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Automobile precision mechanical parts processing, low profit becomes normal

by:QY Precision      2020-01-24
In the precision mechanical parts processing industry, there are many suppliers specializing in automobile brands. Focus on CNC machining customization of auto parts, so that these companies are unique in our traditional industry. However, due to the singleness of customers, they are easily affected by upstream enterprises. If car sales in the whole market are declining, orders for CNC lathes for such parts will also decrease, showing a strong periodicity. For automobile precision mechanical parts processing enterprises, the 'decline' of performance seems to have become the norm in recent years. A few days ago, according to the fortune 2018 ranking released by the 500 revenue ranking, the overall ranking of auto companies declined, and it is an indisputable fact that the downturn began from a more macro perspective. The downstream growth is weak, and the upstream CNC machining customization of auto parts is definitely sluggish. Although there are 23 automobile enterprises and 10 related precision mechanical parts processing enterprises on the list this year, the number is basically stable. However, this year's performance is not as good as last year. The 25 companies have experienced different degrees of decline, with only 7 rankings rising and 1 flat. Among all automobile-related CNC lathe processing enterprises, the CNC machining customization enterprise, which is the upstream of the automobile enterprise, carries a lot of pressure under the overall market.
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