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Before Sheryl Sandberg was Kim Polese - the original Silicon Valley queen

by:QY Precision      2019-09-21
To find the original golden boy on the Internet, I drove 16 miles south from San Francisco to a quirky suburb, where the pony
The computer programmer\'s tail daughter sells lemonade in the driveway full of Toyota Prius and teras.
I am looking for a woman who was called \"Silicon Valley Madonna\" in the 1990 s-Sandberg published before the media began to become obsessed with a pregnant Marissa Mayer as Yahoo CEO or Sheryl of Facebook her best-selling books depend on them.
You may not know the name King Polis, but she was a celebrity in Silicon Valley at that time.
She had lunch with Al Gore and appeared at Anne Klein\'s advertising campaign, and in 1997 she was the only tech industry on Time magazine\'s list of 25 most influential Americans
Fighting alongside Tiger Woods and then secretary of state Madeline Allbright).
According to endless media coverage of her, she is the \"Superstar of the Internet era\"-\"geek symbol \".
\"These craziness has nothing to do with who I am or what I am doing,\" said Polese, 51 . \".
We\'re sitting in four.
Craftsman bedroom
The style house she lives in now alone.
When she sold her first tech company nine years ago, Polis became a millionaire many times, but being rich was not her business.
Woman, and (computer)
Professor Shirley Turkle: \"children would rather send text messages than talk . \"
Org launched \"tech girl\" in Singapore and she said, \"I\'m not the kind of person who needs a big house and a luxury car,\" she looked around
Amazing equipmentfree space.
No apartment-
TV screen in her life
Room, iPad, iPod or e-reader.
For nearly two hours while we were together, she didn\'t look at her phone once-in fact, her phone was gone.
Instead, there is an acoustic guitar in the corner, a stack of daily newspapers on the counter, and a bunch of books, including a book called The Soul of Money: change your relationship with money and life.
Last year, with media fanatic attention to Sandberg\'s role in Facebook\'s fever scene, Forbes published a blog post written by technical investors and commentator Eric Jackson, the title is \"Sheryl Sandberg is the It Girl in the valley-like Kim Polese used to be \".
Sandberg and Borris are different women, but they do share the high scrutiny that comes with being a female executive of this male --
Leading industry.
There are also similarities in professional aspects.
Sandberg left Google in 2008 to become Facebook\'s chief operating officer and played an important role in leading social networks
A profitable global behemoth.
In Forbes, 1999 poles came here in early 1990, nearly a decade earlier than Sandberg, when the word Silicon Valley barely existed.
In 1995, she played a key role in launching Sun microsystems Java, a computing platform and programming language that brought motion, video, music and interaction to the nascent World Wide Web.
Java releases the potential of the web, turning the internet into a dynamic place.
\"This is the difference between Telegram and telephone,\" Eric Schmidt, chief technology officer of Sun Microsystems (
Now the executive chairman of Google)
Java was described at launch.
Polese, 35, and three engineers left Sun to find Marimba Inc. , one of the most watched companies --about start-
Companies in the early Internet era.
After the initial public offering in 1999, Polis served as CEO and the company\'s market capitalization soared to $1. 4 billion.
But it is a prosperous town, and within a year the companies of the whole valley will go bankrupt, bankrupt and bankrupt.
The value of Marimba will also drop, which will also take away the star power of Polese.
But unlike dozens of other startups
Ups, polesse, and her company experienced a network crash that resulted in an empty office space of several acres.
In 2004, Marimba sold for $0. 239 billion, 15 times the venture capital raised for it.
But Forbes\'s Eric Jackson is not interested in the achievement.
His work simplifies the success of Polis to being in the right place at the right time.
\"She is young, beautiful, and a good speaker, and it helps,\" he wrote . \".
Jackson went on to advise Sandberg to \"cut public appearances for the time being and lower her head on Facebook,\" warning her, \"you don\'t want to be the next Kim polesse \".
\"I didn\'t know the article until all these women started writing to me saying, \'Forget that guy, you rock, you\'re my hero, \'\" Polese said . \".
She was barefoot in jeans, and the dancer\'s posture was a little worried --looking eyes.
Silicon Valley likes to describe itself as a pure elite. gender, post-
The competition system dominated by the business philosophy is judged by undisputed indicators such as page views and downloads.
They say talent has the upper hand here.
No matter who your parents are, what school you attend, or which country you were born in: if you have a good idea and are willing to write code all night under the blue light of your computer screen, you belong here.
However, Silicon Valley women earn only 49 cents of men\'s income, and the wage gap is much larger than the national average (
Closer to 77 cents than a person\'s dollar).
So far, in 2013, only ten percent of the software started.
Companies that get venture capital
Women dominate US funding.
At the same time, some venture capitalists are men.
\"The gap between the rich and the poor is obvious,\" Polese said . \"
\"We need to change this by having more women lead, create and build tech companies.
When Forbes asked her for a response, Polis wrote: \"When I first read Eric Jackson\'s post, I immediately thought of-how sad it was.
As an industry and a society, how sad it is that we have not made progress in our perception of women and leadership over the past 20 years.
Mayer announced at the time: \"Marissa Mayer\'s maternity leave will last for a few weeks and I will work all the time\", triggering numerous comments, blog articles and news reports on women and work.
Her change in Yahoo\'s workfrom-
Family and parents
The policy further angered experts.
At the same time, Sandberg published \"excellence\", which has received many favorable comments and criticisms.
Polis was in her high school.
\"Women in a strong position are often subject to greater scrutiny,\" Sandberg wrote in her book . \".
\"Because the vast majority of leaders are men, it is impossible to generalize from any one example.
But the lack of female leaders has led to a woman being seen as a representative of her entire gender.
Polese agreed very much: \"I didn\'t have more media and presentations than any other CEO, but I got more unnecessary attention at the time because I was a woman.
Even an article in Time magazine, known as the \'girl\' on the Web, is commonly used to describe young actresses and models known for their sexiness.
After a photo of a Polese appeared on the cover of a tech magazine, a San Jose newspaper called the newspaper \"CEO porn \".
A blog post posted a photo of Polis\'s face on a supermodel in a bikini.
\"Until today, I have colleagues in the industry telling me how brave I am to take pictures in a swimsuit, and my body is very good,\" Polese said . \".
\"This is absurd;
People read these things and then start to believe it.
\"Over time, reports of hyper-sensitivity and sexuality have gradually become a dark shadow that has lasted for nearly 20 years on Porris.
It\'s part of a Forbes post that Jackson is so easy to write about that he dismisses.
But this time his story caused a stir, and Jackson quickly issued an apology.
\"I realize now [I was]
\"He wrote:\" insensitive, sloppy . \"
In excellence, Sandberg continues to thank Polis for insisting on serving her, using their experiences as an example of how women should take care of each other.
Polis and her malinba partner.
On 1996, the public\'s strong protest against the article was a revelation for Borris.
In the 1990 s, she was part of a small group of female tech executives who often ate together.
The group called itself the baby of Boylan.
In addition to them, Polis basically felt lonely.
\"There are very few female founders and CEOs, and of course there is no critical mass that can bounce back on such stories,\" she said . \".
\"For me, it\'s great to realize that even though works like Jackson wrote are still being created, now with an incredible network of women watching.
Polis is the daughter of Berkeley immigrants in California.
Her mother, who grew up on a farm in Denmark and left home at the age of 19, works in many countries and speaks six languages, although she chose to be a housewife, polese said: \"could have led a Fortune 500 company. \"
In 1913, her father and family moved from Italy to Ellis Island to the West.
After a period of service in the Navy, he opened a mechanical store to design and manufacture early prototypes for equipment such as breathing analyzers.
\"Science and Engineering is something my parents encouraged me to do, so I never felt it was a strange pursuit of a girl,\" Polese said . \".
In fact, as a 10-year-
Her school holiday was spent at the Lawrence Science Museum at the University of California, Berkeley --
Science Center, on the hill above her childhood home.
Right there, for the first time, she met a large host running an early artificial computer --
The intelligence project called Koba.
The first so-
Called a \"chatbot\"-or a computer program that simulates human conversation-Astra aims to mimic a therapist by frequently redefining a customer\'s statement as a problem.
If the user enters \"I\'m lonely\", The Voca will answer, \"How long have you been alone?
Polis was stunned.
Around 2000, Polis was in her office at malinba headquarters, \"I like to get it into this circular logic where it repeats her memories over and over again.
\"Even so, I am fascinated by the depth and limitations of software and artificial intelligence.
Polis continues to study biphysics at the University of California, Berkeley, and computer science at the University of Washington in Seattle.
In a recent speech at her alma mater, Polese showed a photo of a British female crypto analyst who used an early computer to decode Nazi communications during World War II.
\"Women were among the first programmers,\" she told the audience . \"
But despite those coding cookies in skirts, the number of women in computer science has been in a free fall for decades.
When Polese graduated in 1984, women accounted for computers.
Science graduates in the United States
It fell by 2011 to about.
Although the UK is less notable, there is still a clear decline.
Recently, 2004 women accounted for computers.
But by 2009 of the most recent year, that number fell.
Part of the problem is stereotypes.
\"People have formed the view that hackers and programmers are men, and as this image is established, fewer women are attracted,\" says Polese . \".
When she was at school, she had no such bias because there were no programmers like Mark Zuckerberg who were well-known enough to be a household name.
New efforts are being made to welcome women in the technical field.
American organizations such as coding and codec girls aim to train women, while advocacy groups such as changing proportions and clubs promote women\'s careers in technology and new media.
Now, polesse is the chairman of ClearStreet Inc.
It aims to help people eliminate their debts.
In 2011, President Obama appointed her as a member of his innovation advisory board.
She spent most of her time directing young entrepreneurs to make technology and computer science easier for the poor, deprived people and women.
\"We \'ve gone backwards, and it\'s still amazing for me,\" says Polese.
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