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Application of CNC lathe processing technology in Shenzhen

by:QY Precision      2020-03-21
CNC lathe processing technology is very popular in a developed place in Shenzhen. It is a control system that issues instructions to make the tool perform various movements that meet the requirements, the technical requirements such as the shape and size of the workpiece and the processing requirements are expressed in the form of numbers and letters. So what industries are our CNC lathe processing technology mainly used in major industries? Let's take a look! 1. The application of CNC lathe processing technology in the automobile industry the traditional automobile industry usually pursues efficiency and scale. At present, the society puts forward higher requirements for automobile functions, requiring the overall performance of the automobile to be good, at the same time, the accuracy of parts is required to be relatively good. Under the current background of the times, the application of numerical control technology should be strengthened. Numerical control technology can promote the rapid development of automobile processing enterprises in the direction of small scale, personalization and high efficiency, through the use of numerical control technology, it is also possible to quickly process parts such as automobile cylinders, connecting rods and piston crankshafts. In addition, the use of numerical control machine tools should be strengthened during stamping, painting and welding. Staff need to combine industrial robots, CNC machine tools and other elements with computers to realize flexible manufacturing systems and improve work quality and efficiency. At present, most automobile companies use numerical control technology to manufacture automobiles. By using robots, they can improve work efficiency and quality and ensure the safety of workers. 2. The application of CNC lathe processing technology in coal mining machinery CNC technology can be fully applied in the process of coal mining machinery. In the process of manufacturing coal mining machinery, it is usually necessary to cut the material and make the blank, in this process, numerical control technology can be fully utilized, and the parameters of the process can be effectively adjusted through numerical control technology, and manufacturing intelligence can also be realized, promote the efficiency of the operation and the quality of the production to be comprehensively improved, and also promote the overall improvement of the mechanical performance, without the need for staff to participate, effectively reducing the risk of personnel. In the process of processing the floating oil seal structure of the Shearer, the staff should ensure that the compression of the sealing ring is equal between the inner ring protruding surface and the outer ring concave surface, in this process, the CNC gas cutting technology can be used to promote faster cutting speed and ensure the accuracy of processing. 3. The application of CNC lathe processing technology in aerospace technology is an important symbol of the development of science and technology in China. It is an important embodiment of the improvement of comprehensive national strength. Aerospace technology needs to pay more attention to accuracy, in aerospace equipment, a variety of light materials, such as titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, etc. , are generally used. If the traditional method is used for cutting titanium alloy and aluminum alloy, it is easy to cause deformation of parts, which has a great negative impact on the accuracy of processing and the overall quality. However, in the process of aerospace equipment manufacturing, by using numerical control technology combined with high-speed mechanical technology, not only does it produce less heat, but it also has fast cutting speed and high quality. In addition, numerical control technology, fuzzy control technology and artificial neural network technology are integrated with each other, which can realize dynamic processing and promote the overall improvement of processing accuracy to meet the needs of aerospace equipment. 4. The application of numerical control lathe processing technology in industrial production can strengthen the application of numerical control technology in the process of industrial production. The typical application of numerical control technology is industrial robots, which can quickly accept human instructions, it can work according to the set procedures. Industrial robots are generally used in many production links such as welding, industrial handling, mechanical processing, spraying and assembly, and replace human beings by using industrial robots, it can work in harmful, toxic and high temperature environments, thus avoiding the danger of workers working in these harsh environments. In addition, industrial robots include many key technologies, such, high-speed performance controller, high-performance servo motor, precision reducer and other technologies, industrial robots are mainly controlled by computer technology, control panel drive to complete operation, and ensure production safety and reliability, at the same time, it also improves the production quality and production efficiency of the products.
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