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by:QY Precision      2019-09-19
Thank you for opening that instruction and giving me a lot of help! !
Now, enyoy my Instructure.
This is my first explanation.
I show you the update on my cnc machine as the quality is still good and the price is about 200 euros.
Don\'t hate this note if you don\'t like it, I\'m just an 18 year old student from belguim who shares his thoughts and creations with others.
Because I think working together and sharing ideas will make better projects.
This is what this machine looks like now.
I post new photos every time I push the building forward. I know my video is not the best.
I am trying to show you how everything works, so it would be nice if you at least see the peace of mind of all of them to support my project.
The most important part of CNC machine tools is the controller.
If you don\'t understand how the stepping motor works, it\'s very difficult to get everything to work.
Basically, the stepping motor is the motor that takes steps (
Mine is 1, 8 ° per step)
Don\'t turn around when you apply voltage.
This gives verry precise control.
I made the step drive with 3 easydrivers. 1 arduino .
There are also some shiny stepping motors.
It\'s all from sparkfun. ATTENTION! !
In the first video, I have an arduino leonardo.
Not this.
You have to get an uno.
This will have a significant impact in the next step.
After connecting easydriver and arduino, you will need to install the program grbl.
On arduino
This makes it possible to understand the g code and move the motor.
Straight motion!
Another important part of your machine is movement.
This requires both fluency and accuracy.
You can\'t just use the wheel because it\'s not accurate, but you can\'t use heavy mail because it\'s not going well.
So you have to find something between the two.
I used some plain drawer slides with ball bearings from the local hardware store.
On the positive side of this :-strong-accurate-Smooth negative :-
Come out of the machine when moving.
As you can see, this is almost everything we need.
The only negative side is that the iron bars will come out of the back of my machine to get full motion.
If this is your first machine, I suggest you use it.
Another important part of your machine is the spindle.
The cheapest diy cnc machine uses dremel or multiple other tools for this purpose.
My dremel can go from 10000 to 33000 which is good.
Of course, a real factory will do better, but the cost will be higher.
To install dremmel, I just bolted two 18mm woorden planks together.
It is about 8 cm by 8 cm in size.
After that, I made a bigg hole in it, and dremmel was just right for trought, but I was stuck.
Finally, I made a hole in the bolt to make sure that dremmel was in place.
Make sure to do this as directly as possible to make your machine as accurate as possible.
On botthom, I made a hole in my M8 Rod and fixed the bolts in place with some hot glue. Z-
Now that the shipping of X and Y is complete, I will show you how I made Zaxis.
1: I took a 8 cm by 20 cm board and installed a vertical 8 cm by 10 cm board on it.
My small drawer is also installed on it.
As you can see, I made some holes on the back panel so the slides can be installed.
2: I installed my dremel bracket on the second board on the other side of the drawer slide.
3: next I have to connect the motor and M8 rod to Z-AXIS.
It is free to move now, but it is very powerful.
It has about 20 cm trips.
The machine is finished now.
Testing is currently under way.
In addition to configuring grbl propperly, some adjustments need to be made.
Here are some pictures of the final machine.
Read tnx in this manual.
Please feel free to ask if you have any meteoroids.
Plz go to the link below and subscribe to my youtube channel.
It only takes a few seconds and it helps me a lot.
Enjoy the pictures. www. youtube.
Com/Subscription Center? add_user=there. . .
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