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chef to sculptor: the self-taught precision of peter fogarty

by:QY Precision      2019-09-27
\"The best part is the tool,\" Fogarty said . \".
\"I like carving with chisels best. . .
Because I can feel the ice through tools.
Peter Fogarty has one of the most common questions about his ice sculptures
In addition to the feeling of exercising in the cold all the time --
\"How long does it take to make sculpture?
Fogarty usually gives the same response to each person asking.
\"It took me four hours to practice for 25 years,\" he said with a smile . \".
For Fogarty, reaching this point in his career is a tortuous path, and he is one of the ice sculptures in the western Canadian premiere.
His shop, works of fire and ice, is located in the office of a small mall on the north end of Saskatoon.
When Fogarty started his career in the 1970 s, he was not an ice sculpture.
Being a chef was his first love and first career, one of his early jobs was at the Sheraton Centre Hotel in Regina.
One of the other chefs in the hotel has some ice carving skills and will create work for special events.
Fogarty remembers being surprised when the chef was able to turn an ice into a sculpture of a beautiful swan.
That was when Fogarty began to build a hobby and take over his life --
Like his cooking skills, he learns by himself. “I’m self-taught.
\"Through my culinary career and everything I do, I have not had any formal education,\" he said . \".
On Friday, February 15, 2019, Peter Fogarty, the owner of fire and ice creation, was in his shop in Saskatoon.
Liam Richards/Saskatoon StarPhoenixBut Fogarty\'s decades of adjustment is not as incredible as it looks from the outside: There are many similarities between cooking and ice carving, Fogarty says, this helps him to open up his own market in Canada.
Both require passion, keen attention to detail, and an unwavering work ethic that keeps pace with others in the field.
As Fogarty said, he is still trying to achieve the best results in cooking and engraving.
\"They are very, very similar,\" he said.
\"In the early days of my career, I was very interested in the visual part . . . . . . The first thing you do is eat with your eyes.
\"Related ice sculptures add\" ribs \"to winter dragon Sask \".
The restaurant brought Maclean\'s top 50 back: Ice carvingKeith Cassidy admitted that he was a little skeptical when his good friend Fogarty came up with the idea of creating an Ice carving business in Saskatoon.
\"When he first mentioned\" really?
Do you think you can make a living on this? ’ ” he said.
\"But I can definitely see the potential.
Cassidy said he was not surprised to see Fogarty translate this potential into the great success he has experienced in the creation of fire and ice, noting that, fogarty is the \"hardest man\" he has ever worked \".
In early 1980, Cassidy met with fogti, who was working in the food service industry and was the executive chef of Saskatoon tourist hotel.
Cassidy said his first impression of Fogarty was positive, and Fogarty was one of the best mentors he could ask to meet.
Even in the early 80 s.
Nearly thirty years before Fogarty began his engraving business in 2008.
He has already set foot in ice sculptures.
On January, tourism hotel executive chef Peter fogti carved an ice sculpture Angel on the roof of the tourist hotel. 17, 1985. (
StarPhoenix collection S-Zoomlion City ArchivesSP-A23021-2)
Saskatoon Fogarty started his ice sculpture without a professionalcalibre tools.
The first time he tried to create his own ice for carving was done by freezing water at the bottom of the trash can --
After forgetting the key fact that the water was inflated when it was frozen, he had to cut it off.
\"I started to understand ice at the time because we couldn\'t get the ice out of the trash can,\" he said with a smile . \".
\"I will get some ice . . . . . . I will engrave with some homemade tools.
\"Despite the high demand for full loans
As a full-time chef, Fogarty still has time to expand his knowledge of ice sculptures to compete in Alberta and BC to learn new technologies.
In the end, he began to feel that he was both a cook and an ice sculptor.
He decided to turn his sculpture hobby into his profession.
Cassidy says once Fogarty decides to switch tracks as a more complete ice sculpture
He realized that he was going to play a largely untapped market in the province.
Now, Fogarty and his \"team\"
At present, it is mainly composed of him and his apprentice Jeffrey Ben.
Fill in the requests presented at events throughout Western Canada.
His fascination with the media has always been strong.
\"Water is amazing,\" Fogarty said . \"
\"It keeps moving, moving, changing . . . . . . That\'s why I\'m attracted.
\"Fogarty will never succeed,\" Cassidy said.
This is one of the reasons why he was so successful.
A personality that pushes everyone, including himself, to be the best person without seeking any honor.
\"He is the most professional --
But at the same time, he is a very humble person, \"Cassidy said.
\"He is the most professional, the best teacher and the best mentor . . . . . .
\"On Friday, February 15, 2019, Peter fogti, owner of fire and ice creation, showed some of the process of carving ice at his shop in Saskatoon.
From the front, Fogarty\'s shop looks like another office, tucked in a street full of offices, decorated with years of framed cooking certificates on one wall.
But there are no tables and compartments in the back, but very square.
Edge tub full of water and a huge walk-
The fridge was filled with his standard 300.
Pound ice and sculpture at different stages of completion.
Next to the tub, Fogarty likes to let people stick a steel bar to the bottom of the tub.
About half the time, there was a dull voice --
The lower half of the tub has frozen but is very clear and not visible.
On Friday, February 15, 2019, Peter Fogarty, the owner of fire and ice creation, showed some of the process of making ice at his store in Saskatoon.
Liam Richards/Saskatoon starphoenix has something special that you can\'t handle ice with other forms of art --
Even making the ice so clear, Fogarty says, has become an art form in itself.
\"The best part is the tool.
I like carving with chisels best, hand tools --
Because I can feel the ice through tools.
Fogarty said that working with ice was very \"technical\" and the process he used went through trial and error.
But he is not the kind of person who carefully protects what he knows.
Jeffrey bent, Fogarty\'s current apprentice, said: \"among everyone I \'ve worked . . . . . . Peter is the most patient and caring person . \".
\"Everything has to do with my development and my efforts to achieve better.
\"When Fogarty broke his leg in 2010 and needed someone to help with the physical labor of the business, Book started working for him.
After Fogarty\'s leg was healed, the book Lost a different job and Fogarty asked him to start working againtime basis.
Now, Book has the opportunity to make its own carvings at events like Saskatoon\'s Wintershines, and even be sent to learn new techniques such as engraving and engraving with CNC machines.
Creation of fire and ice by Peter fogart (left)
In January, his assistant, Jeffrey Ben, worked on Saskatoon\'s winter ice sculpture. 26, 2019.
Matt Olson/Saskatoon StarPhoenix/Saskatoon \"every good working habit I have now is due to the fact that he took the time to show me the right way to do something --
Even if it has nothing to do with ice sculptures, \"says Book.
There are a lot of projects that Fogarty is proud of, from La Bodega ice bar in Regina to the huge ice Garden and Castle in Lake Louise, which took hundreds of blocks of ice to make.
For him, the process is not getting old yet: he still says that using his tools is the best part of the job, and coming up with new projects keeps him thinking, learning, and being creative in cooking.
He didn\'t give up his cooking skills-
Now, it just needs a little ice sculpture in the back seat.
A few decades ago, after seeing the first Ice Cube turn into a swan at the Regina Hotel, ice sculptures were still exciting.
He said: \"I work very hard, but this is a little more . . . . . . Don\'t relax, maybe . . . . . . This is unique . \".
\"This is part of you.
\"Maolson @ postmedia.
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