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boys drown in washing machine in rohini, india

by:QY Precision      2019-11-01
Police believe the pair fell first.
But, according to the Indian Express, she couldn\'t find them when she came back just six minutes later.
The father of the twins found them in the Machine half an hour after they disappeared and drowned in 15 liters of water.
According to NDTV, Ravinder was \"shocked\" when the doctors declared the boys dead, said MN Tiwari, deputy director of the Rohini police department.
Tiwari said they seemed to climb up a pile of clothes next to the machine to see what was inside, and then fell to the ground first.
\"The second child must have followed his brother,\" he told the Hindustan Times . \".
\"Since both of them plunged in, they suffocated.
They can\'t come out.
\"After the family refused one
The body was examined, according to the Indian Express.
Although the police did not find any evidence of foul, it is still possible to investigate the \"unfortunate incident.
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