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at home with a. lange & söhne

by:QY Precision      2019-10-06
Dresden, Germany-
Punctuality is a professional pride for watchmakers.
So when the chief executive officer of the German watch brand A, William schmeide.
Lange Thorne was late to meet his boss at the airport and he was a little anxious. Mr.
John Rupert, the boss of Smid, the chairman of Campanile Financial, is in the process of sanctioning. -
Moritz was with his son Anton on August.
Inauguration of
Located at Lange & Söhne new watch manufacturing base in grashut.
Located about 45 minutes\' drive south of Saxony Dresden, this town is the historic hometown of Germany\'s watchmaking industry.
Increased pressure.
Mr. Rupert is not the only one.
Smid needs to impress.
A group of dignitaries will be with these people in grashurti.
It is worth noting that Chancellor Angela Merkel was visiting the migrant camp in the nearby haidenau before speaking at the factory.
\"Just before the prime minister arrived ,\"
The 52-year-old said.
\"Since then, I know the plan will be successful.
The machine is running.
He may have spoken literally. The 58,000-square-
Feet, carbon dioxide
After two and a half years of construction, the neutral watch factory opened in April.
Its cutting fleet
Dust-edge CNC Machine
Free environment and large studio windows with views of the surrounding countryside, energy
Efficient Building-
There are about 200 employees now.
The joint Watch assembly and finishing department, as well as the logistics and raw material production department.
The factory cost tens of millions of euros, 170 of the company-year history. And for Mr.
Schmeide, German, join.
After a successful career at BMW in January 2011, Lange and Thorne opened another milestone in his integration into the top
End the watch business.
So far, he seems to have a deep understanding of the development of the industry.
He said: \"I have been in a situation where I have to push for luxury goods because production is going on without demand and I have learned the lesson . \"
He\'s a self, too.
Claiming to be a car fanatic and the eldest son of Ford dealers.
\"So my very clear goal is to avoid more watches than customers.
With the expansion of the production facilities of Lange, Mr. Lange
Schmid had to dispel the idea of collectors that more manufacturing space meant an increase in production.
\"Unfortunately, a building does not build a watch,\" he said . \".
\"If that were the case, my life would be much easier.
Our abilities are the same as they were six months ago.
However, at that time, demand for high
End watch has softened, which puts more pressure on the brand to maintain profitability. A. Lange & Söhne —
Like all the Lifeng brands, including Jaeger-
IWC Lectre, Schaffhausen and Panerai and Yoox-a-Porter Group —
Personal sales figures are not disclosed.
But at the group\'s annual general meeting
On the 16 th, Li Feng announced that the sales of watches will be in the five months ending August.
31 the exchange rate fell by 1% with the exchange rate unchanged.
According to the Swiss Watch Industry Federation, exports fell by 2% in the first nine months of 2015.
Switzerland ranks first in Hong Kong.
However, the decline in the watch market is much more serious: exports to the region have fallen by 20.
Growth of 5% over the same period in 2014. Mr.
The decline in Chinese demand is not as bad for Lange\'s bottom line as it looks, Schmied said.
\"Our target market is not Asia, the United States, Europe or any country --
Our target market is watch collectors, and you can find them anywhere . \"Schmid said.
But without increasing production,
Is Schmid going to grow the company?
By selling more high
Watch less
Expensive models.
\"We know there are many ways to peel the cat,\" he said . \".
Sir, in an explanation.
Smid quoted two of Lange\'s best-
Known models: large complexity-
Contains 876 parts;
There is a big self-ming, perpetual calendar
The second time meter and the second;
Retail price is 1.
92 million euros, about $2. 1 million —
There is also a $14,926 Saxony manual style.
\"Statistically, they are all watches,\" he said . \".
While Lange has to sell quite a few complex products to recoup investment in the new manufacturing base and grow the business --
Especially given the weak Asian marketMr.
Schmeed is cautious about his plans for the future.
\"The vision of the new building is not to increase turnover, but of course, the decision to build a new building is to give room for growth and we will do so within our DNA and our well-known level of quality, \"he said.
\"I firmly believe that everything must grow --
Not 50% a year, but we have.
Otherwise, you will lose motivation.
\"If any brand knows what it\'s like to lose steam, it\'s. Lange & Söhne.
After World War II, the East German government seized the company.
This dates back to 1845, when Ferdinand Adolfo Lange, a Dresden watch maker, set up a factory in Saxony to produce precision watches --
Lange\'s name is almost gone.
After the reunification of Germany in 1990,
The grandson of Walter Lange revived the brand.
In these 25 years,.
Lange & Söhne is at the top of the pyramid-
So much so that when a headhunter approached
Schmid, then BMW\'s sales director in South Africa, was already a customer of the brand.
However, perhaps the best comment on Lange\'s success comes from Ms.
At her inauguration, Ms. Merkel talked about the victory of watch makers in difficult circumstances.
\"Courage and vision are very well understood by Lange,\" she said . \"
\"After the company is taken away, it\'s not easy to start a new one after unification, but you \'ve done it.
Madam, before leaving the podium
Known for her tight schedule, Merkel added: \".
Lange and Thorne are a symbol that we attach great importance to in Germany, that is, punctuality.
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