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application of acura industrial computer for cnc

by:QY Precision      2019-10-08
With the continuous innovation of computer technology, the numerical control system has gradually formed
High Reliability
New precision machine tools.
Compared with the traditional numerical control system, it is more suitable for networking, openness, highHigh precision, high quality
It is a masterpiece of perfect fusion of precision machinery and computer technology.
CNC machine tool has truly realized automatic processing, which greatly reduces the level difference caused by the operator\'s product quality defects. the wide application of CNC machine tools in modern machinery industry has become an inevitable development direction.
Industrial Computer based on the advantages of stable performance, simple operation, convenient maintenance and low cost, more and more manufacturers regard it as a front-end CNC Machine Toolend machine.
The industrial computer integrates the input and output device and control center of the traditional CNC machine tool, which solves the problem conveniently.
Machine Interface, programming, network and communication issues.
The CNC machine tool mainly consists of input and output device, digital device, PLC, servo system, detection and feedback device, etc.
Ac song embedded industrial computer integrated CNC machine tool is simpler to operate. after the processing object changes, it only needs to be manually input through the HMI direct instructions and the instructions after the process control system, and the formation of various control information, it is also transmitted to the servo system to direct various operations of the machine.
System requirements: the reliability, stability and reliability of CNC machine tools are an important indicator to measure the poor reliability of products, which can cause incalculable losses in production and maintenance costs.
CNC machine tools, usually represented by MTBF reliability, specifically refers to the average time of the product from one fault to the next.
According to three shifts a day on the 24 th
If there is no fault claim of more than 99%, then the CNC machine tool must be greater than 4500 hours MTBF.
The MTBF calculation to be considered is the failure rate of each component, in which the numerical control device, as the core component of MTBF, has a longer time on this number, but the general PC requirements are so high that it cannot be satisfied, therefore, the Acura series Industrial Computer CNC machine tool manufacturers with high reliability will become the first choice.
The intelligent development of control technology is an important condition to realize the intelligent of CNC machine tools, which greatly reduces the management of machine tools and achieves higher efficiency and stable processing accuracy.
Modern CNC programming tools, the operation is relatively simple, according to the change of the object, can be adjusted by simple operating parameters to achieve the best working state.
At the same time, also for their own self
Realize fault alarm and facilitate system maintenance.
The operation is simple and the operator level of CNC machine tool is uneven, the operation is simple, and the user interface is fast, which is conducive to the operator\'s free control of the equipment and directly improves the work efficiency and Operation comfort.
Because the good user interface is simple and effective, has the guidance function, may let the user feels the pleasure, enhances the interest, thus enhances the efficiency? As a result, most current machines are controlled using integrated input and output controls from industrial computers to help operate operators and reduce error rates.
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