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chairman of the board: mount maunganui surfer and shaper andy jordan

by:QY Precision      2019-10-17
He\'s a man with salt water in his soul.
Carly Gibbs caught up with local legends
Andy Jordan.
It\'s eleven o\'clock A. M. and on a sultry morning, Mount monangani is expected to get hotter.
In a room no bigger than a van, a man in a surf T-shirt
Shirts and coconuts
His little frame had patterned board shorts and polished the surfboard smoothly.
Before jandal, the sound of my knocking on the door needed to be bigger than the radio
In Andy Jordan, half face.
Covered by a dust mask, his head popped up on the door frame.
For Jordan, the flat spell means repairing the surfboard for the local market and shaping his elaborate surfboard.
While you\'ll find hundreds of his designs in local waters, he\'s also exported to Japan, Australia and the United States.
During his long career, he made 7200 planks.
More than 5000 of them are handmade.
Shape, a few days before the machine takes over.
But as soon as the waves came up, he closed the shop and went to the beach.
Among the hundreds of local surfers, Jordan is more entrenched than most, a small subculture that seems to live at sea as much time as they do on land.
As we all know, he has been surfing for eight hours in a row, diving three times a day, while during the typhoon season, he spends two months a year surfing the southern coast of Japan, as well as occasionally traveling to Indonesia. He co-
Have a car in Japan with friends, can talk to enough Japanese, can boat out, say hello and ask about the weather.
By October 1, however, he was always at home preparing for the summer peak.
Where magic happens-
A little terracotta warriors
Color Factory deep in mountain industrial zone-
As modest as the little surfers who live here. At just 1.
60 m, as long as people remember, Jordan was nicknamed \"Grommo\" for \"vertical challenge \".
\"Buttonholes\" are usually young surfers.
\"They tend to be very excited and we can use the word\" bubble \"in the water,\" says Greg Scott . \" Friends and surfers.
\"They\'re all talking in a squeaky voice, and he\'s really the epitome of that.
He is still a bit of a moaning person, but it becomes \"moaning\" and he is known for his name.
Scott said Jordan had linked his life to surfing and dominated the waves.
\"I don\'t know when he will stop, but at his age he is still very capable,\" Scott explained . \".
\"He is now at a stage where he will catch every year because he knows that surfing time is limited, just like life.
Scott believes that the 56-year-old Jordan was shy and was not a \"big talker\" in his early days, but doing business left him out of his shell.
He likes waves without crowds.
While some shapers tend to do some extreme ideas, Jordan keeps his board simple and effective.
\"Not too far --
Basic design.
\"Jordan, the youngest of the five children, was born in Tauranga and has been interested in surfers since childhood, and he can see surfers from the back seat window while driving on Sunday. As a 12-year-
Old, he taught himself how to surf the mountain.
As a junior at otumotai college, he will take a ride to the beach with his senior.
He left school at the age of 16 and became bland and moved to Australia at the age of 17, where he was part of the Bob Hawk surf team and has been there for three years.
He then returned home and flew back to Australia to find a job at the surfboard factory in Torquay, Victoria, home to Bell Beach.
When he returned to New Zealand, he learned how to shape the boards from Jim Carney on the mountain.
At the end of 1980, he and his friend Richard Peak)
He works in Jordan now and is a great contractor)
He bought Carney\'s factory from him and renamed it Jordan and peak.
They walked their own way in the 1990 s, Jordan as a sander, fin-
Before working at a surfboard factory in China, foiler and shaper drove their mounts.
Factory ten years ago.
He got married and divorced, with four daughters and four grandchildren. His concrete-floored, four-
The guest room factory is decorated with posters of female surfers and wooden montage with creative colors.
He said with a smile, \"I have not redecorated, no . \" He added that he was happy to leave the TV and spotlight to the surf shop.
A normal table with chestnut diaries and dustcovered phone.
Along the walls, rows of \"Jordan\" and \"AJ\" surfboards, priced at $800, drew attention.
The shaped bay wall was filled with information about his daughter\'s love.
He quickly became obsessed with a sport that tried to kill him twice.
After a long wait, he came to Mexico and whakatne\'s \"look at the stars \"--downs.
\"You\'re up, but there\'s one more (wave)
You go straight back.
\"Three consecutive waves like this are quite laborious,\" he said casually . \".
On the first day of the expansion of the typhoon in Japan, he broke a rib, but returned to the ship the next day because of painkillers.
He let the killer whale swim under his board and stare at him less than a metre away.
He saw the shark jump out of the water and he was not worried at all.
Once competitive, he now sponsors surfers, including Raiha Ensor at manugani mountain, but he will continue surfing as long as he is lucky and capable.
\"Until the body gives up,\" he said with a smile . \".
\"I read an article in which this guy from Florida is still in the finals and he\'s in his 80 s . . . . . . But it does get harder and harder.
\"This is one of the reasons why he likes to surf in a warm climate.
It is more friendly on aging joints and he likes to throw diving suits on shorts.
\"When you go to warm water, you feel 10 years younger,\" he said . \"
Although he is old, he still has the childish enthusiasm of surfing enthusiasts.
The day we called, he hit the water at 6.
At 30 in the morning, the expansion of the East was fully utilized.
Derek Winter, who once owned the island-style surf shop Maunganui Mountain, sponsored Jordan on Rod Dalberg\'s board when he was a teenager.
Jordan is \"the kindest person in the heart,\" he said \".
\"People will not be more real than him,\" Winter said . \".
\"He is as honest as he is during the day.
The blue eyes are really deep. \" The 66-year-
Old Winter explained that in the days leading up to the mechanical manufacture, the wood was shaped like a real craftsman.
\"He grabbed his teeth and shook it until he finished more than 6000 times.
It takes two to three hours to make a surfboard.
When you do it (that many)
It\'s a lifetime.
\"He is an apprentice in a field that is difficult to do well because it is very public,\" he said . \".
\"There\'s a lot to buy here, but Andy stays close to the bones, makes a good surfboard and goes out and tries it himself.
This shows the problem.
\"That\'s the difference between thousands of people making surfboards, who pump surfboards to all the countries in the world, including Mount manugani in New Zealand.
They\'re just pop music.
By contrast, out.
They have no heart.
No experience in local waves and riding it.
Now, he thinks, people call their children by Andy Jordan\'s name.
\"There are a few Jordan now.
For his friends, the \"hindrance\" is that he has never oversold himself.
He is \"addicted\" to surfing and becomes a shapemaker who loves the sport rather than money.
Jordan lives in a \"minimalist\" two-bedroom room at 1980 Arataki Beach
With his Japanese surfers.
His wife, Keiko, and his beloved vegetable garden.
He and Keiko were catching the plane when he did not surf on a jet on Matakana Island.
He could put five boards into his bag, and Huizi could put four, although he said nervously, \"she usually has one, maybe two, and I have the rest.
\"Once on a foreign land, he was like a magnet with the nearest beach:\" Hell, I can tell you that I have been to many countries, but I have no sightseeing, he said.
To be a good shapemaker, you have to be a surfer.
\"You feel it from a surfboard,\" he explained . \".
\"Most of my designs are made by myself.
I ride it, I will give it to one of them if I like it (our local)
The drivers of the team, because they are much better than them, if they say, \"Yes, it feels good,\" we can start working in that direction.
\"He built wooden boards for famous surfers and plastic masters including Daniel Carlyle.
My spy told me he might be the best tube.
The rider at Matakana Island, but politely rejected the title, said the young surfer had overtaken him: \"No longer \".
He\'s New Zealanders already.
Surf champion in his 30 s and became a New Zealand surfing team in 2000.
He is a local legend for mountain surfers, but Jordan thinks he has nothing special.
He will still see a \"little gromi\" on one of his boards \".
Although he has been crafting wooden boards from scratch for most of the past eight years, the design has been completed on his laptop.
Starting with the profile/plane and shape, rocker/foil and track, there are three or four key stages.
The boards were all cut out on the machine, and then it took him about 45 minutes to finish it by hand, where precision was the key.
\"The best way to describe a surfboard is a scientific and effective 3D sculpture,\" he said . \".
\"It has to have foil, it has to have shapes, curves and notches in the right position to look good.
\"He has 15 surfboards of his own --
Some of them are old favorites he can\'t give up.
Only when asked about surfing is the quiet, humble Jordan really active. Like his on-
The image of water, he quickly became eloquent, fluent, and did not hesitate.
\"I think it\'s really clean.
Really soothing.
I love sports, I love the thrill of the waves, and the speed and power you get.
Then, if there is a pumping wave, your partner will get a good wave as well, that\'s great.
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