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android co-founder andy rubin details playground global plans

by:QY Precision      2019-09-27
Since Andy Rubin, one of the architects, moved out, several reports showed he was on his next adventure.
However, Rubin detailed the details of Rubin\'s technology start-up incubator \"Playground Global\" last week.
\"The Studio at the playground is large enough to accommodate 30 startups and comes with\" thermoplastic and multi-functional \", he said\"
Material printers, laser cutting machines, CNC machines, metal sintering 3D printers, spectrum analyzers, network testing equipment, RF Chambers, optical laboratories, and almost any equipment that the company may need to produce materials.
\"The company will also provide software assistance, including artificial intelligence tools such as neural networks, which often require billions of dollars worth of research.
Rubin\'s new company is trying to provide tools for a company that wants to make future gadgets but is not prepared enough
Help with software or hardware.
The global playground, supported by a $0. 3 billion fund, is currently looking to invest in hardware-
Focus on starting a business.
Speaking to Wired, Rubin said the basic idea is to create an idea amplifier.
Quickly translate concepts into systems that impact the most.
\"He also gave a dangerous example of a company that Rubin started 15 years ago.
He said it cost $0. 24 billion to develop a product.
Smart phones.
However, similar efforts now require only $3 million.
\"This is one of the reasons why the innovative pendulum is moving from software to hardware, and more specifically, hardware that uses software to do interesting things,\" Rubin noted . \".
He also said his company plans to sell every product \"developed on the playground\" in their online store.
Currently, the company will be limited to T-
But there are also plans to expand the product.
\"We are-
Free interior industrial designer working with playground company, sit on a few tables away from your team.
We found that this close connection and collaboration made the design iteration faster and the result better.
\"We also have Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, optical designers, project managers, product designers, software developers and other experts whose only job is to apply their expertise
Speaking to Wired, Rubin explained how the goal was to provide \"modular\" hardware and software for startups, adding, \"a few years later, you can come here with an idea and we can rearrange the modules.
A report last year said Rubin was considering starting a smartphone company.
Rubin declined to comment on any cable phone plans but gave details of what he is currently doingdashcams.
Rubin told Wired that he plans to give dashcams free of charge in exchange for its \"data\"
It\'s possible to build a real playground.
Time visual map of the world.
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