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best 1980\'s films:the highest grossing films of the 1980\'s

by:QY Precision      2019-11-01
Before Harry Potter becomes everyone\'s favorite magic geek, you can get something from dealing with pigs.
Before the Internet bubble and collapse, before we had a president who played saxophone with wandering eyes, we were in our 80 s.
In the summer of June 1981, I was pushed from the safety of my mother\'s womb to the cruel reality of the real world.
The Cold War is still going on, women insist on wearing neon clothes with shoulder guards, and Bill Cosby dominates the airwaves.
Thanks for the movie.
Maybe nostalgia, maybe romance, maybe I openly lie to myself, but I believe the 1980s movie is the best ever.
The following are the top 10 movies in 1980s.
Be sure to see my other top 10 countdown to infobrel\'s previous decades: the highest grossing movie in 1960 was the highest grossing movie in 1990.
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)
$179 million Harrison Ford, Kate Capshaw, Jonathan Kequan, from the exchange of the opening restaurant to the royal banquet including the \"Ice Monkey Brain, the epic film is a real action adventure.
After jumping out of the cargo plan that was about to crash, he found himself in India and met a village where all the children were missing.
The locals thought they were cursed because they lost a gem with fabulous power to protect them.
Soon Indiana, Willie and the short wheel began to look for ways to get the stones back.
The sequel, the second in the original trilogy, did not disappoint a loyal fan of the original film, and no doubt it got some new sequels.
My favorite line, when Indie tells Round that he is cutting the rope bridge and holding on so that they don\'t fall down due to death, it has to be on the rope bridge.
Oh, my God.
Oh my God, is he crazy: he\'s not crazy, he\'s crazy!
Jones and the memorial to the end of India.
Jones of India and the Last Crusade1989)
Harrison Ford, Sean connellas, worth $197 million, if two great films weren\'t enough, pilberg and Lucas got together and finished the last crusader East
\"Unfortunately for all the people who go to the cinema, this is a completely wrong statement because the indie film returned disastrous in 2008, but we\'re not going to talk about this here.
This independence is the biggest discovery of all discoveries: after the elusive Holy Grail.
Accompanied by his father, he was racing against time to find it before the Nazi goose steps.
My favorite line Indie is tied to a chair with his father back to back, Nazi is a Nazi who has slept with Indiana Jones and Dr. Henry Jones, who isElsa: [to Indie]
I will never forget how important it is.
Dr. Henry Jones:
Thought she was whispering to him. Why thank you.
That\'s great. Elsa: [kisses Indie]
The way the Austrians say goodbye.
Colonel Vogel: Dr. zis, how did you say goodbye in Germany? Jones. [
Indie Hits the face and Indie\'s head hits the back of Dr. Jones]
I prefer the Austrian way.
Dr. Henry Jones: So do I.
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Back to the future (1985)
$210 million Michael J.
This is probably my favorite movie all the time.
If I am honest, I have probably read about 100 times without any comments.
Yes, I know it\'s a bit sad, but I still hope Mattel can produce hoverboards.
Back to the future is about a typical American teenager who happens to have a crazy wild eye scientist friend who built a time machine. Brilliant. Just brilliant.
My favorite LineSo has a lot to choose from, but I \'ve gone: George McFly: Darth Vader came down from Planet waken last night and told me if I don\'t take Lorraine out, he will melt my brain.
Back to the pioneers of the future.
Beverly Hills police (1984)
234 million dollar Eddie Murphy, Judge reinahold, John Ashton what happens when a smart Detroit cop is investigating the murder of his friend, the glitz and glamour of Beverly Hills ended up. The film introduced Eddie Murphy into the film, an absolute classic.
Murphy\'s stand-up humor was brought into the role of Axel Foley, who was so profitable that he made two sequels.
For those younger generations who know Murphy through the movies Klumps and Holy Man, they want to know how the person became an actor. . . . Watch the movie.
When Axel was arrested in Beverly Hills, he spoke out of this immortal route: Axel welfare: disrupting the peace that I was thrown out of the window!
What is the cost of being introduced from a mobile car, huh, huhGhostbusters (1984)
$238 million Bill Murray, Dan Ike Royd, Siegel Weaver, Harold rames, Rick morannis, Ernie Hudson.
When someone asks you, you know that you are a child in your 80 s, and when supernatural activity starts to grow in New York, your answer is \"ghost Spoilers \". Four men form a ploltergeist extinction group that can handle any problem: this even includes a 300ft marshmallow.
My favorite line before they first used their device was: Dr. Ray Stantz: You know, I just thought we really didn\'t test this device successfully.
Dr. EGEN Spingler: I blame myself.
Dr. Peter wendman: So do I.
Dr. Ray Stantz: Well, it doesn\'t make sense to worry about it now.
Dr. Peter Venkman: Why do each of us worry about having an unlicensed nuclear accelerator on his back.
\"Ghost and Death Team\"
Lost Ark Raiders (1981)
Karen allenway Harrison Ford, worth $245 million, saw adventurer Indiana Jones for the first time in the Peruvian jungle, where he managed to avoid poison darts, A rolling boulder and spear-wielding locals pursue hidden archaeological treasures in his quest.
It wasn\'t long before he was convinced by old friend Marcus Brodi.
Lost the Ark
Hitler and the Nazis are already looking for it to make the Nazi stormtroopers undefeated and claim in the name of the Third Empire, presumably the world.
Of course he did?
My favorite line indie is in a pit and Belloq is about to seal him in.
Belloq: what a suitable ending for your pursuit of life.
You will be a permanent addition to this archaeological discovery.
Who knows that after thousands of years, even you have value.
Indie: hahaha. Indie:(
Turn around and say under his breath)Son of a bitch.
Lost Ark Pioneer 4 Raiders:Batman (1989)
Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson, Kim Besinger for $251 million, every superhero who makes a comic has his own movie: Post-80 s.
Some might say it\'s an open-minded era, especially if you \'ve seen Harley Berry\'s cat girl.
There is always a wide variety of comments about the film, but keep in mind that the evolution of the film is phased, and before that, the last time Batman appeared on the screen, regardless of size, was in 1960s. V. shows. Kerpow.
Yes, we have Jack Nicholson before Heath Ledger\'s wonderful portrayal of the crazy megloaniac clown.
Now, let\'s not pretend that Jack\'s description does not meet the requirements.
Yes, I admit that Heath stole the show for me in the battle of these evil crime lords, but they are all very different movies.
The latest series of films is much darker than the original one, because it\'s a simpler time to be frank.
If the modern film is released after 80 s, then I believe there will be strong opposition from parents who are \"afraid\" of their children.
My favorite line clown: Tell me something, my friend.
Bruce Wayne: What clown: I always ask all my prey. I just. . . .
Like the sound of it.
Batman 3
Episode 5 of Star Wars: Empire counterattack (1980)
Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Kelly Fisher, $290 million.
The second version in the original trilogy is the best in my opinion.
\"Empire counterattack\" brought us out of the rebel base hidden in the ice and snow of Hoth, introducing a very clever creature called Yoda (Yoda)
Sounds like Grover in Sesame Street)
The danger of being frozen in charcoal
Not to mention Darth Vader facing Luke\'s father. Wow.
This has never been seen.
There is no family resemblance there.
My favorite LineLuke: I can\'t. It\'s too big.
Yoda: Size doesn\'t matter. Look at me.
Judging me by my size, uh, uh.
You shouldn\'t.
Because my ally is power, it is a powerful ally.
Life creates it and makes it grow.
Its energy surrounds us and binds us.
We are the life that shines, not the rough thing.
You must feel the power around you;
Here, between you, me, trees, rocks, everywhere, yes.
Even between land and ships.
\"Star Wars\" episode 5 \"Empire counterattack 2\"
Episode 6 of Star Wars: Return of Jedi (1983)
Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Kelly Fisher, $309 million.
The last of the original trilogy was more successful than its predecessor, Empire counterattack.
While criticism and death are more economically successful
Ewoks was introduced in the film, and the hard-working fans shouted.
They feel that George Lucas is playing too much with the kids, and the cuteness of those furry bears doesn\'t appease the real Sci-Fi fans.
However, if the real fans are disappointed with this, then that\'s nothing compared to the Jarjar Binks when the phantom threat came out on 1999.
It\'s just because Jarjar is a terrible character. Terrible.
My favorite Death Star line when Luke tries to run away with Darth Vader is: Luke: I won\'t leave you here.
I must save you.
You already have it, Luke.
You already have it.
Star Wars Episode 6 return of the JediE. T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)
Henry Thomas, Drew Barrymore, $435 million
If you are not in E. T.
Elliot has to say goodbye on the spaceship, and then you either never see the movie, or you are a completely ruthless monster!
For good reason, he won the first place in the classic film of 1980s.
Steven pilberg is working with John Williams.
Do I still need to say more when an alien is trapped on Earth? It\'s up to our hero Elliot to overcome his shyness and help E. T. get home.
My favorite LineElliott: he is a man from outer space and we will take him to his spaceship.
Greg: Well, can\'t he shoot Elliot up: Greg, that\'s the reality. E. T.
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