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california startup rolls out $70,000 smoothie-making robot that can blend drinks in 2 minutes or less

by:QY Precision      2019-09-29
Official: you can add smoothies now.
More and more tasks are occupied by robots. A one-
Armed autonomous robots designed by California
According to the San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco-based startup Blendid, recently launched at the University of San Francisco, was able to produce a dozen different blended beverages in about two minutes.
Customers of Blendid\'s smoothie robot can order on their mobile devices through the company\'s app, or at one of several nearby tablet kiosks.
According to Blendid, scrolling down for video customization is built into its system.
Using the ordering app or tablet, customers of the robot kiosk can choose the elements they want more or less.
Price reduction for customers-
The cost of Edge automation is relatively low, and Blendid charges about $6 per drink.
However, there is a bit more cost on the brendditch side.
According to the report, the construction cost of a machine is $70,000.
While the technology may be state-of-the-art by the standards of most consumers, in San Francisco, the convenience of self-production and supply of food is a certification trend.
Cafe X is an automated coffee machine capable of making coffee of multiple beverage sizes and styles, and it has launched two different coffee machines in the city.
Similarly, similar robots have emerged that can make chopped salads and pizzas.
In the world of food delivery, robots have a special plot.
This year, a fleet of 25 people
On the campus of George Mason University in Virginia, wheeled delivery robots were released, where they were deployed to deliver food for the school\'s 40,000 students.
Robots developed by starship technology expanded this week to provide the same service to students at the University of Northern Arizona.
Customers of the robot delivery service charge $1.
99 delivery fee, usually at 15-minutes. (
No more than 20 lbs.
The company said that each delivery)
In addition, last month, FedEx launched an early model of a delivery robot that it plans to use to ship customers\' pizzas and other goods.
According to The Washington Post, FedEx will cooperate with Pizza Hut, Walgreens, Wal-Mart and other companies.
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