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california wildfire death toll hits 36, thousands of buildings destroyed

by:QY Precision      2019-09-29
California officials say it will take a few weeks to determine the cause of the wildfire sweeping California.
State Fire Chief Ken Pimlott said Friday that 20 investigators were investigating the cause and source in Sonoma County alone.
The process, he said, is technical and arduous, and investigators will not have information disclosure \"in the next few weeks.
\"Most of the evidence was swallowed up by the fire, which means investigators have to look for other clues to decide what happened.
They are not ready to say whether the fire was caused by the strong winds that swept the state from Sunday night to Monday, or whether it was caused by the power line collapse or caused.
Thousands of firefighters are fighting more than 20 wildfires and more are being rescued.
36 people were killed in the fire.
Most of the deaths are untrue, but there have also been deaths in Mendocino, Napa and yubacoun.
Since it was ignited in some parts of eight counties on Sunday, the fire has turned many communities into wasteland, destroying about 5,700 houses and buildings, higher than the 3,500 houses and buildings previously announced
The death toll from Sonoma\'s intense personal fire, including the Oakland mountain fire in 1991, exceeds any current fire, but there is no simultaneous fire in California that causes so many deaths, authorities said.
The death toll is expected to rise as official reports of missing persons follow up.
Sonoma County Sheriff Robert zodano said the recovery team will start a \"targeted search\" for specific residents at the address they finally know \".
\"We found bodies that were almost completely intact, and the bodies we found were nothing more than ashes and bones,\" the sheriff said on Thursday . \".
His office published the names of the 10 dead, all of whom were 57 years of age or older.
Zodano said on Thursday that there are about 400 people on his list of missing people, although it is not clear how many are repeated and who are actually safe.
Some remains have been identified by medical equipment found in a burnt pile that was once a home.
Metal implants, such as artificial hips, have ID numbers that can help the victim name, he said.
Unique Tattoos help to identify others.
Chaos marks a catastrophic wildfire spread across several counties and cities, adding to the frustration of hundreds of people looking for loved ones.
The public is partly dependent on separate media updates released throughout the day by counties and institutions.
Napa County, for example, recommends that people search through a website hosted by the American Red Cross.
\"I\'m in a lost place,\" Allen and Bob Pearson have since fled their mobile home in wine country, California, ready to leave in purple Pontiac, as the flame lurks in the distance,
Five days later, none of the 70-year-old couples received the news.
\"Trying to figure out which agency or which number to call is a challenge,\" said Tiffany Cuto, the couple\'s granddaughter . \".
\"People are trying to provide so much help, but it\'s a chaotic time, so it\'s a challenge to understand exactly how to deal with this.
\"Kuto said that her family reported the unique purple Pontiac of her grandparents, but she did not know if officials used the license plate number when looking for the missing person.
\"I\'m at a loss and I don\'t know what steps to take to find them,\" she said . \".
We are all confused.
We don\'t know how to improve efficiency.
Rick and Leslie Howell were among those found to have not been injured.
On Wednesday, the couple\'s family found them after fleeing their Santa Rosa home in a hurry a day ago.
They don\'t have a cell phone, which makes it difficult for them to let friends and family know that they are safe.
Activities canceled due to air quality those who have not tried to find loved ones are screening the remains of their homes.
\"It\'s exhausting you,\" says winemaker Kristin Belair . \" He was driving back to hopham in Napa from Lake Tahoe.
\"Anyone who has experienced a natural disaster can tell you that this will continue.
I think you do it almost every hour.
\"On 2003, we had a series of fires across the state,\" said Daniel berrand, \"without anything close to the death toll,\" a deputy director of California\'s Forestry and Fire Department.
The smoke from the wildfire caused a drop in air quality in the San Francisco Bay area, where people were sent to emergency rooms, forcing schools to shut down and people wearing masks as they walked out of their homes.
\"The smoke and particles in our air have reached an unprecedented level,\" said Ralph Borman, a spokesman for the region . \".
He called it the worst air quality ever in many places in the Gulf.
At an Ace Hardware store in San Francisco\'s financial district, the phone kept ringing and customers wanted to buy breathing masks.
Like most stores in the area, they are sold out.
As wind is expected to continue blowing from the fire to residential areas at the end of this week, many schools decided to close on Friday, with organizers canceling weekend events, including the beer festival in Walnut Creek, the fitness festival in San Francisco and the half marathon.
If necessary, the NFL has been exploring the option of transferring Sunday\'s game in Auckland to between the attacker and the La charger.
With the weekend college Games approaching, officials at UC Berkeley and Stanford are monitoring air quality.
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