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app creates augmented-reality tutorials from normal videos

by:QY Precision      2019-10-28
Timothy\'s Carnival-
Reality headsets have long promised to turn unskilled craftsmen into instant experts.
Whether you want to change the oil in your car or you want to cut the onion so it doesn\'t make you cry, headphones or tablets will be like experienced professionals, patiently correct any mistakes along the way with instructions that guide you.
Sounds great, so what\'s the point? up?
Making content has always been tricky and expensive.
That\'s why AR tutorials are usually used only by companies that have money to spend, such as fighter maintenance tutorials. But a start-
Up wants to change that.
The IOXP in Mannheim, Germany can take a single video of a person performing a task correctly, and then automatically convert it into an AR tutorial with the help of artificial intelligence.
\"Our goal is that anyone who wants to fix things at home can download the tutorial to their AR device and show them how to fix it, dediere Strick of the German Center for Artificial Intelligence Research said,
Founder of IOXP
How is it already?
In the video on YouTube, everything you might want to learn, but they won\'t tell you when you do something wrong.
To create an AR tutorial using the IOXP system, first shoot the person who completed the task using a standard camera.
This could be replacing the oil in the car, installing the boiler or crossingstitch.
Then a computer.
The visual algorithms on the video are loosely set to understandable blocks: detecting a person\'s hands and what they are doing, identifying different objects, and so on.
From this, the system generates a step-by-
E-manual detailing steps on how to complete the task.
Finally, convert to AR version.
Most importantly, the AR instructions begin as soon as they recognize the task in front of you.
For example, if engineers perform some basic maintenance on the machine, the camera on their AR headset will automatically recognize the machine in front of them.
\"Then you\'ll see the expert\'s hand show you what to do in front of you,\" Stricker said . \".
If you grab the wrong dial or object, your hand turns red and the system plays back the action you are going to perform, highlighting your hand, associated knob, Dial, part, in half a centimeter of precision.
Bosch has tried out the system with some engineers in Germany and is currently discussing a larger volumeout.
\"This addresses one of the big obstacles to adoption: how do you extract information?
Automation is huge, \"said Rab Scott of the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Center.
Flat is only a matter of time for ordinary people
Enhanced package furniture
The indication of reality.
\"All the instructions from Ikea can be found on YouTube.
\"With IOXP technology, it will be easy to turn it into an augmented reality application,\" Scott said . \".
This doesn\'t have to go through the headset, but it may work just as well on your phone or tablet.
Imagine trying to replace a part on the boiler.
You lift your phone and it highlights the right position for you and shows you how to separate the current phone.
You then raise the app again and it either goes on to the next step or tells you that you did something wrong.
Technology like this will also be crucial in the next few years.
\"More than 50 engineers account for 60 in the UK.
\"In the next 15 years, unless we can capture their knowledge and effectively pass it on to the next generation of engineers, we will fall off the cliff,\" Scott said . \".
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