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build your own 3d printer with a 3d printer

by:QY Precision      2019-12-28
I think we have made sure that the 3D printer is awesome.
From organs, houses, guns, drugs, 3D printers are the future.
Of course, you want a 3D printer of your own right now, but you don\'t know where to buy it.
If you have cash and a free weekend, a group will show you how to set up your own weekend.
Starting in July 28, NextFab Studio will host three weekend events in Philadelphia where people will build their own mendelmax 1.
5, the most advanced version of the RepRap 3D printer.
How does this work?
RepRap is a great 3D printer because it is made mainly of plastic.
This means that you can build a 3D printer using a 3D printer.
The weekend course will cost you $2,000.
This is about the price of the RepRap printer assembled so you can get the printer and learn how to make it yourself at such a low price.
As an added benefit, they even offer 3D v2, 3D modeling software for free, allowing you to make your own model for printing.
So you\'re already in the \"shut up, take my money\" phase.
What does it take to start building a new 3D printer?
Surprisingly, not a lot.
The deadline for the first session has passed, but you can still start registration for the next two sessions.
For the August 11 meeting, you must sign up by July 28.
For the August 25 meeting, you must sign up by August 11.
You can purchase tickets for the event at event brite.
Considering that the 3D printer will envy all your friends, the price seems absolutely worth it.
Since you can take two friends for a ride, it\'s very easy to split the cost of the kit.
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