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build a cheap handcrafted cnc mill

by:QY Precision      2019-08-30
I have dreamed of owning CNC since I knew what it was.
As a child, my parents did not take it seriously.
They said it was too impractical to buy one, especially at my age.
At that time, CNC and 3D printing services were not available in China.
I am very eager to build a DIY version that dreams come true and have been searching for designs online.
Fortunately, there are a lot of CNC tutorials for instructures, although not entirely handmade.
Most CNC products are made by CNC machines.
It\'s very ironic how you need CNC to build CNC. .
Due to the limitations of what I had at the time, I was forced to improvise and hand-made homemade versions using the common materials found in the local mall.
I have built it for 3 days, day and night with a rough estimate of 34 hours.
It never really ran the uploaded g-
Code, but I can test it by cutting the acrylic line with my Black & Decker RTX rotation tool.
Sadly, since we (My friend and I)
Decided to make a cheap 3D print version with his 3D printer.
I will receive mine soon so please keep an eye on more 3D printing items.
I\'ll give this to my friend, so it\'s up to him if he wants to keep updating this tutorial. .
* Please bare those dull photos that were taken with my phone.
I really didn\'t have the intention to record this, but after seeing my photo roll I realized it would be enough to make an Instructure. Cheers! :))
Research on diy cnc construction.
You can find a lot in structures (
Graffiti it once you decide on your design. Electronics:-L298N-
Arduino Uno/Wan
Stepping Motor ($3 Alexan)-
Switch power supply materials :-4x8ft MDF Wood-
14-inch cabinet slider (4x)-
Plastic engineering tools :-
Leather tools-Electric Drill-Rotary Tool-Metal File-
Bring your paintings to life! Buy a 4x8ft (1/2\" thick)
Then, mark the measurement results using a ruler and a marker pen.
Too lazy to use a hand saw? Use a jigsaw!
: D. Be sure to cut the medium fiber board as straight as possible.
Curved cutting can lead to poor performance of CNC.
As a result, I can say that I am very satisfied with my cutting.
Remember to keep the work area clean!
: You know how this works, installing the cabinet slider like installing the cabinet.
This is included in my original plan.
An additional wooden strip is added perpendicular to the top.
This is done to reduce the jitter when CNC starts milling and keep the slider moving at the same time.
Be sure to put your frame plane in order to prevent other moving parts from touching the bumpy surface.
Reduce friction = improve efficiency!
This is where I have to improvise.
I used two square mid-fiber boards from my trash to hang my CNC from the ground.
I did this in order to make way for the spiral mover and leave a gap between the stepping motor and the ground.
In this step, I saw a small part of the top CNC base.
This is where the stepping motor should go.
What is the strong glue?
I reinforced the mounting holes of the stepping machine with strong glue. Why?
The mid-fiber board is soft, with a few laps and a few laps of wood without wires.
Get you long bolts/screws and then if you can\'t find the stepping Bolt adapter, connect them with a 2 part epoxy.
Be sure to stay centered before it gets hard.
The screws also rotate once the stepping motor rotates, which will cause the slider to move.
The slider is moved with the help of the movers.
There is no term for this freely moving arm, so let\'s call it the mobile.
I used the glue to temporarily align the pieces.
After leaving the CNC to dry, I came back and fixed the blocks together with screws to make them more permanent.
This is a bottom view.
I cleared a small part of the slider to prevent Y-
From touching the X-axis slideraxis slider.
Get the slider to Y. axis frame.
To reduce friction, keep them parallel to each other.
Drill a hole for X
Then add the screws, as I did in steps 11 and 12.
I was looking for garbage that could be recycled and then suddenly I found this scrap aluminum bracket from the garbage I collected.
I used it as an X-with a medium fiber board-
Shaft screw mover.
This is where I stopped building.
Finding and designing the perfect bracket for the rotating tool is very challenging for me.
I use L298N as a single stepping motor driver.
I use the Arduino clone to control the driver.
By the way, Arduino Mega has enough pins to run three l298N drivers.
A separate note is coming soon!
I hope you enjoy reading my guide.
Guys, please support us in the \"next good idea\" contest!
Elizabeth Seton School team2\".
Your vote is really important to us! .
I will release finished products for the US around January
Please look forward to the Mexican green competition held in instructables!
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