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car company opens world\\\'s first, fully automated car ...

by:QY Precision      2019-10-31
The used car website Carvana opened today what it said was the first complete in the world. Automatic coin
Runs a vending machine in Nashville, Tennessee.
\"We are excited to launch the world\'s first vending machine,\" Ernie Garcia, founder and CEO of Phoenix Carvana --
The company said in a statement.
\"Carvana created the original concept of a car vending machine in Atlanta in 2013, and over the past two years we have taken the experience to a whole new level.
Our new vending machine is a state. of-the-art, multi-
\"The story structure delivers our customers\' cars by inserting custom coins,\" he added . \".
There are five vending machines.
According to the company, the story glass tower can store up to 20 cars at a time.
There is a \"welcome center\", an automatic delivery system and three delivery zones inside the glass structure.
Carvana customers living in Tennessee can pick up their cars in Nashville for free.
But for those who do not live in the area, Carvana has agreed to \"subsidize a $200 ticket and arrange white glove traffic from Nashville airport.
\"Carvana\'s mission is to create a better way to buy a car, and this new vending machine will be --of-a-
\"This experience reflects how simple and easy it is for us to buy a car online,\" Garcia said . \".
While this is the current one, Carvana says it plans to make more vending machines for cars.
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