try something radical.
Yes, the Germans are now the highlight of the month, especially after Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp beat Guardiola\'s City this week.
Check out the list of the most promising coaches in Europe, including the 30-year-old former Dortmund coach Thomas Tucheryear-
Old Julian nagersmann of Hoffenheim and domenez Tedesco of Schalke 04 are ItalianBorn in Germany-raised.
David Wagner made Huddersfield into the Premier League. We won’t go on.
This is not a trendy Q & A game.
It can be said that they are the flagstaff of the entire generation of young people in the Bundesliga.
None of the British will get a job at Chelsea.
Lampard\'s name and figure are all right.
But there is no doubt that he is too smart to start any management career in such a huge role.
At the same time, it is said that Tucher is competing with Conte for the work of Paris Saint Germain.
This means that Parisians are willing to give an opportunity to someone who has experience but no experience.
If Chelsea do the same, whether they are German or not, they will be renewed.
Start their settings-up.
Ironically, some in Germany have warned about the rise of laptop managers --
But Chelsea need to get back together.
It\'s not enough to just try to turn things off and open them again.
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