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Bernhardt Design Reimagines Classic American Furniture for Its 125th Anniversary

by:QY Precision      2019-10-25
Bernhardt Furniture has been a big family since 125.
It has a furniture production business in North Carolina.
To celebrate this anniversary, Bernhardt Design (
Younger, more modern branch of the company)
Commissioned three international designers to redesign several wells
Windsor rocking chair, Court chair and Chesterfield sofa are the main products of American furniture.
The photos have blocked the Pinterest boards since summer, but now they are finally ready for your living room.
In 1889, when John Matthias Bernhardt started his small furniture workshop in Lenoir, North Carolina, he took advantage of the rich local oak trees and skilled carpentry to complete
The furniture is completely traditional carpentry.
From the days before Ames and prourway\'s name was discarded for cocktails, you will think of work.
With a collection of 100, the idea is complete-the-
Contemporary international designers think about these old techniques and styles in a less tedious way. The results? Drool-worthy. #lazy-img-
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Just because the Bernhardt Design is very advanced in the origin of the United States, it does not protect the brand from the charm of France. (
Who is that? )
Paris designer, interior designer Duchaufour noe-
Lawrence can\'t think of anything more American than the classic Windsor rocking chair, which is the preferred seat for the porch --
Residents and Julep
From the days of 13 colonies.
Harper\'s chair ($2,900)
Turn the familiar spindle from the back to the cocoon, extend from the rocking chair to the top, and the seat is almost floating in the middle.
There are several colors to choose from for this seat, but the spindle is always maple and other structural elements-
Two American Forests
The contrast between the two is the key here, and when you walk around the chair, there is an illusion of movement. #lazy-img-
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British designer Ross lofgrove, who is more familiar with metals, glass and synthetic materials, sees Bernhardt\'s woodworking tradition as a new challenge.
Lovegrove settled in the chair of the court as his source of inspiration, knowing that he had to embrace natural material to create something that was both comfortable and appealing.
The original arched back in the chair is Anne ($2,500)
But the overall shape has been simplified to create a more aesthetically pleasing and organic form.
Creating this shape requires unusual manual mixing
Carving and multi
The shaft CNC machine that makes the angle and the carpentry just right.
The large opening makes the solid walnut chair not fall into the horrible \"large hardwood floors\" area, and the curved leather seat really just asks you to take a break. #lazy-img-
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Completing the work of the three international designers is Gleason Jefferson Robb, who chose something with less wood --
In the center of Chesterfield sofa. The Alex sofa ($4,900)
Away from the aura of Harvard club cigar smoke, like more restrained elegance.
Alex\'s status alone illustrates indulgence-
It\'s nearly 9 feet long. -
There is no need for a constellation with buttons on each surface.
In fact, Robb has completely eliminated most of Chesterfield\'s curves, such as arms and rollback.
A belt creates a long single cluster that draws the eyes off the length of the sofa with just a few buttons (
There are three seats and one at the end of the belt)
Nod to the original without scoring.
The walnut and bronze base seem to have effortlessly propped up the huge sofa, making us a little --
Light is needed to peep from below.
All three anniversary works can now be ordered directly from Bernhardt Design.
These two chairs are also available through Hive Modern.
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