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best compound crossbows for 2015

by:QY Precision      2019-10-16
2015 bring some very interesting crossbows to the field.
Tenpoint\'s acquisition of Horton shook the composite crossbows market, forcing other manufacturers to speed up their game.
This situation creates some of the most compact, fast and balanced crossbows.
If I\'m talking about Horton, then I\'m going to have to talk about the crossbows.
So far, they are proving that they can keep up with the game, but what are the options for shooters who are interested in getting new crossbows?
You may think that the technique of the crossbow has reached the peak of its potential.
Although I understand their point of view, I can\'t go against it any more.
There are certain things you can do, and you can adjust certain manufactured parts for better overall performance.
Everything is better out of need and we can reap the rewards.
Barnett Buck Commander Raptor reversing | 15 lbs | 330 FPSLets starts with the new Barnett B2C reversing.
Barnett designed the crossbow with reverse stretching.
Surprisingly, however, this is not the first thing you notice.
The first thing that catches your eye is how small this bow is. Get this;
Birds of prey have only 9 axes of recursion-to-
Axle when lifting!
Wherever the hunt takes you, you can take this crossbow at will.
Small frames can help with target capture at 6. 5 pounds.
You can get this bow to the ready position in a few seconds.
The bow is compact in the first place, but it also has adjustable stock so that each shooter can be customized
Shooting experience.
Have finger reminder and pass-
Make sure your numbers are in good condition by foregrip, and make sure you are not heard by string inhibitors.
Carbon express intercept Axon | 175lbs | 360 FPSTactical shooting games and gun hunters have always been a huge fan of carbon Express.
One of the reasons is the military/AR/Super tactical design of the crossbows in their lineup.
A few years ago, it started with a super coil, and the cable is no exception.
I bet the best way to sell it is the crossbow.
It features 6-position micro-
The adjustable AR stock gives the shooter the best visual relief, improves stability and improves shooting accuracy.
The intercepted Axon also follows the speed.
It is able to achieve a speed of 360 feet per second, as well as a kinetic energy of 122 feet from a frame with only 13 lbs.
5 from Axel to Axel.
Tactical design and specs make it the perfect shooter for hunters accustomed to hunting from hunting blindness.
You can really squeeze into those narrow spaces and believe that the Axon will put the arrow where it needs to go.
Darton Rebel 135 SS | 350 lbs | fpthe Rebel SS is another compact crossbow on the list, but this product does not use reverse stretching techniques used by other manufacturers to narrow the overall size
Darton did adjust many of the components that hunters traditionally associate with composite crossbows.
When the rope is completely cocked, it\'s actually right next to your face.
This may be a bit disturbing at first, but the shooting experience is great once you get used to it.
This is combined with the trigger forwarding design on the 135 SS, which is probably the most balanced crossbow in this list.
There is no real track on this bow. The plank-
The style of the Picatinny railroad looks a bit off when you first look at the rebels, but it also helps to increase the balance that this crossbow will definitely be known.
Darton is reliable, and while the crossbow looks different at first, it will certainly be a contender due to its balance.
This year, Horton storm blacksook came out of hell like a bat today | 165lbs | 360 FPSHorton.
Once TenPoint has acquired the company, you know they plan to add something important to their already solid lineup.
When they announced the storm, everyone had a big smile on their faces.
They know Horton is back, better than ever.
The bow has its own specifications, but it also has the construction quality of tenpoint in its back pocket.
After taking a few photos in the storm, you can see how quiet it is and how well it is built.
Engineers designed the bow in such a way that it was best balanced in a variety of scenarios.
This can be attributed to the position of the limbs relative to the stock.
Since it is a reverse crossbows, the limbs can be close to the back of the bow.
The trigger fans will also be happy because the bow has 2 points.
7 pound trigger and adjustable cheeks so you can achieve the effect you want to ease your eyes.
SAS Crusher 150 | 325 lbs | FPSSouthland archery supplies quality players all the time in the value pricing section of the market.
The shooters already know that the SAS crossbows are durable and they won\'t let you lose one arm and one leg.
SAS crushers 150 is no exception.
Tactical mind shooter will enjoy an integrated front grip on this 150-pound crossbow.
It is 22 ° in width and 33 ° in length, so the front grip helps ensure you always have a comfortable center of gravity and bring a balanced shooting experience.
This is a lighter poundage crossbow on this list, but it is still able to spit out arrows at 325 feet per second.
The double string stopper makes the crossbow quiet and vibrates the least.
This is a very light and accurate composite crossbow for the included price tag.
When they introduced the pse tac a few years ago and then the TAC elite, fpfang | 15 lbs | 345 FPSPSE caught everyone\'s attention.
Since then, almost no. to-
When it comes to crossbows, there is no movement-until now.
Fang is another crossbow that lets hunters talk.
The main commotion is because this is another crossbow with a very good price.
It has fangs that provide specifications that are usually found only on the crossbows, and the price is twice as high as the original one.
It has the technology of separating limbs and helps to reduce the overall weight to less than 6. 8 pounds.
It fires arrows from orbit at a speed of 345 feet per second, and always provides a huge grouping out of the box.
The stock is a whole, which gives it a strong but lightweight feeling.
Fast installation, out of the box.
You can run on the ground with Fang.
Evil Ridge intruder G3 | 165lbs | 330 FPSOn in this list, we have another product from tenpoint, the evil Ridge.
The evil Ridge is the value of tenpoint.
A series of conscious products.
The shooters are attracted to the brand because they can get a lot of the technology TenPoint has on the company\'s flagship bow.
The G3 is equipped with the ACU 52 rope tail end system.
This makes the crossbow ready to launch a breeze.
The T2 trigger is as clear as the entrance-
Level triggers are coming.
It gives the shooter 3.
5 pound trigger, very smooth.
Dynamic flight string, perfect end point on double flight line
Dipped camo and CNC-processed riser and pocket make the intruder a reliable crossbow for the hunting season.
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