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apple control the capacity, ultrabook may applies plastic to replace metal

by:QY Precision      2019-10-05
According to media reports, due to capacity, cost and other restrictions, PC manufacturers have to apply new materials such as glass fiber on Ultrabook.
In addition, the internal part of the aluminum metal shell of the Ultrabook notebook will replace the metal with plastic material.
Intel\'s Ultrabook notebook is made of organic wholemetal body.
CNC machine tools can only produce an organic whole molding body for 3 hours, which means that a machine can only produce 8 organic whole molding bodies throughout the day.
In addition, due to pollution problems in the past few days, there are some problems in the production capacity of Catcher Technology, the world\'s largest organic integral forming body maker.
However, Catcher Technology is still offering products to Apple, so it\'s hard for other PC manufacturers to get enough organic overall molding supplies.
Ultrabook, a product launched by Intel, is trying to challenge Apple\'s Macbook Air.
The goal of Ultrabook is to produce a notebook that is as light and light as the macbook air, and the price is lower than the Macbook Air.
However, Ultrabook manufacturers have encountered these problems in the process of imitating the Macbook Air, such as the shortage of organic whole-formed aluminum supply.
Therefore, manufacturers of Ultrabook try to apply new materials such as high-density fiberglass or aluminum shells with plastic in-house.
It is reported that the shell of the Ultrabook notebook will be divided into three parts. The high-
End one is suitable for organic forming of whole metal, middle-
End 1 the internal part of the application is plastic, the external part is the new body of the metal, and the low
Plastic fiber glass body will eventually be used.
The inside of the new aluminum body will be coated with plastic, the outer part is still using meals, and the plastic and metal will be bonded with glue.
With the application of news materials, the capacity will increase and the cost of Ultrabook will be reduced.
It is reported that an organic whole body with full metal will be priced between $40 and $80, while the news body will only cost $20-$30.
The introduction of new materials will help to reduce the price of Ultrabook laptops.
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