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arch motorcycle unveils three hot new bikes at eicma

by:QY Precision      2019-09-17
Arch Motorcycle launched three popular new bikes at EICMAArch Motorcycle Company
Keanu Reeves and end bike makers under Gard Hollinger last week launched three amazing new bikes at EICMA 2017.
With Neo attending the unveiling ceremony in person, Arch from 2018 KRGT-1, the all-
New Arch 1 s, super sexy method 143 prototype. The KGRT-
Massive 124 for 1 and 1 s share Arch-S v-cubic inches
Double grinding, while the method 143 gets a larger 143-cubic inch (get it? )engine.
All arched bikes are equipped with ohtro suspension parts, wheels and numerous manual
Custom parts.
Not content to make bicycles with civilian material like other smaller Marquis, the structure of the Arch Motorcycle contains a large amount of carbon fiber, titanium and CNC machined aluminum.
Arch\'s flagship KRGT-
1 received several key updates from 2018 including upgraded brakes with optional ABS and updated front suspension. The new KRGT-
1 is now also in line with 4 euros, which gives Arch the option to sell overseas.
Check out the exclusive KRGT-1s are hand-
Build according to individual specifications and sell in better direction
For the small company, expanding into the foreign market should be a real opportunity.
Arch 1 s is the second production model of the company and is a more moving model
More oriented bike than KRGT1.
It has a sports, more active riding position in the middle
Control, more aerodynamic body, a single
This is the first and unique arch. swept exhaust.
Like its old brother, the 1 s meets the European 4 standard with optional ABS brakes and is loaded with carbon fiber and milled aluminum.
Arch method 143 prototype is a forward-looking, innovative and boundary-driven design.
This futuristic building is built mainly from carbon fiber.
The machine is built around a single skill.
Cell case with custom smartphone dashboard display, proprietary ohtro FGRT series front fork with carbon fiber air
Titanium/carbon fiber exhaust foil for SC project, turbine-
Style wheels and single wheels made by BST for archessided swingarm. Like the KRGT-
1 and 1 s, the method 143 meets the European 4 standard and can be used with ABS.
The production of method 143 is limited to 23 units, so you need to move quickly if you are interested.
Arch\'s staff have not yet published any details on the price or availability of new bikes and they are keeping this information for next year.
You can rest assured they will pay attention.
Although KGRT is very expensive now
1 bike starts at about $80,000.
Is it worth it?
It\'s hard to say, but if you have money like this in your wallet, you might do worse than a powerful hand
Crafted motorcycle made by one of Hollywood\'s coolest people to your exact specifications.
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