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cag blasts away ordnance units | india news - times of india

by:QY Precision      2019-08-29
The auditor general and auditor general, jabbalpur (CAG)
The Indian side revealed that the army refused to provide ammunition for tanks worth Rs 607, which were manufactured and supplied by the Ordnance Factory Kharmaria (OFK)
The following is defect detection.
Amazing information is disclosed in the latest CAG audit report.
Almost all Ordnance Factories (OF)
It caused a waste of several hundred rupees.
If officials at these plants do not go to buy unwanted things, the report says, and if the equipment and manpower are properly utilized, spending may be reduced.
OFK is reported to provide 1. 35 lakh shells (
Tank ammunition)
An army that costs 607 rupees. 43 crore.
However, the case was found to be defective and the factory was required to replace it.
But nothing was done, and they were not used in the five Army headquarters.
Ambernath machine tool prototype factory is accused of serious quality problems in the machines it makes.
The factory supplied 11 machines at a price of Rs 6.
The sister factory found not suitable for use has 47 crore.
The factory also paid Rs 8.
Although its initial manpower was not fully utilized, 91 crore was still working overtime.
The factory was also accused of unnecessarily purchasing three CNC machines and manufacturing one of them, costing Rs 2.
60 crore that is not fully utilized.
Nevertheless, the CAG report states that the company imported another CNC machine, which is also a defective machine with a cost of Rs 1. 09 crore.
The management of the Chanda ordnance plant delayed the correction of the defect of the 6495 shells it had manufactured, resulting in a waste expenditure of Rs 18. 07 crore.
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