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burk roadster: profile of a hot rod

by:QY Precision      2019-09-04
Built by Dave Burk of Glen Ellyn, Illinois, Burk sports car hot rods showcase one of the most impressive features shared by the Hot Rods: the ability to make their own cars.
\"Checkbook\" exists, of course,it-yourself-
This attitude that permeates hobbies in the early days continues.
The Burk sports car proved that.
Rodder lives well.
Hot stick image GalleryDave gained manufacturing skills during his ten years working for a current mold maker
Mold manufacturers that have closed down
There, he learned how to operate a lathe, a milling machine, and finally a CNC machine tool.
With these tools, Dave began building the 28 Ford sports car in 1993.
It took him only four months to finish the project.
Dave was an avid fanatic since he was a child, when he saw a model a full of glycerin blowing up the monster in 1959 movie \"The Giant Gila Monster.
Inspired by the car, he began to make a pole out of stripped things.
Double look down
50 s drag/street car.
The project didn\'t start until Dave found the right part.
Get $100 1950 Ford pickup after a single word and an axial flow booster (
The climax of 12-year search)
Dave started rebuilding the engine.
He installed an Isky cam, a vertex magnetic motor, and several parts he processed from the billet alumni, including the intake manifold and all the pulleys and brackets.
A boxed aftermarket model A frame accepts A flat-headed car that Dave connects to the 1937 Ford transmission.
Dave made most of the hanging parts again.
To lower the car, he installed the rear shaft on the top of the frame, not below, and the front leaf spring on the back of the axle, not above.
Ford\'s 28 steel body dropped another 4 inch.
The rear wheel of the retro Sprint car-
The car was very low and Dave welded the doors together;
He just jumped in.
Consistent with bare
Bone look, Dave moves the radiator to the trunk, which requires all four hoses to be laid under the car next to the frame.
The project was completed in a sparse interior.
Dave equipped it with cardboard doors and a dashboard covered with wrinkled vinylfoot-
Long shift bar full of hands-
He had a friend\'s carved skull with a vinyl cover and a pair of boat seats.
The rubber pad is covered on the floor and the transmission and torque tube are exposed between the seats with only two gauges (
Oil and temperature)
Located under a simple, smooth dashboard.
Dave has made some changes since he left the car on 1993.
In 94 years, this delicate body gave way to a 1959 Chevrolet Crown Sapphire paint job, while a beautiful one
After Dave learned how to use the CNC machine, the off head was added in 95 years.
Dave designed the head for 7.
5:1 compression ratio, perfect for Latham blower.
He programmed the CNC machine to cut them from the billet aluminum and added his name to the surface.
Dave said this flat apartment is 275-300 horsepower.
Today, Dave, as an admissions representative at the Wyoming Institute of Technology, strives to ensure that the next generation of Rod also knows how to build the sticks.
Located in Lala mi, Wyoming, the Institute offers 9-
12 months of project, teaching rod, custom and high-
Performance engine and chassis structure technology.
If the students he recruits can build anything close to his Model A, the future of therrodin is in the hands of excellence.
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