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Apprentice preparation class sponsored by Los Angeles United School District.
Services: * trainees are trained to meet apprenticeship entry requirements in various industries including measurement, sheet metal, plumbing/steam fittings, paint/drywall, electrical, sprinkler fittings, carpentry, refrigeration/air conditioning.
* Information on the various Union selection processes.
* Guidance and review of math and reading.
* Focus on minority groups and women, but open to all eligible applicants.
Qualifications: * 18 years old or above * high-
Certificate of school graduate or GED (desirable)
* Valid California driver\'s license * able to provide your own traffic registration: The project has an open registration function and runs within one year-
Form a new course every 10 weeks.
Fee: $5 registration fee hours: 8 a Courses availablem. -1 p. m. or 1-6 p. m. Mon. -Fri.
Address: * Africa-
United Center, 944 W. 53rd St.
Los Angeles, CA 90037 ,(213)789-
5656 * East Los Angeles Skills Center, 3921 Selig Place, Los Angeles, CA 90031 ,(213)227-
0018 * Maxine Waters employment readiness center, 10925 S. Central Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90059 ,(213)564-
1431 Advisory Services: vocational and educational counselling;
Not a placement service: donate $5 per visit (
Unemployed people can give up);
$20 for Strong Interest Inventory testing (
Consultation included)Hours: 10 a. m. -5 p. m. Mon. and Wed.
Address: 14, 2019 Street, Santa Monica YWCA
Santa phone :(310)452-
3833 Brady jobnetservers are mainly low
The eastern side of Los Angeles has income for individuals and families, but everyone is welcome.
Service: * Three-
Day employment preparation workshop in English and Spanish
Search Guide * resume help * interview practice * placement and tracking
Ups * referral to employers * work club fees: free to participants and employers;
Cost of workshop materials: 8: 30. m. -5 p. m. Mon. -Thur. Address: 717 S. Brady Ave.
Los Angeles telephone :(213)722-
4495 the profit organization of the Braille Institute provides various services for legal blind people.
More than 200 independent life skills courses are offered.
Career Service: * study center for active job seekers.
Offers courses covering resume writing, interview skills and adaptive equipment * career development * job search and placement * On-
On-site work analysis before and after placement * adaptive equipment subsidy program * Annual Workshop on employee costs: free legal blind customer: 8: 30m. to 5 p. m. Mon. -Fri. Address: 741 N. Vermont Ave.
Los Angeles telephone :(213)663-
1111 Rancho San Diego College-training program for entrepreneurs of enterprise ownership service system providedoff or soon-to-be laid-off workers. The 10-
Zhou plans to provide technical assistance, business ownership training, marketing guidance and assistance in the creation of business plans.
Qualifications: * candidates must be arranged-
Work * graduated from high school, reading skills in 8-
* Ideas for small business costs: free time: 8 hoursm. -5 p. m. Mon. -Fri. Telephone: (714)564-
5207 appointment and reservation.
The California Business Incubation Association advocates the development of new businesses in California.
Start-up incubator provides start-up small business during start-up-
Provide affordable space, shared support services, and business development services such as financing, marketing and management.
Services provided by CBIN: * Information Exchange Center * technical assistance in development and operation * seminars, conferences and seminars * speaker bureaucracy: free package of information;
Membership fee: $100, $250 for non-profit and $500 for gratateaddress: 350 S. Grand Ave.
Tel: Sheila, Washington (619)237-0559; (800)427-4710 (California only)Facility-
Incubator in Southern California: * Border Environmental business cluster, Marina Parkway 477, Building 52, Chula Vista (619)498-
4960 Market Street 3350 * Business Innovation Center, San Diego, (619)685-
2949 * Industrial and Commercial Service Center, 901 E. Santa Ana Blvd. , Santa Ana, (714)564-
5202 * CalStart, 3601 Empire Avenue. , Burbank, (818)565-
5600 * CHARO Enterprise Innovation Center, 3951 E. Medford St. Los Angeles ,(213)269-
Annenberg incubator project, 0751 * EC square, 746 W. Adams Blvd. Los Angeles ,(213)743-
2344 * business incubator for Inland Empire, 155
B & Suites San Bernardino Memorial Drive909)382-
Lancaster economic development company 0065 *, 104 E. Avenue K-
4, suite, Lancaster ,(805)945-
2741 * Linwood College of Entrepreneur Development, Linwood, 2555 Industrial Road, C & D suites, Linwood ,(310)632-
8197 * Pasadena Enterprise Center, 1015 NLake Ave.
Suite 100, Pasadena ,(818)398-9974* RBTIC (
Business technology incubation center), 139 N. Balsam St. , Ridgecrest, (619)384-
1118*1313 Avenue San Diego City College San Diego technology incubator. , San Diego, (619)230-
2081 * Thousand Oaks environmental business cluster, 241 Lombard Street.
Thousand Oaks ,()805)446-6410* Vermont-
Slauson business center, 6109Western Ave. Los Angeles ,(213)694-
0026 The young men and women of the California Conservation team will work on various environmental and community projects for one year and respond to emergencies such as forest fires, floods and earthquakes.
Learn work skills and accumulate work experience.
Residential and Non-residential locations are available.
Qualifications: between the ages of 18 and 23, a California resident, male and female without probation or parole :(800)952-
5627 California Veterans Affairs Services Committee: * Employment Assistance * work list * Computer Matching of applicant qualifications with employer needs * Education Resource Pool * Women\'s Shelter (
Veterans and non-veterans
In line with the conditions of veterans
Qualifications: must be the cost of veterans: free time: 9 hoursm. -4 p. m. Mon. -Fri. ;
Appointment for consultation only, 9. m. -1 p. m. Address 8652Vermont Ave.
Los Angeles telephone :(213)750-
9967 California Professional Advisory Services Registry: referral fees to career advisors: free referral;
Variable fee for consultation address: 2555 E. Chapman Ave.
201 suites Fullertonphone :(714)284-
8857 small business consulting and training California Small Business Development Center
Business owners and future entrepreneurs. Services:* In-depth one-on-
1 Consultation * business planning and management assistance * marketing and technical assistance * business education and training * assistance in expanding international markets * economic and business data * access to federal, state and local project costs: free Consultation (
And confidential)
, But an appointment is required in Southern California: * SBDC, eastern Los Angeles, Pomona (909)629-
2247 * SBDC, exit Los Angeles, Southern California ,(213)892-
1111 * export SBDC El Monte/South El Monte Outreach Centre, El Monte ,(818)459-
4111 * Big San Diego Chamber of Commerce SBDC, La Jolla ,(619)453-
9388 * Inland Empire on the River SBDC ,(909)781-
2345 * SBDC, North County, Los Angeles, Van Nuys ,(818)373-
SBDC, Santa Ana Orange County, 7092 *(714)647-
1172 * Center for Small Business Development and International Trade, Southwest College, Chula Vista ,(619)482-
6391 * South West SBDC, Los Angeles (Torrance (310)787-
6466 * SBDC, Santa Monica West District ,(310)398-
8883 * acceleration technology SBDC, Irving ,(714)509-
2990 provide career referral services for people aged 50 and over.
Serving only Los Angeles County, connections have been established with 50 other institutions across the country.
Service: * information on job training * job list for employers and job seekers * job assistant job club: * BURBANK: 2100 Magnolia Avenue.
* Los Angeles: 3700 Wilshire Avenue.
Suite 200 at 10m. Fridays.
Make a call before your visit
Fee: Free for eligible applicants and employeesm. -3 p. m. Mon. -Fri.
Los Angeles County only :(800)833-
6267 outside Los Angeles County *:(213)427-
Career planning 6600
Based on organization.
Service: * Job Resource Center with reference to library and job list * skills assessment, consultation, resume review and teaching for position
Search skills by appointment * resignation services for employers, including
Live workshop *-the-
Vocational training for eligible applicants fees funded by the federal Vocational Training Partnership Act: free use of the vocational resource center, library and career list;
Cost of skills assessment, career counseling and CV criticism: 8m. -5 p. m. Mon. -Thur. ; 8 a. m. -2:30 p. m. Fri. Address 1623
Ha hsianda Avenue.
Los Angeles telephone :(310)273-
Jtpa-6633 of AppointmentChicana Service Center
Funded employment training and placement services for low-income peopleincome people.
Men and women of all nationalities can apply.
Service: * post training and placement * Post-
Link plan for training for electricians, plumbers, steam fitters, sheet metal or carpet workers. The 10-
Weekly plan-the-
Pay $4 for job training.
Starting from the third week of the show, £ 25 per hour.
* GED course * transportation requirements: * the applicant needs the following documents: I. D.
Or driver\'s license;
Social Security, birth certificate, residence certificate or work permit;
Proof of income (
From public aid or employer);
Address Verification;
Registration of Selective Services (
Only men aged 18 to 28 are required)
* High school diploma or GED is required for the work link program. * Must meet low
Income requirements based on family size: Free to eligible applicants: 8m. -5 p. m. Mon. -Fri. Address: 134 E. First St.
Los Angeles telephone :(213)253-
5959 list of current job vacancies in Los Angeles city (
Police and firefighters are not included)
, Updated once a week.
A \"challenging career\" brochure may be provided upon request. Hours: 7 a. m. -5 p. m. Mon. -Fri. Address: 700 E. Temple St.
Los AngelesTelephone, Room 100 :(213)847-
9240 employment hotline :(213)847-9424. Call for 24-
Lists the hourly record messages for the current opening.
The Los Angeles city personnel department, the city personnel department police and fire selection division are responsible for recruiting police and firefighters.
Weekly testing of police officer positions: * 7 p Wilshire police stationm.
North Hollywood police station Tuesdaym.
Wednesday * personnel Building, 7 pm.
Thursday * recruitment training center, 8a. m.
Saturday residents who are interested in becoming firefighters should call (213)847-
Apply for a fireman\'s notice card.
Fee: Free hours: 7 hoursm. -5 p. m. Mon. -Fri. (
Telephone and walkingin)Address: 700 E. Temple St.
Los Angeles Tel: Room 150 police :(213)847-LAPD; Fire: (213)847-
Integrated Employment Assistance Centre (CJACs)A one-
Stop Career Center sponsored by the city of Los Angeles Private Industry Council.
Assist the workers (
Factory closures, layoffs and long termLong-term unemployment)
Job Search, training and employment are provided.
Services: * consultation and assessment on resume writing, interview skills, networking and economic survival * workshops * support services such as stress and financial management, transportation and children if qualified --
Nursing assistance * remedial skills training * retraining opportunities such as classroom, on-the-
Work and custom training * work Resource Center including work list, telephone, fax, photocopier, computer and laser printer * work link computer network matching job opportunities for employers and job seekers: * Crenshaw/South-Central China 3500Figueroa St.
Los Angeles, (Suite 201)213)743-
3950 * East Los Angeles/Central City, 3951 E. Medford St. Los Angeles ,(213)268-1100* Mid-
Wilshire/West Los Angeles, Los Angeles, 1541 Wilshire Avenue, Suite 407, Los Angeles ,(213)353-
1677 * North West San Fernando Valley, 14515 Hamlin Street. , Van Nuys, (818)781-
2522 * valley of San Fernando northeast, 2600 W. Victory Blvd. , Burbank, (818)972-
Cost of 2695: free for qualified peoplem. -5 p. m. Mon. -Fri.
The East Los Angeles Skills Center offers academic, professional, business and industrial courses and the GED program.
The course is certified by Western Assn.
Schools and colleges.
Services: * various courses are offered, includes, but is not limited to, computer software applications, medical secretaries, electronic testing, cable TV installation, construction inspection, bookkeeping, telephone maintenance and banking career * Ability Assessment testing * job posting * resume writing and interview skills Course * ESL course * job development consultancy matching skills and job openings applicants at siteCost: $10-
$55 depending on course or Service hours: Course and office hours, 8 hoursm. -8 p. m.
Address: 3921 Selig Square, East Los Angeles213)227-
0018 National Agency of the Ministry of Employment Development, which provides various services to job seekers and employers.
Services: * job matching, statewide computer network matching applicants and positions * jobs-
Search training seminars * Experience Unlimited career clubs for professional, managerial and skilled workers seeking jobs * recommended to training or educational facilities and social services * unemployment and disability insurance: free phone calls: looking for the nearest EDD work services office, in \"California\" the following government list section at the beginning of the white page of the telephone directory.
Employment Service Centers help adults who work for a long time
Long-term unemployment (
More than 14 weeks), laid-
Being economically disadvantaged or receiving public assistance to find a job.
Service: * ability, basic skills and interests-
Inventory testing * professional classroom training recommendation * job development * job preparation work cost: free recommendation to qualified applicants: * East Los Angeles customer service center, 215 WPomona Blvd.
300 suites, Monterey Park ,(213)887-7122* South-
Central customer service center, 2930 W.
515 suites Inglewood Imperial Highway (213)779-2199Hours: 8 a. m. -4:30 p. m. Mon. -Fri.
Employment Training the PanelA state agency helps California businesses get the skilled workers they need to stay competitive, productive and profitable.
The ETP only contracts with employers, training institutions and the private industry Commission.
ETP does not provide training but funds for projects in the following areas: * Total quality management * Statistical process control * office automation * Production Technology * Computer-
Computer-aided design
Assist manufacturing * enterprise training to reimburse the employer for training expenses in consultation before training. Hours: 8 a. m. -5 p. m. Mon. -Fri.
Address: Charles lunderberg, employment training group, J. St, 1100
95814, 4 th Floor, Sacramento, California :(916)327-
5261 employ the network a Institutional Alliance to assist job seekers with various disabilities and special needs.
The network maintains a computerized job listing bulletin board for qualified applicants;
Employers are requested to use the bulletin board to fill vacant positions.
Service to employer: * match Pre
Screening applicants with job openings * tax credit information available to employers, hiring people with special needs * help costs in achieving the goal of affirmative action: Toll Free :(310)258-4025; (800)244-
1 job40 PlusA non-profit organization
Employment services for persons over 40 years of age with professional, technical or administrative experience.
Services: * guidance on computer skills, CV preparation, interview and web technology * job list * Research Library * free seminar * bi-weekly meeting fee: entrance fee, monthly dues and fees for computer time and telephone service time: 8m. -5 p. m. Mon. -Fri.
Address: 3450 Wilshire Avenue
Suite 510, Los AngelesTelephone :(213)388-
2301 people in the goodwill industry of the Southern California charity to help with employment barriers (
Social disadvantage)
Tap career potential.
Clients may also include those with limited work skills, little or no work history, no permanent residence, poor self-abilitySelf-esteem and self
History of trust, drug abuse or imprisonment.
Service: * job evaluation and job adjustment training * vocational skills training and placementthe-job training.
Skills training includes computers and paperwork, trucks and forklifts, cleaning and food services.
* Professional coaches * professional clubs * vocational assessment centers are disabled and-risk youth.
Qualifications: applicants must meet certain requirements for certain Project Costs: free time: 8 hoursm. -4:30 p. m. Mon. -Fri.
Address: 342 San Fernando Road, Los Angeles ()213)223-
1211 non-profit organization for Jewish professional services.
Service: * inspirational, job search, interview and resume workshop * Work Club support group for professionals * work list * Research Library * career testing and consultation * employment placement service for disabled * career conversion, career management services for companies and employees
Monday, 6-conference workshop for people interested in exploring career change8 p. m.
* Holding a second wind, seminar and support group for people aged 55 and over * providing free employment services for the City of West Hollywood.
* Entertainment network group fees for the entertainment industry or for people seeking access to the entertainment industry: $45 registration fee;
$65 per section, plus material costs (
Sliding scale available);
Career Focus Workshop, $150 hours: please call 8: 30 for more informationm. -5 p. m. Mon. -Thur. ; 8:30 a. m. -3:30 p. m. Fri.
Location: * 6505 Wilshire Avenue.
Los Angeles, (Suite 303)213)655-
Vanowen St. 8910 * 22622, West Hills, (818)587-3222 (closed Fridays)
* University Synagogue at 11960 Sunset Avenue.
Los Angeles, (115)213)655-8910 (
Only nine on Thursday-11 a. m. )
Position in progssa JTPA-
Employment and training institutions.
Services: * job training for clerical and general office occupations * job preparation, placement and consultation * ability and interest assessment * WordPerfect 6.
0 training * Computer-
Auxiliary teaching of basic English and Mathematics * support services including transportation and children
Care allowance * plan for unemployed workersOff-duty worker * On-the-job training (
Location of West Covina only)
Free time: 9 hours. m. -4 p. m. Mon. -Fri. (training hours); 8 a. m. -5 p. m. Mon-Fri. (office hours)
Location: * 5161 E. Pomona Blvd.
Los Angeles, (Suite 105)213)881-
0588*1323 West Covina Avenue, West Covina Suite E ,(818)960-
0806Job launches non-profit, privately funded organizations to help individuals and families in the South
Central Los Angeles achieves economic stability through work.
Services: * job preparation workshop * job placement including 90-day follow-
Ups * job fair August. 22 in South-
Downtown Los Angeles: free time: 8 hoursm. -4 p. m. Mon. -Fri. Address: 3010 W48th St.
, Los AngelesTelephone: Call (213)291-
2812 provision of field Employment Training Partnership Act services for designated jtpa services provision of areas provision of various employment and training programs and services for economically disadvantaged groups, including projects for adults, youth, elderly workers55 or older)
And out-of-production workers (
People who have been laid off or planned to be laid off).
SDAs will submit eligible applicants directly to service providers in their region.
Type of training: * classroom training designed to provide work
Relevant and technical skills for specific jobs such as bank teller, accounting, paperwork and health
Nursing Profession * On-the-
Job training for employers * working experience in paying minimum wage for adults and youth in government or non-profit workplaces: * Carson-Lomita-
500 Suites by Carlson, Torrance SDA, 1 Municipal Plaza ,(310)781-
7100 * SDA City, Long Beach, 200 Pine Avenue.
4/F Long Beach ,(310)570-
3865 * SDA City, Los Angeles, Department of Community Development, 215 W. Sixth St.
10 th Floor, Los Angeles ,(213)485-
6520 * Los Angeles County, Department
Community and elderly, 3175 W. 6th St. Los Angeles ,(213)738-
2600 * consortium of foothills, 234 E. Colorado Blvd.
Suite 205, Pasadena ,(818)405-
4219 * South Bay consortium, 1 Manchester Avenue.
4/F Inglewood (310)412-
5558 * Southeast Private Industry Council, Los Angeles County, 10900183rd St.
, Cerritos, (Suite 350)310)402-
9336 * Verdugo Private Industry Council, 141Glendale Ave.
Suite 202, Glendale ,(818)548-
2053 fee: Eligible applicants are free of charge. A.
Introduction to the study of county regional vocational programs-
Skilled skills in a variety of professional fields such as animal care, banking, nursing, food services, retail and electronics.
Courses offered in high school, adult school, community college, private post
Secondary school, community or business facilities.
Services: * classroom teaching * paid and paidthe-
Job training * resume writing * Job Network Technology * vocational counseling qualifications: applicants must have a career of at least 16 years: High school students are free of charge;
An adult is required to pay a registration fee of $20 and a material fee of $20 (minimum)Hours: 8 a. m. -5 p. m. Mon. -Fri. Telephone: (310)922-6850L. A.
Gay Center is trying to support well-
Become Lesbian and Gay by providing basic services and sponsoring community activities.
Services: * employment and training services for job seekers and employers, including job posting.
McLean and Eli Wong said that Faye Wong was in (213)993-
7480 * provide free legal advice to those in need.
When it was Roger Coggan (213)993-
7670 fee: Free Address: 1625 NSchrader Blvd.
The HollywoodLA workers Center provides employment training and employment services.
Services: * orientation and evaluation to qualify for JTPA assistance * career counseling * career training * career club * job placement * small business startup-
Human Resources and consulting services for businesses * community services from home improvement and energy savings to transportation for the elderly and the disabled * Online Information Center * availability of telephones, faxes, photocopiers and computers: some projects are eligible.
Fees: applicants eligible for JTPA assistance are free of charge;
Nominal fee for others: 8. m. -5 p. m. , Mon. -Fri.
Address: 5200 Irwindale Avenue.
, Irendale, CA 91706Web site: Tel :(626)960-
Los Angeles Trade-Los Angeles
The Institute of Technology is a specialized institution that provides colleges-
Offer vocational courses in the fields of trade, technology and business and offer general education courses.
Provide transfer courses including general education requirements and transfer professional requirements
University institutions.
Service: * career/equity Centre * Continuing Education and Community Service Centre * Financial Assistance * Student Employment Centre * Advisory Centre * Transfer Center * Disabled Student Programs and Services * accounting * automotive machinery technology * Chemistry technology * computer information system * Electrical Construction Maintenance * ESL * Fashion Design * CNC * Registered Nursing * refrigeration/air conditioning machinery * Visual Communication (graphic arts)
* PACE program for evening and Saturday classes for full-time students
Working hours for adults: Persons aged 18 or over are eligible for admission;
If certain requirements are met, the conditions below May 18 are met.
Cost: $13 per unit per semester;
Available time for registration fee waiver assistance: 7 hoursm. -10 p. m. , Mon. -Thur. ; 7 a. m. -4 p. m. , Fri. and Sat. Address: 400 W.
Washington Avenue.
Los Angeles, CA 90015-4181 telephone :(213)744-
90. 58 the Los Angeles City Alliance seeks social and economic opportunities for African-Americans and other minorities through a variety of programs, including counselling, training, placement and community development.
Service: * Employment Service Department assist
Applicants who are professional, skilled or semi-skilled
Skilled, seeking employment or career change.
Provide services to applicants and employers through consultation, seminars and employment banks.
* The Information Technology Center provides courses in computer programming, computer operations and automated Office programs.
* Pomona Valley TEC professional vocational training in electronics, machinery
Tool technology, word processing, and data entry.
Project for displaced workers
* Milken Family Literacy and Youth Training Centre provides guidance on reading, writing, math and problem solving to help young people and their families develop skills for competitive employment. * Pasadena-
Vocational Counseling and employment are provided at the foothills.
* Car Training Center * business training and business development center * Cost of Financial Training Center: free time: 8: 30m. -5 p. m. Mon. -Fri. ;
Recruitment address: 3450 Mt.
Vernon Avenue, Los Angeles (
Address in other locations)Telephone: (213)299-
9660 Mexican American opportunities Foundation Services: * job listings * Computer Training for WordPerfect, dBase IV, Lotus 123, DOS and Excelthe-
Job training, partial compensation employer * working experience of preschool teacher assistants * reading comprehension and basic skills training in mathematics * limited internships for young people aged 18 to 21 in the private sector, paid salary during training * childcare * ESL citizenship course fee: Free Time: 8 hoursm. -5 p. m. Mon. -Fri. Address: 401 N. Garfield Ave.
Telephone :(213)890-
9600 The National Certification Advisory Board the national certification organization recommends consumers to the nationally certified professional consultants.
Service: List of certified consultants for stateCost: referrer is free Address: 3 Terrace Road, D suite, Greensboro, NC 27403 hours: 8: 30m. -4:30 p. m. (EST)Mon. -Fri. Telephone: (910)547-0607; fax (910)547-0017 (
Ask for a list of national certified career advisors in your region)
Application for certification :(800)398-
5389 Pacific Federation of Asian employment services: * Employment Training Partnership Act program provides employment training for low-income people in various positions
Income residents of Los Angeles County;
Classes include classroom training and online trainingthe-
Work training * long-term dislocation
Long-term unemployment and laid-off
Unemployed persons program * County refugee employment placement program * ESL program * youth employment program * consultation and recommendation * airline booking agent training program fee: Free for participants and employees: 8m. -4:30 p. m. Mon. -Fri. Address: 2525 W8th St.
Los Angeles telephone :(213)389-
2373 the Pasadena Senior Employment service program for people aged 50 and over.
Services: * job search assistance and recommendation * workshop * assistance in identifying employment targets and targets * References * federal programthe-
Low vocational training and employmentincome/no-
Income Groups 55 years and older * incentive and stress management seminar * Pre-
Retirement Expenses: contributions for employment services and pre-retirement applications
Retirement Time: 8: 30 a. m. m. -4:30 p. m. Mon. -Fri.
Address: 85 E. Holly St.
, PasadenaTelephone :(818)795-4331.
Call to make an appointment before your first visit.
Adults with mental illness provide mental health rehabilitation services.
Service: * job training and placement * resume writing and interview skills training * Post counseling follow-up-
Service Location: * Club Mariposa, 269 S. Mariposa Ave. Los Angeles ,(213)381-
8400 * Community Connect clubhouse, 3881 S. Western Ave. Los Angeles ,(213)299-
7525 the employment training program of the private industry commission the Employment Training Partnership Act of 1982 provides federal funding for locally administered employment and training programs.
The private industry commission in 52 service areas in California plans employment training and employment programs to meet the needs of the local labor market.
Services: * education, career and on-the-jobthe-
Employment Training * job search skills and placement * off-duty worker program * old Worker Program (55 and older)
* Availability of youth training programs: applicants may be eligible for one or more reasons, including redundancy, long-term redundancy
Unemployment or income is below the level of poverty.
Employer Benefits: Pre-
Screening and training applicants, initial salary reimbursement (for on-the-job training)
· Tax credit fees: training and placement services are free for eligible applicants.
Services provided to employers are also free of charge.
Tel: Recent Private Industry Council, please check the white page of your phone book.
Santa Monica employment assistance program: * Santa Monica youth employment provides subsidized employment training and work experience for disadvantaged adolescents aged 14 to 21. (310)829-
5451 * Santa Monica High School regional career program provides work for high school students and adults-
Skills Training, placement and career assessment. (310)395-
3204 * the Santa Monica College Employment Centre works with Santa Monica College students only. (310)452-
9337 * Santa Monica Board of Education offers work-able programs for high school students with special needs. (310)450-8338, Ext.
224 * the Virginia Avenue Park Employment Program provides employment seminars and employment counseling for youth and adults. (310)458-
8688 of the cost: the free service retirement executive service team is a non-profit organization sponsored by the US government. S.
Small Business Administration
Volunteers share their business experience with those who plan to enter the business area and those who already need advice in the business area.
Services: * consultation in areas such as business planning, advertising, accounting, inventory control, cash and credit management, marketing, finance and licensing requirements * several full-
Day workshop on topics such as starting and running new business, getting financing and advertising for your business * monthly workshop on various topics * monthly workshop calendar mailed as required: 1-on-
Provide a consultation free of charge;
Nominal feesCall workshops and workshops at the Southern California Advisory Center location: * Los Angeles County :(818)552-
3206 * San benadino and Riverside County :(714)550-
7369 * San Diego and Imperial County :(619)557-
7272 the second CareersA non-profit program at the Los Angeles Volunteer Center, mainly for people aged 40 and older.
Services: * permanent and temporary job placement (
Mainly office.
Related opportunities, including paperwork, secretarial, word processing, customer service, telemarketing, accounting, etc)
* Resource Center, including computer tutorial for library, fax, telephone, job posting * software * retirement-
Planning Consultation for Enterprises: free for job seekers;
Moderate costs for employees: 8. m. -5 p. m. Mon. -Fri.
Address: 3530 Wilshire Avenue
Suite 1220, Los AngelesTelephone :(213)380-
3166 Southern California Indian center non-profit organization serving American Indian communities in Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside counties.
As a Vocational Training Partnership Act agency, employment assistance and vocational training are provided to unemployed, underemployed or economically disadvantaged American Indians, Alaska Natives and Hawaiian natives.
Service: * annual job fair * pre-job training * resume and application preparation * job search skills * job list and recommendation * classroom vocational training * On-the-
Work training * parents\' education workshop fee: Free Time: 8 hoursm. -5 p. m. Mon. -Fri.
Location: Garden Grove, Carson, business, Los Angeles and Riverside;
Satellite location of Lancaster and El Monte phones: * Los Angeles County :(213)387-
5772 * Orange County :(714)663-
1102 * Binjiang :(909)682-
8684 focus on unemployed residents in Los Angeles County, an opportunity for job training and placement in the entertainment industry and companies that support the industry.
The service is specialized in clerical, secretarial and administrative occupations.
Service: * job hunting skills and direct placementthe-
Post training * self
Paced skills lab that provides computer training fees: free service for employers and job seekers: 8. m. -5 p. m. Mon. -Fri. Telephone: (213)368-
1468TTI Vocational Training Centre national organization is committed to meeting the needs of economically disadvantaged groups through funding from the federal Vocational Training Partnership Act.
Services: job training and placement as an automation office technician, computerized finance specialist, medical billing specialist, and public safety officer.
Fee: Free for qualified applicants: 8: 30m. -5 p. m. Mon. -Fri.
Address: 2975 Wilshire Avenue
Suite 200, Los AngelesTelephone :(213)368-7303UAW-
Labor employment training company
A private non-profit company that provides human resources services to employers, employees and others.
Services: * job search and placement * classroom training in basic skills and office automation/word processing * On-the-
Job training * human resources management, development and support * custom training fees: Free to eligible employers, employees and other applicants: 8m. -5 p. m. Mon. -Fri. Address: 790 E. Willow St. , Long Beach (
Company Office);
Telephone number of 12 field offices in Southern California :(213)562-
6100UCI expand the Career Development Center of the women\'s Opportunity Center.
Open to men and women in the community. Services:* One-on-
A career coaching * workshop * resume coaching * weekly work-
Search Support Group * career for Orange County executive management-
Education Resource Library * job list * discount for specific UCI extended courses * career/vocational ability test * job search internet access fee: $60 year membership fee;
Additional costs for seminars and career
Test of professional abilityHours: 9 a. m. -7 p. m. Mon. -Thur. ; 9 a. m. -4 p. m. Fri. ; 9 a. m. -noon Sat.
Address: The center is located at UCI Extension complex, University of California, Irvine. Telephone: (714)824-
The University of California, Los Angeles, 7128 extended the University of California, Los Angeles, to provide more than 80 certification programs to help job seekers become more market-oriented.
Topics include: * Business and Management * Computer and Information Systems * entertainment research * Graphic Design * hotel and food services * interior and Environmental Design * International Business * news, public relations and funds-
Financing * landscape architecture * legal interpretation and translation * Personal Financial Planning * New screenwriter products of emerging technologies: * Customers-
Server network and objects
Programming-oriented * computer graphics with emphasis on interactive, multimedia design * entertainment research courses in multimedia and digital technology * writing for Interactive Media: variable address: University of California, Los Angeles extension, 10995 Lecco Street
Los Angeles 90024 Tel :(800)554-UCLA (
Directory request); (310)825-9971 or (818)784-7006 (
Venice/Oakwood employment project: * Santa Monica/Venice employment Bank-
Based on employment services, provide employers with resume writing and job search skills, skills training opportunities, monthly announcements listing the work of local workers. (310)822-8687* St.
Training program at Joseph center restaurant.
Regular courses in food services and certification and employment assistance. (310)450-
9095 * Venice Community Housing
Develop affordable housing and for-risk youth. (310)399-
Venice Skills Center 4100 *Jobs-
Training and work
Resettlement Assistance.
Contact Cynthia Conley (310)392-4153, Ext. 108.
Fees range from free to $35 plus a nominal material fee.
Cost: free, unless the notedVerdugo work and Evaluation Center is a federal-funded organization that primarily serves workers fired by aerospace and defense contractors or subcontractors (
Regardless of residence).
Also for people living in other industries in Burbank Glendale, Los Angeles, Canada
Los Angeles or Los Angeles.
Service: * job posting * career assessment * retraining assistance * job search consultation * computer access statewide job list * resume and letter of professional preparation * newsletter with customer advertising * anxiety stress management and consultation, anger, frustration and other unemployment issues with clients and their families * general job assistant: Free to eligible clients: 8m. -5 p. m. Mon. -Thur. Address: 2600 WVictory Blvd.
Burbank Tel: (2nd th floor)818)972-
2695 women at WorkNonprofit focused on women\'s professional issues, but men were welcome. Service: * drop-
In the resource room, there is a library and work list * consultation, testing and resume writing * Special funded programs for single parents, displaced housewives and Latin professionals with limited English language * about career 50 * about women information dissemination of non-traditional job opportunities and resume writing, interview skills, network and job search after consultation (trade and tech)Costs: Drop-
In the resource room, $2 is recommended;
Coaching and resume writing, $55;
$110 in career tests, including counselling;
Free Evening workshop$20Hours: 10 a. m. -4 p. m. Mon. , Tue. and Thur. ; 10 a. m. -7 p. m. Wed. Address: 50 N. Hill Ave.
Suite 300, Pasadenatelphone :(818)796-
6870 Women Help Women\'s Services non-sectarian community services sponsored by the Los Angeles National Council for Jewish women. Services:* Job-
Hunting Support Group * line (
Telephone consultation service and training to become a volunteer counselor)
* Community recommendation for networking and education * job posting * Low-
Fee counseling for job seekers: low fees based on sliding scale and personal income;
Call line, call time: 10a. m. -1 p. m. Mon. -Thur. and 6-8 p. m. Tues. and Wed. ; 24-
Hour voicemail: NCJW/LA Women\'s Center, 543Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles telephone :(213)655-
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