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catch up tv: the mill, sir chris hoy: how to win gold and california stars

by:QY Precision      2019-08-26
Given his achievements
Six Olympic gold medals, his photo in the bicycle hall named after his name --
It is likely that many people are thinking about what makes Chris Hoy such a great athlete.
Sir Chris Hoy: how to win the gold medal (BBC iPlayer)
Even though his innate humility damaged his diagnosis, he tried to answer the question.
Maybe modesty is the wrong world, because the success of the Hoy level seems to require a firm self
Faith and positive.
This is good, but these qualities can be seen as signs of illusion, not of champion.
Hoy\'s opening-
We all started with the chance to win the gold medal.
It seems unlikely, but it is also a way to acknowledge the efforts made over the years to develop the winners.
With variables, the card must drop in the correct order.
Hoy\'s parents, while denying that they were \"aggressive\", have always expressed support.
He was allowed to find sports that fit his body.
The pursuit of perfection, however, seems to be the most unusual feature.
Hoy did have a good example at the beginning.
Feitian Scot Graeme Obree made his bike with washing machine parts and won the World Championship.
Obree\'s dedication is extreme and he seems to accept it now --
Or at least-mental illness.
Aubrie agreed with Hoy that preparation was crucial, saying \"The championship was held on Tuesday afternoon \".
He also said that he was afraid of regret.
But the show is not about the two poles, so his suggestion of the pain that inspired him is covered up.
For Hoy, the lost game is an opportunity to learn.
Here we enter the world of inspirational psychiatrist Dr. Steve Peters, who maximize Hoy\'s by teaching Hoy how to keep his inner chimpanzee in a cage
Indeed, when looking at Hoy\'s physique, the chimpanzee in his heart did not immediately think of it: he was more like the cartoon character Taz, Tasman devil, he was inspired by Errol Flynn on the best Apollo adventure in Hollywood. In The Mill (4oD)
A lot of trouble.
Before the emergence of flat-screen television and obesity as a lifestyle option, the UK\'s working class has reached a dramatic level of 1838.
There was not much light at the time, at least not in Cheshire, so most of the action took place in completely dark places.
A familiar picture emerges from the darkness.
At a public meeting, a radical guy stood up and said: \"The British workers did not lead to a recession.
The banking crisis in the United States triggered the crisis.
Why did he suffer?
It seems that the skilled craftsmen have been abandoned.
Food riots took place in the south, in order for yeolde nuggets to sit on the table, and entrants violated the labor law.
An immigrant named swarsy John Howlett, who defended his principled position in favor of exploiting his own children, therefore: \"I will not allow some quill-pens --
The driver told me when my child would be suitable for work.
\"They always ruin fun, feathers --drivers.
At the same time, among Rich Hall\'s California stars (BBC iPlayer)
The Saturn comedian, with steson and an imperceptible Goat Beard, tells a rather unreliable history of the California dream.
Hall said while writing
Like a gonzo cowboy flooded with green inkbut it works.
Take his description of rust as an example.
Colorful Landmarks in San Francisco.
\"If you take all the women from Newcastle and let them stand --by-
In addition, the Golden Gate Bridge will be the second most spectacular bridge on Earth.
\"Series of boxes after four consecutive episodes,\" jigsaw puzzle of noble women \"(BBC iPlayer)
Come together.
The unspeakable act of providing information for early action has been explained, and Stephen REIA\'s oppressed spy Hugh will step forward.
Although occasionally indulge, but do very elegant.
But the opening foresight was a bit frustrating, with REIA sitting at the table sullen, meditating on a bunch of grapes, when a dinner party about the Middle East was raging around the lemon pie.
At the same time, in Veep (Sky On Demand)
Selina was forced to issue a statement about abortion, which proved to be physically tricky.
\"I can\'t think of myself as a woman,\" she concluded . \". “Men hate that.
I think the most annoying thing about women is women.
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