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bed frame

by:QY Precision      2019-10-14
Look for a decent, well-made wooden bed in the shop for less than $500.
We found everything bad!
They are either very expensive for $1000 or so cheap that they have to put extra legs in the middle to support the mattress.
So we decided to diy ourselves!
I\'m proud of the lack of photos, and once I get into a project, I forget to stop and pick up the camera from time to time.
I will describe these steps as best I can.
This is the first step of the project it involves ninja skills, including * sneaky ninja photographer photography * dodging aggressive salespeople * staring at ridiculous prices, when you realize that you can build it for 1/4 of the price, it won\'t
But seriously, they will be happy when you tell most salespeople that you are looking at whether a bed is suitable for your decor and ask them if they mind if you take a photo.
I have attached some designs that we like and some that I think are very bad.
Take the part you like from all the beds you stole.
From your matressketch design to make measurements on a piece of paper until you decide to model it using your favorite modeling app (
Sketch/autocad, etc)
Measure from the modeling application and compare with the paper design to make sure there are no design issues.
Check the design with your girlfriend and even consider a quick render to see if she likes it.
At this point you may need to go back to step 1st multiple times.
The 3d model is printed and the part decomposition step is completed.
For our design, we used the combination of the design and came up with something that both my girlfriend and I agreed.
The last photo is the one closest to our end because we love the idea of integrating the lights and powerboard into the bed.
This step was added after creating the first structure, and I was told I needed to show more details of the design I used, so here.
This is where you go to the local big box store and spend half a day looking for decent pine trees.
For this design, I useidi tried to convert to imperial, but on the conversion, ymmvheadboard70 x 70x1, I am not sure about 100%. 2m (3 x 3)1x19x190x2. 4m (3/4 x 7 1/2)1x19x140x2. 4m (3/4 x 5 1/2)2x19x120x2. 4m (3/4 x 4 12/16)(
Heaboard support)3x12x133x2. 4m (1/2 x 5 4/16)(
Headboard lining)
70x1. 2m (3 x 3)1x19x190x2. 4m (3/4 x 7 1/2)1x19x140x2. 4m (3/4 x 5 1/2)2x19x120x2. 4m (3/4 x 2 12/16)
Sides2x 19x190x3. 0m (3/4 x 7 1/2)2x 30 x 70 x 3. 0m (1 3/16 x 3)
The center supports 19x70x3. 0m (3/4 x 3)
Slats15x 19x70x2. 4m (3/4 x 3)
8g x 40mm time 2x Pack 5/16 \"tee nut (Blind Nuts)
4x2 \"5/16\" zinc Bolts4x 4 \"5/16\" zinc Bolts1x various small screwdrivers are purchased from ikeaJanso Lights for $30
It\'s a bit difficult to use chop saw and camera at the same time)
SawOzito electric aircraft cordless rig Bosch cable rig basic assembly instructions. Leg Assy. (Picture 1)
Cut the 3 long legs in half and make 6 Half high legs (
For the feet of the bed)3x 70 x 70 x 1. 2m -
> 6x70x0.
6 mnotch extends 2 long legs and 2 short legs to support both sides.
Stretch out 2 of the long legs and 2 of the short legs to support the head and feet
Copyright all the long screws that Bolt the legs into the L pattern to ensure that the screws without gaps are in the corner.
Head and feet (Picture 3 Green)
Screw the bottom beam into the cut, connect the top, and install support to support the headboard cover.
Screw the bottom beam into the cut, connect the top, and install the bracket that supports the top seat. Side assy(Picture 3 Red)
Connect the runner of the Batten to the main length and then use the tee to mount to the cut and bolts (blind)nuts.
This is for easy disassembly.
Beam components (Picture 5 -7)
Use the cut of the legs to create the beam racks, they should be cut to allow the center beams to be flush with the flow channels of the slats.
Fasteners are not required to use this method (
For center beam)
Convenient disassembly. Slat Assembly (Picture 8)
Cut the Batten into a large size, uniform size of space using the Shard, nail Hesen strap, then flip the entire batch and finish the build!
Please comment if none of this makes sense and I will try to make those points better. This is the point we made the bed look like we saw in the store.
We used Cabots water-based stains.
Two beautiful dark coats, then Cabots water-based gloss
A coat, light sand, a coat, light sand, and then a coat diluted by 50% with water.
So that\'s what we ended up with, a very solid bed with integrated lighting and power boards.
We were all very happy with the bed and she even thought about arranging a table next to the bed for me! P. S.
Please note that the soft toy is not mine. it was added to me by my girlfriend.
I would love to have a CNC machine and a machine that can handle the whole piece of paper would be beautiful!
A cnc machine allows me to turn my autocad drawings into reality without relying on my inaccurate hand tools.
Think about the possibilities now, they are amazing!
I have planned a gear clock and some famous brands for people!
Autocad 2012 or inventor will be a great upgrade for the autocad 2010 Im currently in use!
This step will be deleted after the match is over.
Here are some more detailed drawings of the plan we use, please leave a comment if you want anything specific.
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