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automation would \'double capacity\' at auckland\'s port

by:QY Precision      2019-08-25
According to the draft master plan for the port of Auckland, machine automation at the port of Auckland will help double its capacity without further reclamation.
The port company disclosed its 30-
Annual Plan for the 77ha section of Port Whitehorse, which will delete 1.
Replace the old pier 275ha with 1.
25 ha new dock.
And create a five
The multi-storey parking lot building at the port of Auckland has a 1ha public park at the top, which is intended to greatly increase capacity and efficiency through automated systems.
According to the draft report, Ferguson container terminal-
The busiest in the country-
The use of automatic trans-haul trucks to unload trucks and operate container yards will begin by 2019.
At present, 13 m transport vessels with three heights that can be stacked with containers will be replaced by 15 containers.
8 M automatic transport ship capable of stacking four containers.
These will be high
The technical locator \"sphere\" developed by Locata, Australia \". The basketball-
Interlandlines are equipped with large and small antennas that enable them to perform complex tasks without carrying people.
If they need to refuel or repair, they can report to the port staff and they can go to the workshop if approved.
Automation spans will require a larger engineering workshop, and the temporary building is already working before it is planned to build a permanent facility within five years.
The company also proposed to automate the rail grid to make container shipping faster and easier, in line with its plan to increase rail usage from 12 percentage points to 30.
An Oakland port spokesman said automation could lead to the dissolution of the port\'s 50 roles, but it is too early to determine the number.
Automation will reduce emissions, noise and light pollution, the report said;
Increase capacity without land reclamation;
Reduce costs;
Higher dividends for the Auckland Parliament.
The company also ordered three new container cranes for Ferguson North Wharf, which it reported could lift up to four containers at a time, increase productivity and make more efficient use of available land.
Cranes expected to be delivered in next August will also be installed 26-
Kilowatts of solar panels seek to achieve its net-as the port of Auckland-
Positive energy target
The draft plan also includes the expansion of 13 m at the end of the Bledisloe terminal, while reducing the east side of the terminal;
Demolition of Marsden Wharf;
Build a new headquarters at the intersection of Strand and Pier St/Tamaki Drive;
Remove Shed51;
Deepen the shipping channel and accommodate large ships;
And establish a network of freight hubs in other major locations in North Island.
What does the Herald\'s readers respond to master Sean Taylor\'s draft: Auckland\'s port has nothing to do with their business on Auckland\'s main waterfront, other than a thorn in the eye.
Their new vision is of little help in improving the fact that it occupies land, as land is too valuable for current use.
Yes, it is a huge contribution to the national economy, but let it do so in another place.
Simon Williams: as a 30-year life-long resident and taxpayer, I am very eager to keep Auckland\'s port as a vibrant, profitable business.
As long as the import of used cars does not affect the profitability of the port, I will not have too much problem.
What kind of big cities do not have properly functioning ports and cargo handling facilities?
Auckland is not a storefront, it is a city that requires a commercial port function to continue to function.
Frank: What we need is the relocation of the port, not the re-adjustment.
The commercial cargo port will be relocated to the north of the Thames or Firth, connected to the inland port of Auckland.
These plans are a backup operation to keep the port in the city center.
The Aucklanders wanted to go back to their port for entertainment purposes and their port was also transferred.
Jonathan pilini: I think the plan is a response to the proposal to move the port to wangaré.
It solved the long term
There is concern that the port will be a thorn in the eye of the car, but unfortunately it is still a terrible sight --spoiler.
The idea of building a water park on the roof of a parking building is nothing more than a bribe for a public who doesn\'t care about the port and the bureaucrats who manage the port.
John Getty: I don\'t want the port to expand further at all, and I think the existing port should be transferred and the main central land should be used for better purposes.
Sean McLean: The real issue in Auckland is not only that the controversial docks extend to the port, but also that container trucks move up in a city that is barely able to cope with the current traffic flow.
Peter Hale: So it\'s not a car, it\'s a series of five.
Floor building at St Pier?
Who gets paid to come up with the idea of these idiots? ?
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