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Canadian man fined for loudly singing Everybody Dance Now

by:QY Precision      2019-10-21
A Canadian man is competing for $149 ($118; £90)
Got caught in the ticket \"screaming in public\" after singing in the car.
The tune that let him slot
C. will the post-90 s heat in the music factory Make You Sweat (
Everybody dancing now).
On September 27, 38-year-old Taoufik Moalla was stopped by police while driving near his home on the outskirts of Montreal.
The police asked him if he had proof of identity and if he had been screaming all the time.
\"I said, \'No, I\'m singing, \'Moala told the Montreal Gazette. \'\".
\"I\'m singing a chorus of \'Everybody is dancing now, \'but the sound is not enough to bother anyone.
\"When the post-90 s dance tracks began playing on his CD player, the Montreal man was on his way to the grocery store to buy a bottle of water.
The police checked his car and his license and registration.
They handed his documents back along with the fine.
Moala told CTV News that he was shocked by the ticket.
He did not think his singing was worth a fine.
\"I know if they\'re doing their job they can check if everything is OK, if I kidnapped someone or if there\'s a danger in it, he told CTV, \"But I will never expect them to give me a ticket. \".
Montreal police said they would not comment on individual tickets issued to the public.
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