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Batliboi to buy Europe firm for Rs 90 crore

by:QY Precision      2019-10-24
Batliboi Limited in Mumbai
Headquartered in traditional and machine tool manufacturers and marketers, it is about to acquire a textile equipment manufacturer in Europe.
Mumbai: Batliboi Limited in Mumbai
Headquartered in traditional and machine tool manufacturers and marketers, it is close to the acquisition of a textile equipment manufacturer in Europe of nearly 90 rupees.
The deal will be the company\'s third overseas acquisition in the past year.
The acquisition will provide Batliboi with great export and outsourcing opportunities in Europe.
The company plans to increase exports by 5-
Doubled over the next few years to Rs 50.
At present, most of the products exported by Batliboi are in the CNC field (
Computer numerical control)
Supply machinery and textile aviation equipment to Czech Republic, Italy, UK, Middle East, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.
Batliboi Ltd. speaking to DNA Money, chief financial officer kerushan Lal Swami said, \"We want to grow organically and unorganized, and as long as there is a good opportunity, the company will definitely call in order to add value.
When asked about the transaction to buy European textile equipment manufacturers, Swami said, \"We don\'t want to comment on market speculation.
The company\'s board of directors approved a plan on Friday to issue shares worth up to Rs 100 to qualified institutional buyers.
The money will be used to fund the company\'s growth plans and any possible acquisitions.
Batliboi plans to spend Rs 7.
Fiscal year 08 and 5 crore in fiscal year 4.
Fiscal 09 0 crore is regular capital expenditure to improve the quality and productivity of employees
Bottleneck of operation and regular wear and tear of fixed assets.
2007 Batliboi made two overseas acquisitions
Company of Quickmill, engineering law of Canada and AESA Air
About 31 rupees.
According to a study by Prime Broking, the company expects revenue to grow by 44% and PAT r by 61% (
Profit after tax, compound annual growth rate)
Driven by the expansion of the technology upgrading fund program and the establishment of the special integrated textile park.
Textile air-conditioning equipment is expected to increase the compound annual growth rate of 25% and 27% of the pre-interest income by more than FY07-
FY09E, EBIT margins remain at 28-
Reported 30%.
By 2010, India\'s textile exports are expected to jump from the current $15 billion to $50 billion.
Demand for textile air equipment is expected to reach Rs 600
Rs 700 a year over the next five years.
Batliboi\'s compound revenue growth rate in the past four years was 26% and revenue was 106% (FY04-FY07).
For the fiscal year ended March 2007, the company\'s income was RS 128.
Net profit is 13 rupees.
2 crore in the period.
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