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Arduino: CNC Machine / Part 1

by:QY Precision      2019-09-23
Since I wanted to start doing my own PCB board, I decided to do my own CNC machine.
Although I have tried almost all the ways to transfer the ink to the pcb board, it has not been successful yet.
So I thought, hey, why not have a machine that basically puts the ink on your board!
No further action, let\'s get started!
You may or may not know. I\'m Kester.
I have a YouTube channel based on making electronic videos and diy videos and tutorials.
When I make a lot of videos and put a lot of time and effort into making products and videos, I want to get some support from my fans to help me make more content and projects for you guys.
So, I want to show you, on behalf of Pat Long.
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Be sure to see my YouTube channel and my Patreon account! Thanks guys!
Patreon: I followed the schematic of tinkernut, which is all the parts needed for this project :-PCB board-Arduino Nano-
3 Arduino stepping motor driversFemale Headers-Wire-5V Wall Jack-
Optional soldering iron :-
PCB screws and spacing you will need to arrange the placement of the Arduino nano and the stepping motor drive into the pcb.
Once you do this, you can weld the female head to the board.
Add the male head to the board so that when you are free to disassemble the motor and connect it to the board.
Now you can start following this schematic in order to connect everything!
Make sure you have a reliable connection!
I also marked the shaft of the stepping motor driver on the side of the pcb.
Now, pick up your 5 v wall jack, weld the front lead to the front track, and weld the negative lead to the negative track.
Now test if the LED on the stepping motor drive lights up when you plug the wall socket into the wall.
Now, you have completed the first step in building your own CNC machine!
Now is the time to build the hardware!
Please keep an eye on the second part of this tutorial! Hey guys!
Hope you guys like this instructures!
If you can, can you guys vote for me in the circuit contest that means a lot to me?
Thank you again for your support!
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